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The Aegean From Bronze Age To Iron Age

Author : Oliver Dickinson
ISBN : 9781134778713
Genre : History
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Following Oliver Dickinson’s successful The Aegean Bronze Age, this textbook is a synthesis of the period between the collapse of the Bronze Age civilization in the thirteenth and twelfth centuries BC, and the rise of the Greek civilization in the eighth century BC. With chapter bibliographies, distribution maps and illustrations, Dickinson’s detailed examination of material and archaeological evidence argues that many characteristics of Ancient Greece developed in the Dark Ages. He also includes up-to-date coverage of the 'Homeric question'. This highly informative text focuses on: the reasons for the Bronze Age collapse which brought about the Dark Ages the processes that enabled Greece to emerge from the Dark Ages the degree of continuity from the Dark Ages to later times. Dickinson has provided an invaluable survey of this period that will not only be useful to specialists and undergraduates in the field, but that will also prove highly popular with the interested general reader.
Category: History

Warfare In Bronze Age Society

Author : Christian Horn
ISBN : 9781316949221
Genre : Social Science
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Warfare in Bronze Age Society takes a fresh look at warfare and its role in reshaping Bronze Age society. The Bronze Age represents the global emergence of a militarized society with a martial culture, materialized in a package of new efficient weapons that remained in use for millennia to come. Warfare became institutionalized and professionalized during the Bronze Age, and a new class of warriors made their appearance. Evidence for this development is reflected in the ostentatious display of weapons in burials and hoards, and in iconography, from rock art to palace frescoes. These new manifestations of martial culture constructed the warrior as a 'Hero' and warfare as 'Heroic'. The case studies, written by an international team of scholars, discuss these and other new aspects of Bronze Age warfare. Moreover, the essays show that warriors also facilitated mobility and innovation as new weapons would have quickly spread from the Mediterranean to northern Europe.
Category: Social Science

Early Iron Age Greek Warrior 1100 700 Bc

Author : Raffaele DÂ?Amato
ISBN : 9781472815613
Genre : History
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The period from 1200 BC onwards saw vast changes in every aspect of life on both the Greek mainland and islands as monarchies disappeared and were replaced by aristocratic rule and a new form of community developed: the city-state. Alongside these changes a new style of warfare developed which was to be the determining factor in land warfare in Greece until the defeat of the Greek city-state by the might of Macedonia at Chaeronea in 338 BC. This mode of warfare was based on a group of heavily armed infantrymen organized in a phalanx formation Â? the classic hoplite formation Â? and remained the system throughout the classical Greek period. This new title details this pivotal period that saw the transition from the Bronze Age warriors of Homer to the origins of the men who fought the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars.
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Historical Roots Of The Old Testament 1200 63 Bce

Author : Richard D. Nelson
ISBN : 9781628370065
Genre : Religion
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A thorough overview of the history of ancient Israel for research and classroom use Richard D. Nelson charts the beginning of the Iron Age and the emergence of Israel and its literature, including the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, the downfall of Israel, Judah in the Assyrian and Babylonian periods, Yehud and Persia, and the Hellenistic period. Each chapter provides a summary of the period under consideration, a historical reconstruction of the period, based on biblical and extrabiblical evidence; a critical study of the biblical literature deriving from or associated with the period, and theological conclusions that readers may draw from the relevant biblical texts. Features: Balanced coverage of controversial topics Extensive bibliographies at the beginning of each chapter Lists of rulers and key dates for reference and classroom use
Category: Religion

Ritual Practice Between The Late Bronze Age And Protogeometric Periods Of Greece

Author : Gemma Marakas
ISBN : IND:30000127029787
Genre : Social Science
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In this study Gemma Marakas explores continuities in ritual practice from the Mycenaean culture through the Bronze Age collapse to the development of city states in the Protogeometric period. For reasons of space funerary rites are excluded from the study, which instead compiles, and analyses a gazetteer of shrine sites across mainland Greece.
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Ancient West East

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105133538590
Genre : Civilization, Ancient
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Ancient Greece

Author : Prof. Sigrid Deger-Jalkotzy
ISBN : 9780748627295
Genre : History
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The period between the collapse of the Mycenaean civilization around 1200 BC and the dawning of the classical era four and half centuries later is widely known as the Dark Age of Greece, not least in the eponymous history by A. M. Snodgrass published by EUP in 1971, and reissued by the Press in 2000.In January 2003 distinguished scholars from all over the world gathered in Edinburgh to re-examine old and new evidence on the period. The subjects of their papers were chosen in advance by the editors so that taken together they would cover the field. This book, based on thirty-three of the presentations, will constitute the most fundamental reinterpretation of the period for 30 years. The authors take issue with the idea of a Greek Dark Age and everything it implies for the understanding of Greek history, culture and society. They argue that the period is characterised as much by continuity as disruption and that the evidence from every source shows a progression from Mycenaean kingship to the conception of aristocratic nobility in the Archaic period. The volume is divided into six parts dealing with political and social structures; questions of continuity and transformation; international and inter-regional relations; religion and hero cult; Homeric epics and heroic poetry; and the archaeology of the Greek regions. Copiously illustrated and with a collated bibliography, itself a valuable resource, this book is likely to be the essential and basic source of reference on the later phases of the Mycenaean and the Early Greek Iron Ages for many years.
Category: History

Lh Iii C Chronology And Synchronisms Iii

Author : Sigrid Deger-Jalkotzy
ISBN : STANFORD:36105213122505
Genre : History
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The Vienna workshops on LH III C Chronology and Synchronisms serve the purpose of developing a generally applicable chronological framework of the LH III C period and contributing to a better understanding of the history of this important phase of the early history of Greece. The third workshop was dedicated to the last phases of the Mycenaean civilisation and the transition to the Protogeometric period. Apart from the presentation of mostly unpublished materials from old and new excavations, the proceedings of this workshop contains contributions to many subjects concerning the transition from the Late Bronze to the Early Iron Ages. Several speakers pointed out that the end of the Mycenaean civilisation and the transition to the Early Iron Age expressed itself by different cultural phenomena in the various regions of Greece. One of the main topics was the much-debated question of whether or not there existed a so-called Submycenaean period, and if so, how it should be defined. Moreover, a new proposal for the absolute chronology of the end of the Late Bronze Age is suggested, which will certainly raise a lively discussion.
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Author : Chrysanthi Gallou
ISBN : UOM:39015080686549
Genre : History
File Size : 52.48 MB
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31 essays on the Bronze Age Aegean which cover a wide range of topics. They are grouped under the following headings: cult and death; Bronze Age material culture; gender; approaches to art; themes of ancient and modern identity; Homer once again; landscape and survey; ancient geography and regional studies; Sparta and Laconia.
Category: History

The Art And Culture Of Early Greece 1100 480 B C

Author : Jeffrey M. Hurwit
ISBN : 080149401X
Genre : Art
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A history of the early development of the Greek civilization includes discussions of poetry, sculpture, democracy and vase painting
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