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Steve Jobs

Author : George Ilian
ISBN : 1537503227
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Do you want to know what made Steve Jobs, so successful and innovative? This book offers an introduction to Jobs, his business success while building the most valuable company in the world and the lessons that we can learn from him. It is not a text book nor a biography, but more of a cheat sheet for reading on the bus or in the bathroom, so that you can pick out the most significant points without having to carry around a bag of weighty tomes. You can read it all in one sitting, or look up specific case studies as and when you are looking for inspiration or direction. The 50 lessons outlined here are drawn from interviews Jobs has given, from the numerous blogs and books written about him, and, most importantly, from the successes and failures on his road to the Building the greatest company and products in the world.

Sequencing Apple S Dna

Author : Patrick Corsi
ISBN : 9781848219199
Genre : Computers
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This book aims to extract the "molecular genes" leading to craziness! Geniuses are the ones who are "crazy enough to think they can change the world" and boldly go where no one has gone before. Where no past habit and usage are available, there is no proof of viability, as nobody has done it yet, or even imagined it, and no roadmap for guidance or market study has come up with it. The authors call upon Leonardo Da Vinci, the Renaissance genius, who as strange as it seems, shared many traits of personality with that of Steve Jobs, in terms of the ways of performing. Da Vinci helps in understanding Jobs, and hence Apple, with his unique way of designing radically novel concepts, which were actually quite crazy for his time. In order to shed light on a special creative posture, the indomitable sense of specifying undecidable objects – a hallmark of the late Steve Jobs – is what led the authors to match it with a specific design innovation theory. A real theory, backed by solid mathematical proof, exists and can account for the business virtue of a prolific ability to move into unknown crazy fields! The authors postulate that, by bringing the power of C-K theory to crack open a number of previous observations made about Apple’s methods, it is possible to identify most of the genes of this company. The authors analyze how and why an Apple way of doing business is radically different from standard business practices and why it is so successful. Genes are a measure of the entity at hand and can encourage past business education routine approaches, then become transferable across the spectrum of the socio-economic world.
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Top 10 Visionaries That Changed The World

Author : George Ilian
ISBN : 1530786827
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Learn the life and business lessons of: Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elon Musk, Donald Trump Oprah Winfrey and Mark Zuckerberg What if you could sit down to dine with some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs and have a conversation with them? What would you ask them? What business ideas and life lessons would they give to you? Of course, it was not possible to deliver any one of these rock star entrepreneurs to your dinner table- no matter who was doing the cooking or what you were serving. But I could be your ambassador, and I will present you in my book - 10 of the world greatest living visionaries of our time, people who have truly changed the way we live and think, the way we work and play, the way we now see the world itself. Some might even be controversial and present us with some bad examples. The book includes a collection of 10 books. Each book has 50 Life and Business lessons from a very famous and successful person. One thing I've learned over the years of being an entrepreneur is that if you don't have passion for the business you are doing, then the probability of not making it is very high. I'm here to fuel that passion by giving you some great ideas you can depend on. The goal is to get the reader motivated and inspired to take action and succeed in life. I was really inspired to start working for myself and be my own boss when I read Richard Branson's biography, and the one on Steve Jobs really made me want to be the best at what I do, but reading these long books more than 500 pages each, is really time consuming, so I put the most important information about each person into a short and digestible form so that you can get the most value from the book in the shortest period of time. In summary, you will learn the most important things about each person; they will get you motivated, and they will save your time!

Steve Jobs Jeff Bezos

Author : Jamie Morris
ISBN : 1978122446
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Do you often wonder how the most affluent billionaire made it to where they are today? Do you like to know how they did and what they did and most importantly, what it cost? In both books, Jamie Morris follows the stories of these billionaires what drove them to set up the idea, the failures he had been through and how they continue to let the vision grow into a feasible business model.You will learn the specific secrets that Steve Jobs had used to maximize his life success in all aspect. Most importantly, this book includes the snapshot accounts of: � Steve Jobs early life � When it all began and the birth of Apple � Being fired by Apple� Coming back into Action again into Apple � How he leverages on others and most importantlywhy he values people, over money� How we revolutionize the digital age � The push for perfection � How to live before you dieWithin' this book you will learn valuable lessons on topics ranging from life, business, and leadership. You will learn the specific secrets that Jeff Bezos has used to maximize his success in business and ensure that he runs a company that operates like a well-oiled machine and 3 case study of his other business model. Despite him now having over 55,000 workers and billions in revenue every year, Bezos still manages to run his business with a highly intimate approach.As we celebrate Amazon's 23rd year in business, we will also celebrate Bezos' 23 best lessons about business, leadership, and life. This book is a tribute to the brilliant man that Bezos is and all that his own life lessons have to offer us as we strive to create the same excellent within our own lives and businesses.It was these 27 approach that has led late Steve Jobs into the success that everyone experience today because of his vast vision or for anyone who is curious about the teachings of the second richest man in the world and about how he came to earn this position in 23 pointers then this 2 book combined into one is just for you.

