Technocracy Rising

Author : Patrick M. Wood
ISBN : 0986373907
Genre : Economics
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The dark horse of the New World Order is not Communism, Socialism or Fascism. It is Technocracy. With meticulous detail and an abundance of original research, Patrick M. Wood uses "Technocracy Rising" to connect the dots of modern globalization in a way that has never been seen before so that the reader can clearly understand the globalization plan, its perpetrators and its intended endgame. In the heat of the Great Depression during the 1930s, prominent scientists and engineers proposed a utopian energy-based economic system called Technocracy that would be run by those same scientists and engineers instead of elected politicians. Although this radical movement lost momentum by 1940, it regained status when it was conceptually adopted by the elitist Trilateral Commission (co-founded by Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller) in 1973 to be become its so-called ""New International Economic Order."" In the ensuing 41 years, the modern expression of Technocracy and the New International Economic Order is clearly seen in global programs such as Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Councils of Governments, Smart Growth, Smart Grid, Total Awareness surveillance initiatives and more. Wood contends that the only logical outcome of Technocracy is Scientific Dictatorship, as already seen in dystopian literature such as "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley (1932) and "Nineteen Eighty-Four" by George Orwell (1948), both of whom looked straight into the face of Technocracy when it was still in its infancy. With over 250 footnotes, an extensive bibliography and clarity of writing style, Wood challenges the reader to new levels of insight and understanding into the clear and present danger of Technocracy, and how Americans might be able to reject it once again.
Category: Economics

A World Of Struggle

Author : David Kennedy
ISBN : 9781400880591
Genre : Law
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A World of Struggle reveals the role of expert knowledge in our political and economic life. As politicians, citizens, and experts engage one another on a technocratic terrain of irresolvable argument and uncertain knowledge, a world of astonishing inequality and injustice is born. In this provocative book, David Kennedy draws on his experience working with international lawyers, human rights advocates, policy professionals, economic development specialists, military lawyers, and humanitarian strategists to provide a unique insider's perspective on the complexities of global governance. He describes the conflicts, unexamined assumptions, and assertions of power and entitlement that lie at the center of expert rule. Kennedy explores the history of intellectual innovation by which experts developed a sophisticated legal vocabulary for global management strangely detached from its distributive consequences. At the center of expert rule is struggle: myriad everyday disputes in which expertise drifts free of its moorings in analytic rigor and observable fact. He proposes tools to model and contest expert work and concludes with an in-depth examination of modern law in warfare as an example of sophisticated expertise in action. Charting a major new direction in global governance at a moment when the international order is ready for change, this critically important book explains how we can harness expert knowledge to remake an unjust world.
Category: Law


Author : Paul McGuire
ISBN : 9781478993612
Genre : Religion
File Size : 88.9 MB
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From the authors of the international bestseller The Babylon Code comes an explosive exposé of the chilling truth about the fierce opposition to the Trump presidency, and why the globalist elite and Deep State will stop at nothing-assassination, military coup, staged economic collapse, or worse-to overthrow him. "Trumpocalypse!" It's the media-coined meme inciting panic and fear that America has elected an unstable man who will barge into delicate international affairs like a bull in a china shop and incite nations bent on America's destruction to trigger World War III-an unprecedented nuclear apocalypse ending the world as we know it. But is the media telling us the truth? No, say internationally-recognized prophecy expert and Fox News and History Channel commentator Paul McGuire and Pulitzer Prize-nominated investigative journalist Troy Anderson. America's most insidious enemies are not hostile nations; they are elite globalists-the "Establishment" that is making the "1 percent" even richer while working- and middle-class people watch their incomes and net worth's flatline or plummet. The authors fearlessly expose the globalist elite's secret plan for humanity and campaign of mass deception. Using documentation gleaned from years of journalistic investigation and extensive interviews with over fifty of the world's most respected geopolitical, economic and military affairs experts, faith leaders, and biblical scholars, McGuire and Anderson unmask these elites as members of secret societies with deep occult connections who have gained control of America's dominant institutions-government, education, entertainment, international banking, and even the media. Trumpocalypse explores the enigmatic prophecies and "biblical codes" involving Trump, and asks whether God raised up President Trump as a fearless leader to guide America and the free world through a series of major crises as the biblical end-time narrative unfolds, as many people with prophetic gifts are predicting, and shows why everyday Americans and evangelicals have rallied around Trump as their last hope of saving America and averting the horrors of the Apocalypse. It further reveals why Trump and millions of "deplorables" are fighting to stop the hidden agenda of the Establishment, and how the perplexing chaos enveloping the planet could paradoxically signal the beginning of the great end-times awakening that millions are praying for. Here is an invitation to join the anti-Establishment surge-what evangelist Franklin Graham calls "the Christian revolution"-and discover how to fulfill your own destiny in the run-up to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
Category: Religion

