Sources For The Study Of Greek Religion

Author : David G. Rice
ISBN : 9781589834613
Genre : History
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Since its initial publication in 1979, Sources for the Study of Greek Religion has become an essential classroom resource in the field of classical studies. The Society of Biblical Literature is pleased to present a corrected edition—in a new, attractive, and electronic-friendly format—with hopes that it will inspire a new generation of classicists and religious historians.
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Kaiserkult In Kleinasien

Author : Thomas Witulski
ISBN : 9783647539867
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Im Mittelpunkt steht die Entwicklung der kultisch-religiösen Kaiserverehrung in der römischen Provinz Asia, in der Zeit von Augustus bis zu Antoninus Pius. Dabei wird insbesondere die provinziale Ebene, weniger hingegen die munizipale in den Blick genommen. Hieran lassen sich signifikante und für die gesamte Provinz bedeutsame Entwicklungslinien am deutlichsten aufzeigen.Die Analyse des archäologischen, epigraphischen, numismatischen und literarischen Quellenmaterials zeigt, dass mit der Verehrung des Augustus – dem Begründer des Prinzipats – ein erster Höhepunkt in der kultisch-religiösen Kaiserverehrung erreicht worden ist. Über diesen Höhepunkt reicht erst die kultisch-religiöse Verehrung des von 117–138 n.Chr. regierenden Hadrian wieder hinaus. Hadrian ist der erste princeps, dem gleich mehrere provinziale Kulte geweiht sind. Darüber hinaus wird er als erster amtierender Regent nicht nur im öffentlichen munizipalen Raum, sondern auch in der Sphäre des Privaten kultisch-religiös verehrt. Dadurch, dass er die Institution des Panhellenion gründet, wird seine Person als Integrationsfaktor für den gesamten Osten des imperium Romanum zum Gegenstand einer institutionalisierten überprovinzialen kultisch-religiösen Verehrung. Die kultisch-religiöse Verehrung aller übrigen principes, die in dem untersuchten Zeitraum regierten, bleibt sowohl hinter derjenigen des Augustus als auch erst recht hinter derjenigen Hadrians zurück. Dieses Ergebnis hat Auswirkungen für die neutestamentliche Exegese; insbesondere legt es die Datierung der Johannesapokalypse in hadrianischer Zeit nahe, deren Abfassung um 132 n.Chr. anzunehmen ist.
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Rituals Of Death And Dying In Modern And Ancient Greece

Author : Evy Johanne Håland
ISBN : 9781443868594
Genre : History
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*Winner of the AFS Elli Köngäs-Maranda Prize 2016* Multidisciplinary or post-disciplinary research is what is needed when dealing with such complex subjects as ritual behaviour. This research, therefore, combines ethnography with historical sources to examine the relationship between modern Greek death rituals and ancient written and visual sources on the subject of death and gender. The central theme of this work is women’s role in connection with the cult of the dead in ancient and modern Greece. The research is based on studies in ancient history combined with the author’s fieldwork and anthropological analysis of today’s Mediterranean societies. Since death rituals have a focal and lasting importance, and reflect the gender relations within a society, the institutions surrounding death may function as a critical vantage point from which to view society. The comparison is based on certain religious festivals that are dedicated to deceased persons and on other death rituals. Using laments, burials and the ensuing memorial rituals, the relationship between the cult dedicated to deceased mediators in both ancient and modern society is analysed. The research shows how the official ideological rituals are influenced by the domestic rituals people perform for their own dead, and vice versa, that the modern domestic rituals simultaneously reflect the public performances. As this cult has many parallels with the ancient official cult, the following questions are central: Can an analysis of modern public and domestic rituals in combination with ancient sources tell the reader more about the ancient death cult as a whole? What does such an analysis suggest about the relationship between the domestic death cult and the official? Since the practical performance of the domestic rituals was – and still remains – in the hands of women, it is crucial to discover the extent of their influence to elucidate the real power relations between women and men. This research represents a new contribution to earlier presentations of the Greek “reality”, but mainly from the female perspective, which is highly significant since men produced most of the ancient sources. This means that the principal objective for this endeavour is to question the ways in which history has been written through the ages, to supplement the male with a female perspective, perhaps complementing an Olympian Zeus with a Chthonic Mother Earth. The research brings both ancient and modern worlds into mutual illumination; its relevance therefore transcends the Greek context both in time and space.
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Her Image Of Salvation

Author : Gail Paterson Corrington
ISBN : 066425389X
Genre : Religion
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Corrington examines the image of the savior and the experience of salvation, two concepts that are inextricably entwined. The author asserts that Christianity set aside female images of salvation by emphasizing the maleness of Jesus. She draws on solid knowledge of Jewish and classical Greek sources to show that the image of God could be seen as both male and female.
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The Christian Rejection Of Animal Sacrifice

Author : Daniel C. Ullucci
ISBN : 9780199791705
Genre : History
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Sacrifice dominated the religious landscape of the ancient Mediterranean world for millennia, but its role and meaning changed dramatically with the rise of Christianity. Ullucci explores this transformation, in the process demonstrating the complexity of the concept of sacrifice in Roman, Greek, and Jewish religion.
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The New Testament Milieu

Author : Andreas B. Du Toit
ISBN : STANFORD:36105028916398
Genre : Bible
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Thomasine Traditions In Antiquity

Author : Jon Ma Asgeirsson
ISBN : 9004147799
Genre : Religion
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This volume is a selection of papers presented to the Society of Biblical Literature from 1996 to 2001. They focus on the early Christian writings attributed to the apostle Thomas with particular emphasis on the Gospel of Thomas and offer an indepth discussion of the social and cultural world of the gospel.
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