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St Patrick Of Ireland

Author : Philip Freeman
ISBN : 0743256344
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An authoritative modern portrait of Ireland's patron saint discusses his youth as a Roman citizen and Christian nobleman, his enslavement by Irish pirates, his decision to convert the Irish to Christianity, and the letters that revealed intimate information about his belief system and life in Ireland. Reprint. 17,500 first printing.
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The Life Of St Patrick And His Place In History

Author : John B. Bury
ISBN : 9780486144856
Genre : History
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DIVClassic 1905 biography depicts the saint's early life in fourth-century Britain, abduction by Irish raiders, conversion to Christianity, and lifelong efforts to convert pagans and found churches. Extensively researched, clearly written. /div
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The Confession Of St Patrick

Author : Saint Patrick
ISBN : 1516942205
Genre :
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In this book St. Patrick testifies to us of his conversion, trials, and tribulations in seeking, surrendering, and suffering for Christ. Even though most of us do not dare attempt to aspire to reach the heights of St. Patrick, it is important to realize that God made each and every person an individual - not to be like another - but rather to be like Christ. He made each person unique and endows each of us with different gifts and graces. This is why we study and admire other followers of Christ but we are not to try to be exactly like another. In growing in virtue - yes. But God has a very specific wills and assignments for each of us. Nevertheless it is helpful to study and reflect on the virtues of others like St. Patrick.

Ireland S Saint

Author : J. B. Bury
ISBN : 9781557257970
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 80.93 MB
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Explore Patrick's place in history, the spread of Christianity beyond the Roman Empire, how Patrick first came to Ireland, the influence of the earlier Palladius on Patrick's work, political and social conditions at that time, and the spiritual battles with the Druids. This 21st century edition now includes notes from other biographers, mystics, historians, and storytellers of Ireland. The ideal place to begin any exploration of a much-loved but little-known saint. "Bury proves to be more than a mere dry historian; he turns out to be a fine storyteller as well, and his accounts of Patrick's spiritual duels with Druid priests for the heart and mind of the Irish king are quite gripping." —History Book Club "Editor-writer Sweeney gives Bury's 1905 biography of the legendary St. Patrick a greater contemporary context in this meticulously researched and presented work.... Bury wrote what Sweeney calls the ‘ideal modern biography' of Patrick.... Sweeney assembles and rearranges material from Bury's original work and incorporates more of Patrick's own words, from his Confession and Letter against Coroticus. Sweeney's light edits to Bury's text clarify exactly what Patrick did in Ireland, noting that although he did convert some pagan kingdoms, he also was responsible for organizing Christians who were already there and connecting the island with the church of the Roman Empire."
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St Patrick

Author : J.B. Bury
ISBN : 9780857731555
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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St Patrick is perhaps the most venerated saint of the modern age, whose feast day is marked each year by massive celebrations across the world, from Dublin to New York and Sydney to Rio de Janeiro. Yet, in spite of his popularity, very little is known of his life, which is clouded by myth and uncertainty. The facts that are known - that he was born in the late fourth century in Roman Britain, was captured by Irish raiders at the age of 16 and sold into slavery, escaped six years later to Britain where he became a priest and later a bishop before returning to Ireland to proselytise - give only a vague sense of the man behind the legends. J.B. Bury’s classic biography, which remains the definitive work on the saint, dispels many of the myths and paints a vivid and exacting portrait of the world around St Patrick, revealing the influences and inspirations that transformed him from a minor fifth century missionary into the patron saint of Ireland and a source of living inspiration for countless people - the Irish above all - some 1,500 years after his death. 'J.B. Bury was a great historian and he remains as readable and provocative as ever.' - Robert Conquest
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Let Me Die In Ireland

Author : David W. Bercot
ISBN : 0924722088
Genre : Christian saints
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The Story Of Saint Patrick

Author : James A. Janda
ISBN : 0809166232
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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Prisoner, slave and saint! Even though a lot of people celebrate the day of the `wearing of the green!,' few know the actual story of this remarkable and exciting man.
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The World Of Saint Patrick

Author : Philip Freeman
ISBN : 9780199372584
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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The legend of Saint Patrick is irresistibly captivating-he drove the snakes out of Ireland, battled the druids, and used the three-leaf Shamrock to convert the pagan Irish to belief in the Christian Trinity. Yet, as so often happens, these stories are mere myths that fold under closer scrutiny. Snakes never plagued the Irish countryside, and the Emerald Isle's most beloved saint wasn't even Irish but a Briton of the Roman nobility. Fortunately, the truth is even more fascinating. In The World of Saint Patrick, classical scholar Philip Freeman offers the definitive account of Saint Patrick's life through new and vibrant translations of the greatest works of early Christian Ireland. This story of great violence, brutality, and even greater faith begins with two letters Patrick wrote describing his kidnapping by pirates at age sixteen and subsequent slavery. Although his grandfather was a priest and his father a deacon, at the time of his kidnapping Patrick had rejected his childhood faith in favor of atheism. Yet in this deeply moving narrative, Patrick recounts how he regained his faith during his captivity, and how the voice of God guided him both in his escape from bondage and in his eventual return to Ireland as a missionary to the very people who had enslaved him. The World of Saint Patrick delves into colorful tales of Patrick's struggles with pagan kings, soaring hymns of praise, and a prayer of protection against forces of evil such as "the magic of women, blacksmiths, and druids." Freeman also examines the life of Saint Brigid, Ireland's first female saint, and the legendary voyage of Saint Brendan and his monks across the western ocean. Both general readers with an interest in Ireland's saints and scholars studying religion or medieval history will be unable to put down this captivating tale of Ireland's greatest saint and the remarkable times in which he lived.
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Patrick Of Ireland

Author : Michael A. G. Haykin
ISBN : 1527101002
Genre :
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Patrick ministered to kings and slaves alike in the culture that had enslaved him. Patrick's faith and his commitment to the Word of God through hard times is a true example of the way that God calls us to grow and to bless those around us through our suffering. Michael Haykin's masterful biography of Patrick's life and faith will show you how you can follow God's call in your life. Early Church Fathers: this series relates the magnificent impact that these fathers of the early church made for our world today.

The Confession Of Saint Patrick Confessions Of St Patrick With The Tripartite Life And Epistle To The Soldiers Of Coroticus Aziloth Books

Author : Saint Patrick
ISBN : 1908388846
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 49.42 MB
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Born in Britain around 390 AD, St Patrick was taken as a slave to Ireland at the age of 16. Instigated by divine dreams, he escaped to his native land and became a priest until - obeying further dreams - he returned to Ireland as a bishop around 432, converting many and establishing the first Irish church at Armagh. He died in Down, around 460. 'The Confession of St Patrick' and 'Letter to the Soldiers of Coroticus' are both written by the Saint himself. The 'Confession' was penned as a response to (unfounded) attacks on Patrick's integrity, while the 'Letter' derives from a slave-collecting attack undertaken by soldiers of the Scottish Christian King Coroticus, and reveals Patrick's incandescent rhetorical style. Both these unique documents open a window to the voice of the Saint, speaking more than 1500 years before our own time. 'The Tripartite Life' is late 9th century; it is the earliest example of Irish language hagiography, and is remarkable for the most famous poem about Patrick: the 'Lorica'. Its three parts are designed to be read consecutively over the three days of the Saint's festival.
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