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Syrian Identity In The Greco Roman World

Author : Nathanael J. Andrade
ISBN : 9781107244566
Genre : History
File Size : 73.59 MB
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By engaging with recent developments in the study of empires, this book examines how inhabitants of Roman imperial Syria reinvented expressions and experiences of Greek, Roman and Syrian identification. It demonstrates how the organization of Greek communities and a peer polity network extending citizenship to ethnic Syrians generated new semiotic frameworks for the performance of Greekness and Syrianness. Within these, Syria's inhabitants reoriented and interwove idioms of diverse cultural origins, including those from the Near East, to express Greek, Roman and Syrian identifications in innovative and complex ways. While exploring a vast array of written and material sources, the book thus posits that Greekness and Syrianness were constantly shifting and transforming categories, and it critiques many assumptions that govern how scholars of antiquity often conceive of Roman imperial Greek identity, ethnicity and culture in the Roman Near East, and processes of 'hybridity' or similar concepts.
Category: History

Roman Imperialism

Author : Andrew Erskine
ISBN : 9780748629053
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 20.14 MB
Format : PDF
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The transformation of Rome from a small central Italian city-state into the sole Mediterranean superpower has long proved fascinating and controversial. At its height the Roman Empire extended from Britain in the North to Libya in the South and from Spain in the West to Syria in the East. It has impressed not only by its extent but also by its longevity. Andrew Erskine examines the course and nature of Roman expansion, focusing on explanations, ancient and modern, the impact of Roman rule on the subject and the effect of empire on the imperial power. All these topics have created a tremendous amount of discussion among scholars, not least because the study of Roman imperialism has always been informed by contemporary perceptions of international power relations. The book is divided into two halves. Part I treats some of the main issues in modern debates about Roman imperialism, while Part II offers a selection of the most important source material allowing readers to enter these debates themselves
Category: Political Science

Roman Palmyra

Author : Andrew M. Smith II
ISBN : 9780199861101
Genre : History
File Size : 21.40 MB
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This history of Roman Palmyra offers an examination of how the Palmyrenes constructed and maintained a unique identity, individually and collectively, amid progressive communal changes.
Category: History

The Roman Near East 31 B C A D 337

Author : Fergus Millar
ISBN : 0674778863
Genre : History
File Size : 64.58 MB
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From Augustus to Constantine, the Roman Empire in the Near East expanded step by step, southward to the Red Sea and eastward across the Euphrates to the Tigris. In a remarkable work of interpretive history, Fergus Millar shows us this world as it was forged into the Roman provinces of Syria, Judaea, Arabia, and Mesopotamia. His book conveys the magnificent sweep of history as well as the rich diversity of peoples, religions, and languages that intermingle in the Roman Near East. Against this complex backdrop, Millar explores questions of cultural and religious identity and ethnicity--as aspects of daily life in the classical world and as part of the larger issues they raise. As Millar traces the advance of Roman control, he gives a lucid picture of Rome's policies and governance over its far-flung empire. He introduces us to major regions of the area and their contrasting communities, bringing out the different strands of culture, communal identity, language, and religious belief in each. The Roman Near East makes it possible to see rabbinic Judaism, early Christianity, and eventually the origins of Islam against the matrix of societies in which they were formed. Millar's evidence permits us to assess whether the Near East is best seen as a regional variant of Graeco-Roman culture or as in some true sense oriental. A masterful treatment of a complex period and world, distilling a vast amount of literary, documentary, artistic, and archaeological evidence--always reflecting new findings--this book is sure to become the standard source for anyone interested in the Roman Empire or the history of the Near East.
Category: History

Whose Pharaohs

Author : Donald Malcolm Reid
ISBN : 0520240693
Genre : History
File Size : 20.65 MB
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An important new study of Egyptology focuses on the relationship between European imperialism and the scientific study of ancient Egypt.
Category: History

The Palmyrenes Of Dura Europos

Author : Lucinda Dirven
ISBN : 9004115897
Genre : History
File Size : 41.8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This volume provides a reconstruction of the religion of Palmyrenes in Dura-Europos on the basis of archaeological remains, and focuses upon the religious interaction between this migrant community and their new residence.
Category: History

Associations In The Greco Roman World

Author : Richard S. Ascough
ISBN : 3110269724
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 28.87 MB
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This book provides students and scholars with a clear and readable resource for greater understanding of the social, cultural, and religious life across the ancient Mediterranean. The authors provide new translations of inscriptions and papyri from hundreds associations, alongside descriptions of more than two dozen archaeological remains of building sites. The book is complemented by a substantial annotated bibliography and accompanying images.
Category: Philosophy

Dynamics Of Identity In The World Of The Early Christians

Author : Philip A. Harland
ISBN : 9780567111463
Genre : Religion
File Size : 75.52 MB
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This study sheds new light on identity formation and maintenance in the world of the early Christians by drawing on neglected archaeological and epigraphic evidence concerning associations and immigrant groups and by incorporating insights from the social sciences. The study's unique contribution relates, in part, to its interdisciplinary character, standing at the intersection of Christian Origins, Jewish Studies, Classical Studies, and the Social Sciences. It also breaks new ground in its thoroughly comparative framework, giving the Greek and Roman evidence its due, not as mere background but as an integral factor in understanding dynamics of identity among early Christians. This makes the work particularly well suited as a text for courses that aim to understand early Christian groups and literature, including the New Testament, in relation to their Greek, Roman, and Judean contexts. Inscriptions pertaining to associations provide a new angle of vision on the ways in which members in Christian congregations and Jewish synagogues experienced belonging and expressed their identities within the Greco-Roman world. The many other groups of immigrants throughout the cities of the empire provide a particularly appropriate framework for understanding both synagogues of Judeans and groups of Jesus-followers as minority cultural groups in these same contexts. Moreover, there were both shared means of expressing identity (including fictive familial metaphors) and peculiarities in the case of both Jews and Christians as minority cultural groups, who (like other "foreigners") were sometimes characterized as dangerous, alien "anti-associations". By paying close attention to dynamics of identity and belonging within associations and cultural minority groups, we can gain new insights into Pauline, Johannine, and other early Christian communities.
Category: Religion