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Talking It Through

Author : Miranda Forsyth
ISBN : 9781925021578
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Sorcery and witchcraft practices and beliefs are pervasive across Melanesia. They are in part created by, and give rise to, a wide variety of poor social and developmental outcomes. These include uneven economic development, low public health, lack of social cohesion, crime, fear and insecurity. A further very visible problem is the attacks on men and women who are accused of being practitioners of witchcraft or sorcery, which can lead to serious bodily harm, banishment and sometimes death. Today, many communities, individuals, church organisations and policymakers in Melanesia and internationally are exploring ways to overcome the negative social outcomes associated with witchcraft and sorcery practices and beliefs. This book brings together a collection of chapters written by a diverse range of authors, both Melanesian and non-Melanesian, providing crucial insights both into how these practices and beliefs are playing out in contemporary Melanesia, and also the types of interventions that are being trialled or debated to address the problems associated with them.

Talking It Through

Author : Robert William Bennett
ISBN : 0801440408
Genre : Law
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American democracy is commonly described as "majoritarian," but Robert W. Bennett argues that it is more usefully understood as "an extraordinary engine for producing conversation about public affairs" that involves essentially the entire adult citizenry. In Bennett's view, many central features of American democracy act as spurs to wide-ranging conversational interaction between the government and the governed. These included a separately elected executive, bicameralism, federalism, localism, single-member legislative districts, and heightened constitutional protection for speech and the press. Bennett asserts that the resulting democratic conversation plays an important role in holding the entire nation together and in inducing fidelity on the part of citizens to actions taken in its name.Bennett's groundbreaking conversational account also illuminates facets of American democracy which, he says, have heretofore "been blurry, if visible at all." He focuses on four puzzles of American democracy that can be "solved" through his approach. These are: lack of concern about the apportionment of the United States Senate; inattention to the anomalous political treatment of children; the perceived "counter-majoritarianism" of judicial review in enforcement of the U.S. Constitution; and the much-discussed paradox of voting: why do so many citizens vote when their individual ballots have almost no chance of changing election outcomes? Bennett also treats methodological questions of just what makes theories of complex social phenomena (like American democracy) more or less successful.
Category: Law

Talking It Through

Author : Willa Hogarth
ISBN : 1864081767
Genre : Business communication
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One of the Teacher Resource series. Contains a teacher's guide and classroom materials for teachers working with NESB students. The materials complement 'Talking It Through: Clarification and problem solving in professional work'. Each unit focuses on a different interactive strategy such as presenting information, clarifying understanding, hypotheses testing and using politeness strategies. Includes listening activities, language-awareness activities and suggestions for classroom activities such as role-play ideas and worksheets. Also includes a glossary of key terms and a bibliography. Has an accompanying audio cassette.
Category: Business communication

Talking It Through

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:50582270
Genre : Children's stories
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Category: Children's stories

Talking It Through

Author : Hilary Kemeny
ISBN : 1853791008
Genre : Computer-assisted instruction
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Category: Computer-assisted instruction


Author : Elizabeth Horscroft
ISBN : 0868968781
Genre : Education, Primary
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Title in a series by practising teachers which suggests ways teachers and parents can cooperate to help primary school children become proficient in mathematics. Answers questions commonly asked by parents and explains how and why teaching methods have changed since the parents were at school themselves.
Category: Education, Primary

Talking About Text Guiding Students To Increase Comprehension Through Purposeful Talk

Author : Maria Nichols
ISBN : 9781425891602
Genre : Education
File Size : 45.71 MB
Format : PDF
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Effective research-based strategies, model lessons, and support is provided for K-8 teachers in this professional guide which defines purposeful talk, why it is important, and how it increases comprehension to help learners better understand text. With this guide, teachers can empower learners to have purpose-driven discussions in order to develop their thinking skills and enhance comprehension. Talking About Text takes a detailed look at the body of behaviors that enable learners to talk in a constructive manner in order to get the talking started. Model lessons demonstrate how to utilize effective strategies to think and talk about text. Suggestions for working through difficulties with purposeful talk are also included, making this resource especially useful for teachers by providing comfort in the realization that such difficulties are predictable and solvable. This resource is aligned to the interdisciplinary themes from the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and supports the Common Core State Standards. 112pp.
Category: Education

Talking Books

Author : James Carter
ISBN : 9781134649648
Genre : Education
File Size : 36.74 MB
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Talking Books sets out to show how some of the leading children's authors of the day respond to these and other similar questions. The authors featured are Neil Ardley, Ian Beck, Helen Cresswell, Gillian Cross, Terry Deary, Berlie Doherty, Alan Durant, Brian Moses, Philip Pullman, Celia Rees, Norman Silver, Jacqueline Wilson, and Benjamin Zephaniah. They discuss with great enthusiasm: *their childhood reading habits *how they came to be published *how they write on a daily basis *how a particular book came together *a type of writing that they are especially known for. Through in-depth interviews, they each reveal their approach to their craft. Much is know and spoken of the product that is the children's book, but it is rare that writers are given the opportunity to talk at length about the process of writing for children. Talking Books redresses the balance by presenting a wide selection of authors (of fiction, non-fiction and poetry) reflecting upon the joys and challenges of the craft, creativity and process of writing for children.
Category: Education

Talks On Talking

Author : Ruediger Kuettner-Kuehn
ISBN : 9783742752529
Genre : Fiction
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Good conversation implies naturalness, spontaneity, and sincerity of utterance. It is not advisable, therefore, to lay down arbitrary rules to govern talking, but it is believed that the suggestions offered here will contribute to the general elevation and improvement of daily speech.
Category: Fiction

Male Infertility Men Talking

Author : Mary-Claire Mason
ISBN : 9781134907243
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 62.35 MB
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How do men react to diagnosis of male infertility and how, if at all, are all their lives affected by it? Male infertility is commonplace yet the male experience of it has been woefully neglected. Male Infertility - Men Talking explores these issues by gathering together men's stories and seeing what common strands, if any, exist between them. Mary-Claire Mason explores the past and present medical management of male infertility as this forms an essential backdrop to the men's stories but the main emphasis is on how men's lives are affected. In the first half of this book the discovery of sperm and the man's role in reproduction is considered together with a review of how the past affects the present medical management of male infertility and the problems that bedevil it. The male voice predominates in the second painful events and relationships with families and friends, their feeling of isolation, their medical experiences, the importance of biological fatherhood, and their hopes for the future.
Category: Psychology