Surrealism In Latin America

Author : Dawn Ades
ISBN : 9781606061176
Genre : Art
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This collection of essays—the first major account of surrealism in Latin America that covers both literary and visual production—explores the role the movement played in the construction and recuperation of cultural identities and the ways artists and writers contested, embraced, and adapted surrealist ideas and practices. Surrealism in Latin America provides new Latin American–centric scholarship, not only about surrealism’s impact on the region but also about the region’s impact on surrealism. It reconsiders the relation between art and anthropology, casts new light on the aesthetics of “primitivism,” and makes a strong case for Latin American artists and writers as the inheritors of a movement that effectively went underground after World War II. In so doing, it expands our understanding of important, fascinating figures who are less well known than their counterparts active in Europe and New York. Deriving from a conference held at the Getty Research Institute, the book is rich in new materials drawn from the GRI’s diverse Mexican and South American surrealist collections, which include the archives of Vicente Huidobro, Enrique Gómez-Correa, César Moro, Enrique Lihn, and Emilio Westphalen.
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Latin America Beyond Lo Real Maravilloso

Author : Maria Clara Bernal
ISBN : 3847322370
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This book looks at the way in which certain encounters between Latin American and European intellectuals in the first half of the twentieth century shaped Latin Americas' representation in the arts. It reviews the struggle of Latin American artists and art critics to find an 'appropriate language' for the expression and representation of their culture. Part one examines some of the Latin American art exhibitions that took place in the decade of the 1980s. It elaborates on the stereotypes that they perpetuated and traces their origins to Alejo Carpentier's theory of Lo real maravilloso americano. Part two explores the complex relationship between Surrealism and Latin America, emphasizing the issues that arose from the struggle of intellectuals and artists to find the appropriate way for the cultural representation of Latin America. While some rejected the French Avant-garde movement, accusing it of colonialism, others - especially in Martinique and Haiti - saw the movement as a 'liberating force'. Part three centers on Cuban painter Wifredo Lam. His work changed the ideal of art produced in Latin America and anticipated contemporary theories of Creolization.

Surrealism In Latin American Literature

Author : M. Nicholson
ISBN : 9781137317612
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Charting surrealism in Latin American literature from its initial appearance in Argentina in 1928 to the surrealist-inspired work of several writers in the 1970s, Melanie Nicholson argues that surrealism has exercised a significant and positive influence over twentieth-century Latin American literature, particularly poetry.
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Companion To Spanish Surrealism

Author : Robert Havard
ISBN : 1855661047
Genre : Art
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A comprehensive introduction to Surrealism in Spain, with focus on poetry, art, drama and film.
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Concise Encyclopedia Of Latin American Literature

Author : Verity Smith
ISBN : 9781135960261
Genre : Literary Criticism
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First Published in 2001. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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Marvelous Encounters

Author : Willard Bohn
ISBN : 0838756115
Genre : Literary Criticism
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The concept of poesie critique - poetry that possesses both a poetic and a critical function - has an extensive history in modern literature. Written in response to another work of art, be it a painting, a film, a poem, or a piece of music, the critical poem comments on the latter in various ways but refuses to abandon its poetic mission. Marvelous Encounters examines surrealist poets writing in French, Spanish, and Catalan who experimented with this intriguing genre. The first three chapters are concerned with the French surrealists, who began to cultivate critical poetry toward the end of World War I. Chapter 2 considers how Louis Aragon and Philippe Soupault appropriated the critical poem, as they reviewed books of poetry and films starring Charlie Chaplin. Chapter 3, which examines how Benjamin Peret and Paul Eluard conceived of critical poetry, analyzes their response to poems by Tristan Tzara and paintings by Giorgio de Chirico and Joan Miro. Chapter 4 is devoted entirely to Andre Breton.
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Farewell To Surrealism

Author : Annette Leddy
ISBN : 9781606061183
Genre : Art
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This volume accompanies the exhibition Farewell to Surrealism: The Dyn Circle in Mexico, held at the Getty Research Institute, 2 October 2012-17 February 2013.
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Encyclopedia Of Latin American Literature

Author : Verity Smith
ISBN : 9781135314248
Genre : Literary Criticism
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A comprehensive, encyclopedic guide to the authors, works, and topics crucial to the literature of Central and South America and the Caribbean, the Encyclopedia of Latin American Literature includes over 400 entries written by experts in the field of Latin American studies. Most entries are of 1500 words but the encyclopedia also includes survey articles of up to 10,000 words on the literature of individual countries, of the colonial period, and of ethnic minorities, including the Hispanic communities in the United States. Besides presenting and illuminating the traditional canon, the encyclopedia also stresses the contribution made by women authors and by contemporary writers. Outstanding Reference Source Outstanding Reference Book
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Literature Of Latin America

Author : Rafael Ocasio
ISBN : 0313320012
Genre : Literary Criticism
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The major Latin American writers, and their works, are examined here in terms of their literary merit and cultural significance, and are considered against the backdrop of important historic events, presented in both timeline and narrative format, that have influenced the literary output of Latin America.
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Readings In Latin American Modern Art

Author : Patrick Frank
ISBN : 0300133332
Genre : Art
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This important and welcome volume is the first English-language anthology of writings on Latin American modern art of the twentieth century. The book includes some fifty seminal essays and documents—including statements, interviews, and manifestoes by artists—that encompass the broad diversity of this emerging field. Many of these materials are difficult to access and some are translated here for the first time. Together the selections explore the breadth and depth of Latin American modern art as well as its distinctive evolution apart from American and European art history. Included in this collection are fascinating ideas and insights on the impact of the avant-garde in the 1920s, the Mexican mural movement, Surrealism and other fantasy-based styles, modern architecture, geometric and optical art, concrete and neo-concrete art, and political conceptualism. For students and scholars of Latin American art, the volume offers an invaluable collection of primary and secondary sources.
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