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The State And Revolution Annotated

Author : Vladimir Lenin
ISBN : 9780244643843
Genre : Political Science
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The State and Revolution (1917), by Vladimir Lenin, describes the role of the State in society, the necessity of proletarian revolution, and the theoretic inadequacies of social democracy in achieving revolution to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat. The State and Revolution is considered to be Lenin's most important work on the state and has been called by Lucio Colletti "Lenin's greatest contribution to political theory". According to the Marxologist David McLellan, "the book had its origin in Lenin's argument with Bukharin in the summer of 1916 over the existence of the state after a proletarian revolution. Bukharin had emphasised the 'withering' aspect, whereas Lenin insisted on the necessity of the state machinery to expropriate the expropriators. In fact, it was Lenin who changed his mind, and many of the ideas of State and Revolution, composed in the summer of 1917 - and particularly the anti-Statist theme - were those of Bukharin".
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State And Revolution

Author : V. I. Lenin
ISBN : 9781608465170
Genre : Political Science
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It was here that Lenin justified his personal interpretation of Marxism, savaged his opponents and set out his trenchant views on class conflict, the lessons of earlier revolutions, the dismantling of the bourgeois state and the replacement of capitalism by the, dictatorship of the proletariat.
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State And Revolution

Author : V. I. Lenin
ISBN : 1608464989
Genre : Political Science
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In 1917, the Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin revisited Marx and Engels' views on the state and realised that their ideas had been distorted by the Socialist movement created in their name. Written at the outset of WWI, this classic text puts to rest the notion that Lenin favoured dictatorship over the working class. With great insight and polemical bravado, Lenin elaborates on the Marxist concept of the state as a structure of domination.
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Women The State And Revolution

Author : Wendy Z. Goldman
ISBN : 0521458161
Genre : History
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When the Bolsheviks came to power in 1917, they believed that under socialism the family would "wither-away." They envisioned a society in which communal dining halls, daycare centers, and public laundries would replace the unpaid labor of women in the home. Yet by 1936 legislation designed to liberate women from their legal and economic dependence had given way to increasingly conservative solutions aimed at strengthening traditional family ties and women's reproductive role. This book explains the reversal, focusing on how women, peasants, and orphans responded to Bolshevik attempts to remake the family, and how their opinions and experiences in turn were used by the state to meet its own needs.
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States And Social Revolutions

Author : Theda Skocpol
ISBN : 9781316453940
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 89.79 MB
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State structures, international forces, and class relations: Theda Skocpol shows how all three combine to explain the origins and accomplishments of social-revolutionary transformations. Social revolutions have been rare but undeniably of enormous importance in modern world history. States and Social Revolutions provides a new frame of reference for analyzing the causes, the conflicts, and the outcomes of such revolutions. It develops a rigorous, comparative historical analysis of three major cases: the French Revolution of 1787 through the early 1800s, the Russian Revolution of 1917 through the 1930s, and the Chinese Revolution of 1911 through the 1960s. Believing that existing theories of revolution, both Marxist and non-Marxist, are inadequate to explain the actual historical patterns of revolutions, Skocpol urges us to adopt fresh perspectives. Above all, she maintains that states conceived as administrative and coercive organizations potentially autonomous from class controls and interests must be made central to explanations of revolutions.
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State And Revolution In Cuba

Author : Robert W. Whitney
ISBN : 0807849251
Genre : History
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Between 1920 and 1940, Cuba underwent a remarkable transition, moving from oligarchic rule to a nominal constitutional democracy. The events of this period are crucial to a full understanding of the nation's political evolution, yet they are often glossed
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The State And Revolution In Iran Rle Iran D

Author : Hossein Bashiriyeh
ISBN : 9781136820892
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 64.36 MB
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This book analyses the distant and proximate causes of the 1978 revolution in Iran as well as the dynamics of power which it set in motion. The volume explains the complex and far-reaching processes which produced the revolution, beginning in the late nineteenth century. In explaining the more proximate causes of the revolution, the book analyses the nature of the old regime and its internal contradictions; the emergence of some fundamental conflicts of interest between the state and the upper class; the economic crisis of 1975-8 which made possible a revolutionary mass immobilisation; and the emergence of a new religious interpretation of political authority and the unusual spread of the ideology of political Islam among a segment of the modern intelligentsia. The volume relates the diverse aspects of class, ideology and economic structure in order to provide an understanding of the political processes.
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The State And Revolution In The Twentieth Century

Author : Berch Berberoglu
ISBN : 0742538842
Genre : Political Science
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This book provides a comparative-historical analysis of the state and revolution in the twentieth century, focusing on the major socialist revolutions of our time. After examining the competing theories of the state and revolution in classical social theory, the book provides a penetrating analysis of the nature and dynamics of the major socialist revolutions of the past century, including the Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cuban, and Nicaraguan revolutions, each examined in great detail.
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Reform Or Revolution And Other Writings

Author : Rosa Luxemburg
ISBN : 9780486147222
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 36.99 MB
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A refutation of revisionist interpretations of Marxist doctrine, the title essay (1899) explains why capitalism can never overcome its internal contradictions and defines the character of the proletarian revolution. 3 other essays.
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