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Author : René Motro
ISBN : 9780080542348
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 54.45 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The word tensegrity results from the contraction of ‘tensional’ and ‘integrity’, a word created by Richard Buckminster Fuller. He went on to describe tensegrity structures as ‘islands of compression in an ocean of tension’, and René Motro has developed a comprehensive definition which is ‘systems in a stable self equilibriated system comprising a discontinuous set of compressed components inside a continuum of tensioned components’. This publication represents the life work of a leading exponent of a revolutionary and exciting method of structural design. * Represents the life work of a leading exponent of a revolutionary and exciting method of structural design * Applicable to architecture as an established structural system, can also be applied to other fields * Design professionals will be able to design better structures. Interested non-professionals will experience the great pleasure of being able to say "I understand why the Hisshorn tower stands up"
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Author : René Motro
ISBN : 1903996376
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 61.12 MB
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1. Introduction -- 2. History and definitions -- 2-1. Introduction; 2-2. History; 2-3. Definitions; 2-4. Conclusion -- 3. Fundamental concepts -- 3-1. Introduction; 3-2. Relational structure; 3-3. Geometry and stability; 3-4. Selfstress states and mechanisms; 3-5. Conclusion -- 4. Typologies -- 4-1. Introduction; 4-2. Typology criteria and codification; 4-3. Elementary cells or spherical cells; 4-4. Assemblies of cells; 4-5. Conclusion -- 5. Models -- 5-1. Introduction; 5-2. Problems to solve; 5-3. Form finding; 5-4. Selfstress and mechanisms; 5-5. Selftress qualification; 5-6. Designing tensegrity systems; 5-7. Active control; 5-8. Conclusion -- 6. Foldable tensegrities -- 6-1. Introduction; 6-2. Folding principle; 6-3. Foldable modules; 6-4. Foldable assemblies; 6-5. Folding design; 6-6. Simulation of the folding process; 6-7. Modelling the contact of two struts; 6-8. Conclusion -- 7. Tensegrity: Latest And future developments -- 7-1. Introduction; 7-2. New tensegrity grids; 7-3. Oth ...
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Advances In Applied Mechanics

Author :
ISBN : 0080888569
Genre : Science
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The Advances in Applied Mechanics book series draws together recent significant advances in various topics in applied mechanics. Published since 1948, Advances in Applied Mechanics aims to provide authoritative review articles on topics in the mechanical sciences, primarily of interest to scientists and engineers working in the various branches of mechanics, but also of interest to the many who use the results of investigations in mechanics in various application areas, such as aerospace, chemical, civil, environmental, mechanical and nuclear engineering. •Covers all fields of the mechanical sciences •Highlights classical and modern areas of mechanics that are ready for review •Provides comprehensive coverage of the field in question
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Tensegrity Systems

Author : Robert E. Skelton
ISBN : 9780387742427
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 44.53 MB
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This book discusses analytical tools for designing energy efficient and lightweight structures that embody the concept of tensegrity. The book provides both static and dynamic analysis of special tensegrity structural concepts, which are motivated by biological material architecture. This is the first book written to attempt to integrate structure and control design.
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Insights And Innovations In Structural Engineering Mechanics And Computation

Author : Alphose Zingoni
ISBN : 9781317280620
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 87.27 MB
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Insights and Innovations in Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation comprises 360 papers that were presented at the Sixth International Conference on Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation (SEMC 2016, Cape Town, South Africa, 5-7 September 2016). The papers reflect the broad scope of the SEMC conferences, and cover a wide range of engineering structures (buildings, bridges, towers, roofs, foundations, offshore structures, tunnels, dams, vessels, vehicles and machinery) and engineering materials (steel, aluminium, concrete, masonry, timber, glass, polymers, composites, laminates, smart materials). Some contributions present the latest insights and new understanding on (i) the mechanics of structures and systems (dynamics, vibration, seismic response, instability, buckling, soil-structure interaction), and (ii) the mechanics of materials and fluids (elasticity, plasticity, fluid-structure interaction, flow through porous media, biomechanics, fracture, fatigue, bond, creep, shrinkage). Other contributions report on (iii) recent advances in computational modelling and testing (numerical simulations, finite-element modeling, experimental testing), and (iv) developments and innovations in structural engineering (planning, analysis, design, construction, assembly, maintenance, repair and retrofitting of structures). Insights and Innovations in Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation is particularly of interest to civil, structural, mechanical, marine and aerospace engineers. Researchers, developers, practitioners and academics in these disciplines will find the content useful. Short versions of the papers, intended to be concise but self-contained summaries of the full papers, are collected in the book, while the full versions of the papers are on the accompanying CD.
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Flexible Composite Materials

Author : René Motro
ISBN : 3764389729
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 66.21 MB
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Textile architecture has been captivating humanity for many centuries. In recent years and decades, the emergence of innovative materials has created new opportunities to utilize this fascinating material in the fields of architecture, interior design, and design. Textiles derive their fascination from the special forms these fabric structures make possible and from their unusual character as soft materials. Together with their functional and structural properties, they possess a range of capabilities equally suitable for spectacular and everyday building tasks. This book deals with technical textiles in three sections: in the fi rst chapter, the material is introduced together with its specific properties; the second chapter deals with its uses in the areas of architecture, textile facades, solar protection, and interior design, with special attention to finishing techniques and construction principles. The third chapter illustrates the various fields of application with a selection of some twenty-four international built projects.
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The 4th International Workshop On Structural Control

Author : Andrew Smyth
ISBN : 1932078452
Genre : Intelligent control systems
File Size : 75.62 MB
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This new book presents the most up-to-date research and applications on sensing technologies to monitor and control the structure and health of buildings, bridges, installations, and other constructed facilities.
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The Mechanical Systems Design Handbook

Author : Yildirim Hurmuzlu
ISBN : 9781420036749
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 53.20 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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With a specific focus on the needs of the designers and engineers in industrial settings, The Mechanical Systems Design Handbook: Modeling, Measurement, and Control presents a practical overview of basic issues associated with design and control of mechanical systems. In four sections, each edited by a renowned expert, this book answers diverse questions fundamental to the successful design and implementation of mechanical systems in a variety of applications. Manufacturing addresses design and control issues related to manufacturing systems. From fundamental design principles to control of discrete events, machine tools, and machining operations to polymer processing and precision manufacturing systems. Vibration Control explores a range of topics related to active vibration control, including piezoelectric networks, the boundary control method, and semi-active suspension systems. Aerospace Systems presents a detailed analysis of the mechanics and dynamics of tensegrity structures Robotics offers encyclopedic coverage of the control and design of robotic systems, including kinematics, dynamics, soft-computing techniques, and teleoperation. Mechanical systems designers and engineers have few resources dedicated to their particular and often unique problems. The Mechanical Systems Design Handbook clearly shows how theory applies to real world challenges and will be a welcomed and valuable addition to your library.
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