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Author : Taras Grescoe
ISBN : 9780805095586
Genre : Transportation
File Size : 25.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Taras Grescoe rides the rails all over the world and makes an elegant and impassioned case for the imminent end of car culture and the coming transportation revolution "I am proud to call myself a straphanger," writes Taras Grescoe. The perception of public transportation in America is often unflattering—a squalid last resort for those with one too many drunk-driving charges, too poor to afford insurance, or too decrepit to get behind the wheel of a car. Indeed, a century of auto-centric culture and city planning has left most of the country with public transportation that is underfunded, ill maintained, and ill conceived. But as the demand for petroleum is fast outpacing the world's supply, a revolution in transportation is under way. Grescoe explores the ascendance of the straphangers—the growing number of people who rely on public transportation to go about the business of their daily lives. On a journey that takes him around the world—from New York to Moscow, Paris, Copenhagen, Tokyo, Bogotá, Phoenix, Portland, Vancouver, and Philadelphia—Grescoe profiles public transportation here and abroad, highlighting the people and ideas that may help undo the damage that car-centric planning has done to our cities and create convenient, affordable, and sustainable urban transportation—and better city living—for all.
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Author : Taras Grescoe
ISBN : 9780805091731
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 73.94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Citing cultural biases against mass transportation, the award-winning author of The Devil's Picnic evaluates his status as a lifelong public transportation passenger while making predictions about an imminent transportation revolution that he believes will coincide with a significant reduction in car ownership.
Category: Political Science


Author : Taras Grescoe
ISBN : 9781443411431
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 76.92 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Taras Grescoe has written books that have changed the way we look at illicit substances, in The Devil’s Picnic, and how we think about the world’s seafood, in Bottomfeeder. In Straphanger, Grescoe hits the commuter road in a global quest to understand and illuminate the challenges of the post-automobile age. Straphanger is not just another attack on automobiles and suburban sprawl but the most entertaining and most thorough examination of global car culture yet written, and an empowering tool kit for anybody looking for alternatives to a car-based lifestyle. Ultimately, its subject is the city, and it offers a global tour of alternatives to car-based living told through encounters with bicycle commuters, subway engineers, professional boulevardiers, idealistic mayors and disillusioned trolley campaigners. Along the way, Grescoe meets libertarian apologists for the automobile, urban planners who defend sprawl, champions of hydrogen and biofuels, and traffic engineers fighting to reduce congestion. In a world of skyrocketing gas prices and political unrest in the oil-rich corners of the world, Straphanger is an essential book that addresses one of the most critical discussions of the near future.
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Subway Etiquette

Author : Tracey Knight
ISBN : 0965059405
Genre : Fiction
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London Charivari

Author : Henry Mayhew
ISBN : OSU:32435019905629
Genre : Caricatures and cartoons
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Author :
ISBN : NYPL:33433088149541
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2014 5 Straphanger

Author : 近色文化編輯部
Genre :
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【Cover Story】通勤者 Straphanger 掛在吊環上的人 城市裡的Straphanger,他們懸吊著進城,晃盪在時速六十公里的鐵皮箱子, 有人說他們是城市的救星,如果說「馬路上的不存在」是一種貢獻, 那他們每天貢獻一點,從十分鐘到一小時, 把自己的歲月菁華壓縮在沙丁魚罐頭裡,日積月累,換取地球文明。 特別企劃「訂做自己的衣服」,就算缺乏巧手慧心,訂作一件客製衣,只要四個步驟:挑布,棉麻絲綢雪紡紗;丈量,誠實面對身材曲線;打版,精準裁切衣料拼圖;縫製,穿梭引線埋針收齊。送你,名為獨一無二的手藝。 其他精采的內容還有: 【明星專訪】人氣豆花妹蔡黃汝,她像一道絢麗的謎,讓你捨不得移開目光,我們用五頁的篇幅詮釋她的美,卻感到,意猶未盡。 【關注人物】:水牛書店主人─羅文嘉,放棄政治金童身分,回歸土地嗅一口芬芳,開闢都市中的一畝心田 【母親節特輯】:用一頁空間,書寫來不及對媽媽說的話。 【駕車嘆世界】:介紹兩款勁車,Benz ML250和Range Rover Evoque,並且帶你去吃台灣唯一入選「亞洲五十最佳餐廳」的LeMoût樂沐法式餐廳。 【台灣冒險家】:從1991到2013,長達20年的影像記錄,生態紀錄片導演梁皆得用青春將黑鳶的故事譜成一部生態大片「老鷹想飛」,我們特別專訪梁皆得,請他分享這熱情與專注的過程。 【愛因斯坦】以他的生平為軸線,一窺從凡人到天才的每個瞬間。上集講述在奇蹟年之前的童年生活及求學時光。

The Car Builder S Dictionary

Author : Master Car Builders' Association
ISBN : PRNC:32101051060968
Genre : Railroad cars
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