Author : Sir Richard Branson
ISBN : 9789960549149
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 40.85 MB
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تعلم أسرار رمز عالمي عملت جاهداً طوال حياتي لتحقيق النجاح بصفتي رجل أعمال، وفي مغامراتي بصفتي مؤلفاً، وبصفتي أباً وزوجاً فخوراً. وإنني اليوم أريد أن أتقاسم الحقائق العديدة التي تعلمتها على طول الطريق إلى النجاح، وبالأخص تلك التي ساعدتني على أن أكون أفضل ما أستطيع. وهذه الحقائق تشتمل على: كن واثقاً من نفسك. صدّق بأنه يمكن فعل أي شيء. عش حياتك كاملة. لا تستسلم أبدا. تعلّم هذه الحقائق البسيطة وغيرها، وآمل أن تلهمك كي تحصل على أقصى ما يمكن من حياتك وأن تحقق أهدافك، لا تصغ لكلام الناس؛ لأنهم يحاولون دائماً إقناعك بعدم جدوى أفكارك ويقولون: «لا يمكن فعله»، ولكن إذا كانت لديك ثقة بنفسك سوف تجد أنك تستطيع تحقيق كل شيء تقريباً. العبيكان للنشر
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50 Great Entrepreneurs

Author : Egbeyinka Olusegun
ISBN : 194714412X
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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If you want to be lawyer, what better place to learn than from a lawyer? If you wish to be a doctor, who is in the best position to instruct you than a doctor? Similarly, if you wish to be a successful entrepreneur, there is no better place to learn than from successful entrepreneurs.
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Only The Crazy And Fearless Win Big

Author : Arthur Wylie
ISBN : 9781935618850
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 52.96 MB
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Following the pack and doing what you are told may get you a job and even a promotion, but it won’t lead to real success. Entrepreneur Arthur Wylie, who made his first million by 26, has conquered the worlds of finance, real estate, and entertainment with more than $50 million in deals brokered and almost half a billion in assets and transactions under management. He has several subsidiaries that have diversified into film development, consulting, venture capital, speaking engagements, celebrity events, book publishing, technology, philanthropy, and real estate ventures internationally. In Only the Crazy and Fearless Win BIG!, he shares a little secret that few books discuss—to win big you have to be fearless and, sometimes, even a little crazy. Wylie outlines real-world examples from some of history and present-day’s most well-known names and everyday entrepreneurs in every industry, profession, and segment of the economy. Only the Crazy and Fearless Win BIG! shows how their decisions raised eyebrows, dropped jaws, and met resistance—yet proved to be right. A few crazy and fearless decisions that led to victory and success, to fame and respect: • Dominate with Class: Mexican Billionaire and world’s richest man, Carlos Slim, shows how to dominate a market to empower others • Being Fearless: CEO Steve Jobs is fired from Apple • Passion: Sara Blakely used what she hated to become successful in an untapped market • People Power: Henry Ford pays his workers double the industry average • Relentless: Richard Branson pushes through obstacles and makes billions • How Crazy: Intern-now-CEO Sean Combs's $300 Million Clothing line beats out his entertainment business Through Wylie’s experience and guidance, he weaves together the lessons of these stories and more to share what it means to your life, wealth, career and business.
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Author : ويليام شكسبير
Genre : Literary Criticism
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إن نجاحنا في الحياة يعتمد في المقام الأول على حسن تقديرنا للأمور، وعلى تمييز الطيب من الخبيث. فمهما يكن الأمر، علينا أولًا إعمال العقل؛ لأن فقدانه يعني فقدان كل شيء. هذه هي الرسالة التى أراد أن يرسلها لنا «شكسبير»؛ فلو أن الملك «لير» عقل الأمور لما انخدع في حب ابنتيه «غونوريل» و«ريغان» وفقد كل شيء. لقد عمل شكسبير على التأكيد على انتصار الشر بمقتل الملك وابنته، وأصرَّ على هذه النهاية التراجيدية كي يبقى أثرها في نفس المتلقي. وقد تجاوزت الرواية حدود المحلية الإنجليزية وانطلقت نحو العالمية، وكان لها أثر كبير في الأدب العالمي؛ فتُرجمت إلى عدة لغات لأكثر من مرة — كان منها العربية — كما مُثِّلت على المسرح العالمي والعربي، واعتبرها بعض النقاد أكثر المسرحيات المأساوية إثارة للنفس.
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Business Week

Author :
ISBN : UCLA:L0098878408
Genre : Business
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