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Speaking Our Minds

Author : Thom Scott-Phillips
ISBN : 9781137315632
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 41.22 MB
Format : PDF
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Language is an essential part of what makes us human. Where did it come from? How did it develop into the complex system we know today? And what can an evolutionary perspective tell us about the nature of language and communication? Drawing on a range of disciplines including cognitive science, linguistics, anthropology and evolutionary biology, Speaking Our Minds explains how language evolved and why we are the only species to communicate in this way. Written by a rising star in the field, this groundbreaking book is required reading for anyone interested in understanding the origins and evolution of human communication and language.
Category: Psychology

Religious Experience And Experiencing Religion In Religious Education

Author : Ulrich Riegel
ISBN : 9783830987956
Genre : History
File Size : 79.17 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In Europe, religious and spiritual education happens in a context which is at the same time increasingly secular and religiously plural. This places the problem of religious experience on the agenda. Today most students of religious and spiritual education lack appropriate experiences and show different opinions about what religion or spirituality could be. This setting raises several questions: How can religious experience be conceptualized in a context of religious plurality and secularity with the traditional religious traditions as just one option among others? How does lived religion contribute to such a conceptualization? Do the concepts of spirituality and implicit religion give way to a new understanding of religious experience? How can be grasped religious experience beyond the traditional religious practices? Do traditional empirical methods still fit? Which concepts and methods can we utilize in bringing religious experience into religious or spiritual education?
Category: History

Language Cognition And Computational Models

Author : Thierry Poibeau
ISBN : 9781108506786
Genre : Computers
File Size : 66.29 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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How do infants learn a language? Why and how do languages evolve? How do we understand a sentence? This book explores these questions using recent computational models that shed new light on issues related to language and cognition. The chapters in this collection propose original analyses of specific problems and develop computational models that have been tested and evaluated on real data. Featuring contributions from a diverse group of experts, this interdisciplinary book bridges the gap between natural language processing and cognitive sciences. It is divided into three sections, focusing respectively on models of neural and cognitive processing, data driven methods, and social issues in language evolution. This book will be useful to any researcher and advanced student interested in the analysis of the links between the brain and the language faculty.
Category: Computers

Die Natur Der Sprache

Author : Dieter Hillert
ISBN : 9783658201135
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 48.6 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Dieter Hillert untersucht, wie Bausteine der sprachlichen Evolution diskutiert werden können und wie sich diese in Bezug auf den modernen Menschen entwickelt haben. Insbesondere die hier vorgestellten neuronalen Kartierungsmethoden ermöglichen, wichtige Ergebnisse über die neuronalen Schaltkreise zu gewinnen, die an der Sprachverarbeitung beteiligt sind. Der Autor verdeutlich zudem kortikale Kartierungen sowohl bei typischem und als auch bei atypischem Sprachverhalten. Entsprechend wird aus diesen angesprochenen Perspektiven besprochen, wie sich unser Sprachvermögen evolutionär entwickelten hat, um beispielsweise Ideen, Gefühle, Ziele und Humor lautsprachlich vermitteln zu können. Das vorgestellte evolutionäre Sprachmodell beruht auf den kognitiven Fähigkeiten unserer biologischen Vorahnen.
Category: Psychology

The Rise And Fall Of The Third Chimpanzee

Author : Jared Diamond
ISBN : 9781409001409
Genre : Science
File Size : 89.23 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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More than 98 percent of human genes are shared with two species of chimpanzee. The 'third' chimpanzee is man. Jared Diamond surveys out life-cycle, culture, sexuality and destructive urges both towards ourselves and the planet to explore the ways in which we are uniquely human yet still influenced by our animal origins.
Category: Science

In Search Of The Mind

Author : Mark Grigorian
ISBN : 9781449011550
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 57.51 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Category: Philosophy

Principles Of Comparative Psychology

Author : Nicky Hayes
ISBN : 0863772927
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 54.68 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This textbook covers aspects of animal behaviour featured in both A-Level Psychology and Social Biology courses. It includes accounts and discussions of imprinting, maternal behaviour, courtship and territoriality, social organization, and animal communication. Throughout the book the principle of behavioural diversity is built upon to show the complexities of animal behaviour and its relationship with the social and physical environment. The issues and perspectives arising from evolutionary theory are explored, and the need to utilize multiple levels of analysis in the understanding of animal and human behaviour is emphasized.
Category: Psychology

Making Connections

Author : W. Royce Adams
ISBN : 0030636590
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 28.58 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Team Challenges

Author : Kris Bordessa
ISBN : 9781613745687
Genre : Education
File Size : 47.10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Directed to teachers, facilitators, and counselors, offers more than 170 cooperative activities for classrooms, summer camps, and family occasions designed to improve children's problem-solving skills and ability to collaborate.
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