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Structuring An Energy Technology Revolution

Author : Charles Weiss
ISBN : 9780262261265
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 57.32 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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An argument for a major federal program to stimulate innovation in energy technology and a proposal for a policy approach to implement it. America is addicted to fossil fuels, and the environmental and geopolitical costs are mounting. A public-private program—at an expanded scale—to stimulate innovation in energy policy seems essential. In Structuring an Energy Technology Revolution, Charles Weiss and William Bonvillian make the case for just such a program. Their proposal backs measures to stimulate private investment in new technology, within a revamped energy innovation system. It would encourage a broad range of innovations that would give policymakers a variety of technological options over the long implementation period and at the huge scale required, faster than could be accomplished by market forces alone. Even if the nation can't make progress at this time on pricing carbon, a technology strategy remains critical and can go ahead now. Strong leadership and public support will be needed to resist the pressure of entrenched interests against putting new technology pathways into practice in the complex and established energy sector. This book has helped start the process.
Category: Political Science

An Integrated Innovation Policy Model For Energy Technology

Author : Charles Weiss
ISBN : 9780262317603
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 80.95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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America is addicted to fossil fuels, and the environmental and geopolitical costs are mounting. A federal program -- on the scale of the Manhattan Project or the Apollo Program -- to stimulate innovation in energy policy seems essential. In this BIT, Charles Weiss and William Bonvillian describe a new framework for stimulating innovation through policy and legislation and offer a roadmap for the implementation of new technologies.
Category: Political Science

Dynamic Governance Of Energy Technology Change

Author : Silvia Ulli-Beer
ISBN : 9783642397530
Genre : Science
File Size : 45.78 MB
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Formulating effective responses to the global challenges of mitigating climate change and securing a sustainable energy future requires a clear understanding of the interdependent causalities between institutions, local decision making, strategic alliances and eco-innovations, as well as policies. It has been acknowledged that the linear “Manhattan project” model is not an adequate governance model for mastering the dynamic complexity of socio-technical transitions; therefore this book aims at advancing research on systematic transition management models. It offers qualitative and quantitative analyses of socio-technical transitions in road transportation and housing, bringing together tailored theorizing on sustainability transitions and applied system dynamics modeling. It highlights the interconnected causal feedbacks that are required to overcome the lock-in situation in road transportation and housing fueled by fossil energies. Showing which concerted actions and framework conditions are required in the transition phases in order to initiate and sustain socio-technical transition, it serves as a guide to model-based strategy making, policy design and analyses in support of sustainable futures.
Category: Science

Low Carbon Energy Transitions

Author : Kathleen Araujo
ISBN : 9780199362554
Genre : Science
File Size : 21.86 MB
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The world is at a pivotal crossroad in energy choices. There is a strong sense that our use of energy must be more sustainable. Moreover, many also broadly agree that a way must be found to rely increasingly on lower carbon energy sources. However, no single or clear solution exists on the means to carry out such a shift at either a national or international level. Traditional energy planning (when done) has revolved around limited cost projections that often fail to take longer term evidence and interactions of a wider set of factors into account. The good news is that evidence does exist on such change in case studies of different nations shifting toward low-carbon energy approaches. In fact, such shifts can occur quite quickly at times, alongside industrial and societal advance, innovation, and policy learning. These types of insights will be important for informing energy debates and decision-making going forward. Low Carbon Energy Transitions: Turning Points in National Policy and Innovation takes an in-depth look at four energy transitions that have occurred since the global oil crisis of 1973: Brazilian biofuels, Danish wind power, French nuclear power, and Icelandic geothermal energy. With these cases, Dr. Ara�jo argues that significant nationwide shifts to low-carbon energy can occur in under fifteen years, and that technological complexity is not necessarily a major impediment to such shifts. Dr. Ara�jo draws on more than five years of research, and interviews with over 120 different scientists, government workers, academics, and members of civil society in completing this study. Low Carbon Energy Transitions is written for for professionals in energy, the environment and policy as well as for students and citizens who are interested in critical decisions about energy sustainability. Technology briefings are provided for each of the major technologies in this book, so that scientific and non-scientific readers can engage in more even discussions about the choices that are involved.
Category: Science

The Business Of Global Energy Transformation

Author : Mats Larsson
ISBN : 9781137024480
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 39.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The large scale implementation of sustainable fuels and vehicle systems, in addition to green innovations in other areas will require sound business models. The nature and complexity of business opportunities differs widely between areas. This volume provides guidance for decision makers in business and politics regarding the business opportunities in various fields. It is one of the first books to analyze business and financial aspects of sustainable transport and fuels systems and it provides novel insights for researchers, managers, and politicians who work in energy and sustainability related areas.The transport systems of the future need to be well-structured and cost effective in order to compete against existing fuels and transport systems. The choice of technologies and the structure of systems will to a large extent determine the degree of success and the cost and investment needs. Only thorough analysis of the opportunities and business solutions can a foundation for success be created.
Category: Business & Economics

Smart Power

Author : Peter Fox-Penner
ISBN : 1597267066
Genre : Science
File Size : 90.57 MB
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A new national policy on climate change is under debate in the United States and is likely to result in a cap on greenhouse gas emissions for utilities. This and other developments will prompt utilities to undergo the largest changes in their history. Smart Power examines the many facets of this unprecedented transformation. This enlightening book begins with a look back on the deregulatory efforts of the 1990s and their gradual replacement by concerns over climate change, promoting new technologies, and developing stable prices and supplies. In thorough but non-technical terms it explains the revolutionary changes that the Smart Grid is bringing to utility operations. It also examines the options for low-carbon emissions along with the real-world challenges the industry and its regulators must face as the industry retools and finances its new sources and systems. Throughout the book, Peter Fox-Penner provides insights into the policy choices and regulatory reform needed to face these challenges. He not only weighs the costs and benefits of every option, but presents interviews with informed experts, including economists, utility CEOs, and engineers. He gives a brief history of the development of the current utility business model and examines possible new business models that are focused on energy efficiency. Smart Power explains every aspect of the coming energy revolution for utilities in lively prose that will captivate even the most techno-phobic readers.
Category: Science

Advanced Manufacturing

Author : William B. Bonvillian
ISBN : 9780262037037
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 37.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Introduction: social disruption, legacy barriers and innovation : challenges in U.S. manufacturing -- The backdrop - manufacturing's economic history -- International competition and the decline of U.S. manufacturing -- Economic perspectives on manufacturing -- Advanced manufacturing emerges at the federal level -- The advanced manufacturing innovation institute model -- Startup scaleup: addressing the manufacturing challenge for start ups -- Workforce education and advanced manufacturing -- Manufacturing and the future of work -- Conclusion: manufacturing matters more than ever
Category: Business & Economics