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Temptations Of Power

Author : Shadi Hamid
ISBN : 9780199314058
Genre : History
File Size : 57.76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"Shadi Hamid draws from years of research to offer an in-depth look at the past, present, and future of Islamist political parties across the Arab world"--
Category: History

Temptations Of Power

Author : R. Jackson
ISBN : 9780230626386
Genre : Political Science
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Temptations of Power examines the new security dilemma which confronted George W. Bush when terrorists proved on 9/11 that they could seriously wound a great military powers on home ground. The authors argue that the response was influenced by neo-conservative exaggeration of the efficacy of military power and belief in the US ability.
Category: Political Science

The Elements Of Power

Author : Terry Bacon
ISBN : 9780814415122
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 53.74 MB
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What do a person’s knowledge, expressiveness, history, character, and attraction have in common? Or his or her role resources, information, network, and reputation? Each is a key to either personal or organizational power, and together they open the complex combination lock on the door of true leadership and irresistible influence. The Elements of Power combines the latest research on the nature of power all over the world with a handy self-assessment and invaluable insight into: • How power works in organizations • How people use and lose power • The relationship between power and leadership • What makes famous people powerful—or what diminishes their power • Sources of power and how to build each one • Leading and influencing others more effectively Complete with “Portraits in Power” examining key business figures and world leaders alike, the full effect is an accessible and unprecedented pipeline to the many sources and types of internal and external power, including the most valuable of all: the power of will.
Category: Business & Economics

The Human Project And The Temptations Of Science

Author : L. D. Keita
ISBN : 9042003200
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 29.93 MB
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On account of the impressive yield of empirical science since the dawn of modern era, theorists of human behavior have sought eagerly to adopt its methodology to explain and predict behavior in the same way that natural science does with respect to natural phenomena. Thus, the positivist principle endorsed the unity of science approach to both the natural and social worlds. Modern social science, in its specific forms of sociology, economics, and so on, confidently embraced the positivist principle. In a short period of time, political economy was transformed into economic science. The goal was to purge the social sciences of their supposedly evaluative content. In due course, the idea of objective scientific truth came to be questioned along with the positivist paradigm. Epistemological relativism à la Kuhn is to be credited with this intellectual shift. But this novel theoretical approach was more easily accommodated by epistemologists of science than scientists themselves. Scientists hardly questioned their methodologies of research and the cognitive field of successful theories. Similarly, in the social sciences, neoclassical economics remained dominant. The neoclassical motto was that economics as science answered only questions of efficiency, not evaluative questions of social justice. The Human Project and the Temptations of Science argues that the model of epistemological unity, at one time embracing positivism, at another time supporting epistemological relativism, is questionable. While empirical science does yield knowledge of the natural world, knowledge of the social world - the world of humans - is necessarily value-laden. Despite the quantitative veneer of neoclassical economics - the dominant paradigm in economics - economic analysis cannot avoid questions of value. The reason is that its foundational concepts, such as rationality and the maximization of expected utility, reflect the necessary value-oriented nature of human behavior. The question posed, then, by The Human Project and the Temptations of Science is what sort of optimal values should humans adopt.
Category: Philosophy

10 Temptations Of Church

Author : John Flowers
ISBN : 9781426756009
Genre : Religion
File Size : 51.25 MB
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Church after church faces eventual death while helplessly lamenting its fate. What perversity is at work that causes those who sincerely love the church to become obstacles to growth? Like the apostle Paul, churches don’t always do the things they want, but instead they do the very thing they hate. Why? While the theological answer is sin at work in us, the organizational answer may just be that members of dying churches unconsciously find a payoff in the church’s decline. They are tempted by church.
Category: Religion

Arcana Coelestia

Author :
ISBN : PRNC:32101063843708
Genre : Bible
File Size : 78.86 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: Bible

King Solomon

Author : Philip Graham Ryken
ISBN : 9781433521683
Genre : Religion
File Size : 60.41 MB
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Though the world’s wisest king, Solomon’s heart was led astray by temptations of wealth, sex, and power. And we face the same dangers today, though the temptations may be different in degree and detail. Author Philip Ryken writes, “In witnessing Solomon’s moral triumphs and sinful failures we learn how to live more wisely. By the grace of God, we may avoid a tragic downfall of our own and learn how to use money, sex, and power for the glory of God.” Tracing Solomon’s life from coronation to burial—and from godly devotion to self-serving excess—Ryken shows readers how to avoid similar downfalls and seek God’s glory amid earthly temptations. These thirteen chapters are pastoral, rich in application, and biblically faithful. This overview of Solomon’s life also includes a study guide, making it a great resource for both personal and group use.
Category: Religion

Prayer And Power

Author : Michael C. Schoenfeldt
ISBN : 0226740021
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 76.44 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Michael C. Schoenfeldt here offers the first major exploration of the connections between George Herbert's devotional poetry and the social practices and political discourse of his day. Viewing The Temple and The Country Parson as part of the larger "civilizing process" of Western Europe, Schoenfeldt shows how Herbert discovers in the discourses of courtesy and theology a common vocabulary of authority, selfhood, petition, and discipline. Before entering the priesthood, Herbert nourished contacts in court, was elected University Orator at Cambridge, and served in Parliament. In turning to God, Schoenfeldt argues, Herbert did not simply turn away from the secular world but also turned its language, particularly the language of courtesy, into the medium for his lyric worship of God. The confluence of courtesy and spirituality in Herbert's poetry provides a fascinating insight into a society searching for an appropriate discourse of reverence in a time of baffling change. The first five chapters investigate the manifold ways in which Herbert's life and works exemplify the interdependence of social and religious behavior in the English Renaissance. The sixth and final chapter extends this investigation into the nervous eroticism of Herbert's poems. Considering The Temple as well as Herbert's letters, speeches, Latin poems, collections of foreign proverbs, translations, The Country Parson, and less familiar lyrics, Schoenfeldt offers a thorough and detailed reading of Herbert's rich and conflicted corpus. Prayer and Power is not only a bold redefinition of the accomplishment of one of the finest poets of the English Renaissance but also the first sustained study to advance a cultural poetics of the religious lyric.
Category: Poetry

Arcana C Lestia

Author :
ISBN : UCAL:B3473525
Genre : Bible
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Category: Bible

Temptations Of A Superpower

Author : Ronald Steel
ISBN : 0674873408
Genre : History
File Size : 56.90 MB
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The Joanna Jackson Goldman memorial lecture on American civilization and government. Includes bibliographical references.
Category: History