Military Neuroscience And The Coming Age Of Neurowarfare

Author : Armin Krishnan
ISBN : 9781317096061
Genre : Political Science
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Krishnan describes military applications of neuroscience research and emerging neurotechnology with relevance to the conduct of armed conflict and law enforcement. This work builds upon literature by scholars such as Moreno and Giordano and fills an existing gap, not only in terms of reviewing available and future neurotechnologies and relevant applications, but by discussing how the military pursuit of these technologies fits into the overall strategic context. The first to sketch future neurowarfare by looking at its potentials as well as its inherent limitations, this book’s main theme is how military neuroscience will enhance and possibly transform both classical psychological operations and cyber warfare. Its core argument is that nonlethal strategies and tactics could become central to warfare in the first half of the twenty-first century. This creates both humanitarian opportunities in making war less bloody and burdensome as well as some unprecedented threats and dangers in terms of preserving freedom of thought and will in a coming age where minds can be manipulated with great precision.
Category: Political Science

New World Order

Author : Sean Stone
ISBN : 9781634240918
Genre : History
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A sweeping overview of world affairs and, especially having come across the name of William Yandell Elliott, Professor of Politics at Harvard through the first half of the 20th century. Sean found that Elliott had created a kindergarten of Anglo-American imperialists amongst his students, who included Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Samuel P. Huntington, and McGeorge Bundy. Upon further investigation, Sean came to understand Elliott's own integral role, connecting the modern national-security establishment with the British Round Table Movement's design to re-incorporate America into the British 'empire'. Whether that goal was achieved will be left to the reader to decide. However, it cannot be denied that W.Y. Elliott's life and intellectual history serves to demonstrate the interlocking relationship between academia, government, and big business.
Category: History

Vertrauen In Transaktionsbeziehungen

Author : Tobias Irion
ISBN : 3631565704
Genre : Marketing
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Das Konstrukt Vertrauen spielt eine erhebliche Rolle, sowohl in zwischenmenschlichen Beziehungen des alltaglichen Lebens als auch in wirtschaftlichen Transaktionsbeziehungen. Trotz dieser Bedeutung und seiner erheblichen Relevanz als konstitutives Merkmal in okonomischen Transaktionsbeziehungen hat es die okonomische Theorie - trotz einiger Perspektivenerweiterungen - nicht geschafft, das Vertrauenskonstrukt als Explanandum zu erfassen und modelltheoretisch in den okonomischen Bezugsrahmen zu integrieren. Nach einem Uberblick der charakteristischen Selbstheit von Transaktion und Transaktionsbeziehung geht der Autor der Bedeutung von Komplexitat und Vertrauen in diesem Kontext nach. Vor diesem Hintergrund entwickelt er eine wissenschaftstheoretisch fundierte Argumentation der Konstitutivitat von Vertrauen in Transaktionsbeziehungen, deduziert gleichzeitig aber auch Ansatzpunkte eines strategischen Vertrauensmanagements."
Category: Marketing

Zuhause In Gott

Author : Neale Donald Walsch
ISBN : 9783641030117
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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In Dialogform erörtert das Buch die Erfahrung des Lebens, des Sterbens, des Todes und die Expeditionen der Seele danach. Quantenphysik und Wahrnehmungstheorie integriert Walsch ebenso wie buddhistische und andere Weisheitslehren, und was er über die Reise der Seele berichtet, ist im zweifachen Sinne erhellend: Es ist klar, plausibel und lässt unsere Existenz in einem freundlichen, hellen Licht leuchten. In drei Schritten der „Re-Identifikation“, so wird ausgeführt, erfahren wir den so genannten Tod. Im ersten Stadium erleben wir die Trennung vom Körper, verbunden mit der Überraschung, dass das Leben weitergeht und unser Wesenskern nicht mit dem Körper identisch ist. Im zweiten Stadium erleben wir, was wir glauben bzw. erwarten: Hölle, Himmel, Ungewissheit, das Nichts, Erinnerungen an vergangene Leben etc. Das dritte Stadium bringt die Verschmelzung mit der Essenz. Die Identifikation mit der Seele löst sich. Auf diese Erfahrung der Einheit folgt eine nächste Inkarnation. Dieses „westliche Totenbuch“ ist Walschs letztes Buch im beliebten Dialogstil. Eine großartige Synthese der universellen Vorstellungen vom zyklischen Werden und Vergehen! • Jeder will wissen, was nach dem Tod passiert. • Für die Leser von Kübler-Ross, Moody und die Millionen Walsch-Fans. • Walschs große Lesergemeinde wartet seit Jahren auf sein Vermächtnis zum Thema Leben, Tod und Wiedergeburt.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Wandel Durch Technik

Author : Ulrich Dolata
ISBN : 9783593395005
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 72.51 MB
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Neue Kommunikationstechnologien, Internet, Gentechnik – drei Beispiele, die zeigen, dass Technik ein wesentlicher Faktor des Wandels moderner Gesellschaften ist. Wann, warum und wodurch können neue Technologien bestehende Strukturen und Regeln destabilisieren und soziale Veränderungen anstoßen? Wie lassen sich technikinduzierte Wandlungsprozesse soziologisch analysieren und erklären? Ulrich Dolata untersucht, wie neue Technologien auf gesellschaftliche Akteure und Sektoren treffen und wie diese sich schrittweise neu ausrichten und zum Teil radikal verändern müssen.
Category: Social Science