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Teachers Perspectives On Finnish School Education

Author : Eduardo Andere
ISBN : 9783319028248
Genre : Education
File Size : 75.28 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This superbly researched study offers a chalk-face perspective on the secret of Finland’s educational success. Providing an intimate and revealing portrait of the Nordic nation’s schools and its teacher training system, it sets out to explain why Finland’s students consistently rank top, with low variance and moderate inputs, among OECD countries across the range of criteria, from reading to mathematics. Alongside the detailed analysis culled from many hours of interviews with teachers and principals and dozens of visits to school throughout the country, the author maps the educational landscape of Finland: the sector’s history, culture and development, its guiding principles, methodologies, and learning environments. The result is a cogent assessment of how and why Finland is universally regarded as a high-grade educational exemplar. The volume provides the hundreds of researchers, teaching professionals, and policy makers who visit Finland in search of inspiration with essential background material on the country’s magic educational ingredients, which include a highly motivated cohort of well-trained teachers, a recognition of the vital importance of early years education and nurture, functional and inviting learning environments, and a rejection of pedagogical dogma in favour of developing methodologies that produce results at the same time as fostering students’ confidence and collegiality. At the same age, Finland’s schoolchildren have roughly one less year of formal schooling than most of their international counterparts, do not consider themselves to be overworked, and rank alongside hot-housed Singaporean or South Korean youngsters in international assessments of achievement. They are the educational equivalent of world-beating sports stars who make success appear effortless. This volume lifts the lid on the hard work and careful planning that underpin their achievements.
Category: Education

Education And The Commercial Mindset

Author : Samuel E. Abrams
ISBN : 9780674049178
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 63.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The movement to privatize K–12 education is stronger than ever. Samuel Abrams examines the rise of market forces in public education and reveals how a commercial mindset that sidesteps fundamental challenges has taken over. Nevertheless, public schools should adopt lessons from the business world, such as raising teacher salaries to attract talent.
Category: Business & Economics

Emerging Issues In Smart Learning

Author : Guang Chen
ISBN : 9783662441886
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 72.3 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book provides an archival forum for researchers, academics, practitioners and industry professionals interested and/or engaged in the reform of the ways of teaching and learning through advancing current learning environments towards smart learning environments. The contributions of this book are submitted to the International Conference on Smart Learning Environments (ICSLE 2014). The focus of this proceeding is on the interplay of pedagogy, technology and their fusion towards the advancement of smart learning environments. Various components of this interplay include but are not limited to: Pedagogy- learning paradigms, assessment paradigms, social factors, policy; Technology- emerging technologies, innovative uses of mature technologies, adoption, usability, standards and emerging/new technological paradigms (open educational resources, cloud computing, etc.)
Category: Social Science

Mobile Pedagogy And Perspectives On Teaching And Learning

Author : McConatha, Douglas
ISBN : 9781466643345
Genre : Education
File Size : 25.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Distance learning has existed in some form for centuries, but modern technologies have allowed students and teachers to connect directly, no matter what their location, using the internet and mobile devices. Mobile Pedagogy and Perspectives on Teaching and Learning explores the tools and techniques that enable educators to leverage wireless applications and social networks to improve learning outcomes and provide creative ways to increase access to educational resources. This publication is designed to help educators and students at every level optimize the use of mobile learning resources to enhance educational experience and improve the effectiveness of the learning process regardless of physical location.
Category: Education

Transforming Teachers Work Globally

Author : Eija Kimonen
ISBN : 9789462094703
Genre : Education
File Size : 50.19 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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As societies change, so do the needs of students in their education systems. This volume argues that the core professional responsibility of today’s teacher is to create learning environments in which teaching and learning are linked to real-life situations.
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Teacher Learning That Matters

Author : Mary Kooy
ISBN : 9781136651342
Genre : Education
File Size : 42.59 MB
Format : PDF
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In the continuing global call for educational reforms and change, the contributors in this edited collection address the critical issue of teacher learning from diverse national contexts and perspectives. They define "teacher learning that matters" as it shapes and directs pedagogical practices with the goal of improving student learning. Student achievement is broadly and inclusively defined, beyond the test scores so often identified as the mark of “success” in the research literature. This book weaves together major studies, research findings and theoretical orientations to represent a globalized network of inquiries into the what, how and why of teacher learning that shapes teacher skill and knowledge. Teacher learning matters on an international scale because teachers are the portals through which any initiative for change and reform is realized. Recognizing that a highly skilled teaching force is instrumental to improving student achievement adds import to generating interactive dialogue on teacher learning around the globe.
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Dynamics In Education Politics

Author : Hannu Simola
ISBN : 9781135084226
Genre : Education
File Size : 40.85 MB
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Dynamics in Education Politics: Understanding and Explaining the Finnish Case introduces a new theoretical framework characterised as Comparative Analytics of Dynamics in Education Politics (CADEP). Albeit the topicality of comparative research is obvious in the current era of global large-scale assessment, with its concomitant media visibility and political effects, comparative education is still suffering from certain methodological deficits and is in need of robust theorisation. Focusing on relational dynamics between policy threads, actors and institutions in education politics CADEP seriously considers the phenomena of complexity, contingency and trans-nationality in late-modern societies. In this book CADEP is applied and validated in analysing the "Finnish Educational Miracle" that has been attracting attention in the educational world ever since they rocketed to fame following the PISA studies during the 2000s. This book will open up opportunities for mutual understanding and learning rather than just celebrating the exceptional circumstances or sustainable leadership. Areas covered include: The analytics of dynamics in education politics The dynamics of policy making and governance The dynamics of educational family strategies The dynamics of classroom culture It is vital for humankind to be able to learn from each other’s successes and failures, and this applies in education, too. This book is thus a valuable read for anyone interested in the education system and wanting to shape the learning environment.
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Transforming A Learning Society

Author : Ari Antikainen
ISBN : STANFORD:36105114570992
Genre : Education
File Size : 82.2 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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What underlies the Finnish success in international comparisons of education? The Nordic strategy for building up high quality and equality in education has beeen based on constructing a publicly funded comprehensive school system without selecting, tracking or streaming students during their basic education until the age of 16. This book consists of a rich and stimulating collection of articles dealing with educational institutions, education policy and life histories of learners in a swiftly changing Nordic society. Educational contexts covered range from comprehensive school and special education to higher education and lifelong learning. The articles can be read as studies on the extent and form of the realization of a Finnish learning society within global, Nordic and national parameters. In part I, the development of Finnish educational institutions and education policy in recent decades is studied from different major perspectives. Phases of the comprehensive education system, a shift in moral education, representations of educability and the realization of lifelong learning are studied and discussed. In part II a few very interesting examples of educational innovations are described and analysed. The sample ranges from the "physical learning objects which can improve soical skills" in special education or the use of ICT in special education and in a local community to the regional engagement of universities, the finnish adult education and training initiative to multicultural education. Part III: A knowledge-based economy and the creation of education and learning opportunities for all people can be defined as major necessary conditions for the attainment of a learning society. In this part the place and meaning of education and learning in life history and in everyday life of people from various backgrounds and dispositions are investigated.
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