Soot Formation In Combustion

Author : Henning Bockhorn
ISBN : 9783642851674
Genre : Science
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Soot Formation in Combustion represents an up-to-date overview. The contributions trace back to the 1991 Heidelberg symposium entitled "Mechanism and Models of Soot Formation" and have all been reedited by Prof. Bockhorn in close contact with the original authors. The book gives an easy introduction to the field for newcomers, and provides detailed treatments for the specialists. The following list of contents illustrates the topics under review:
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Particulate Carbon

Author : Donald Siegla
ISBN : 9781475761375
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The goal of the symposium, "Particulate Carbon: Formation During Combustion", held at the General Motors Research Laboratories on October 15 and 16, 1980, was to discuss fundamental aspects of soot formation and oxidation in combustion systems and to stimulate new research by extensive interactions among the participants. This book contains lhe papers and discussions of that symposium, the 26th in an annual series covering many different disciplines which are timely and of interest to both General Motors and the technical community at large. The subject of this symposium has considerable relevance for man in his effort to control and preserve his environment. Emission of particulate carbon into the atmos phere from combustion sources is of concern to scientists and laymen alike. The hope of reducing this emission clearly requires an understanding of its formation during the combustion process, itself an area of considerable long-term research interest. It is our hope that this symposium has served to summarize what is known so that what remains to be learned can be pursued with greater vigor.
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Pollutants From Combustion

Author : Christian Vovelle
ISBN : 9789401142496
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This volume is based on the lectures presented at the NATO Advanced Study Institute: (ASI) «Pollutants Formation from Combustion. Formation Mechanisms and Impact on th th Atmospheric Chemistry» held in Maratea, Italy, from 13 to 26 september 1998. Preservation of the environment is of increasing concern in individual countries but also at continental or world scales. The structure of a NATO ASI which involve lecturers and participants of different nationalities was thought as especially well suited to address environmental issues. As combustion is known to substantially contribute to the damaging of the atmosphere, it was natural to concentrate the ASI program on reviewing the currently available knowledge of the formation mechanisms of the main pollutants liberated by combustion systems. In most situations, pollutants are present as trace components and their formation and removal is strongly conditioned by the chemical reactions initiated by fuel consumption. Therefore specific lectures were aimed at defining precisely the general properties of combustion chemistry for gaseous, liquid and solid fuels. Physical factors can strongly affect the combustion chemistry and their influence was also considered. An interesting peculiarity of this specific ASI was to complement the program with a substantial part concerned with the impact of the main combustion pollutants: NOx, aromatics, soot, VOCs, sulphur and chlorinated compounds, on atmospheric chemistry.
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Physical And Chemical Aspects Of Combustion

Author : F Dryer
ISBN : 9056995847
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This book contains a collection of papers prepared by leading experts on selected areas of particular importance to researchers in combustion science. The editors have gathered writings on fundamental physical and chemical aspects of combustion, including combustion chemistry, soot formation, and condensed phase and turbulent combustion intended to be a source of current understanding on the topics covered. The materials were originally presented as part of a Colloquium on Combustion held in honor of Professor Irvin Glassman.
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Combustion Emission Formation Process In Diesel Engines

Author :
ISBN : UVA:X004742508
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"Papers from the session, Combustion and Emission Formation Process in Diesel Engines, which occurred as part of the International Spring Fuels & Lubricants Meeting, held May 19-22, 2003, in Yokohama, Japan"--Pref.
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Cleaner Combustion

Author : Frédérique Battin-Leclerc
ISBN : 9781447153078
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This overview compiles the on-going research in Europe to enlarge and deepen the understanding of the reaction mechanisms and pathways associated with the combustion of an increased range of fuels. Focus is given to the formation of a large number of hazardous minor pollutants and the inability of current combustion models to predict the formation of minor products such as alkenes, dienes, aromatics, aldehydes and soot nano-particles which have a deleterious impact on both the environment and on human health. Cleaner Combustion describes, at a fundamental level, the reactive chemistry of minor pollutants within extensively validated detailed mechanisms for traditional fuels, but also innovative surrogates, describing the complex chemistry of new environmentally important bio-fuels. Divided into five sections, a broad yet detailed coverage of related research is provided. Beginning with the development of detailed kinetic mechanisms, chapters go on to explore techniques to obtain reliable experimental data, soot and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, mechanism reduction and uncertainty analysis, and elementary reactions. This comprehensive coverage of current research provides a solid foundation for researchers, managers, policy makers and industry operators working in or developing this innovative and globally relevant field.
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Advanced Combustion Science

Author : Tsuneo Someya
ISBN : 9784431682288
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Non-uniform combustion, as encountered in diesel and gas turbine engines, furnaces, and boilers, is responsible for the conversion of fossil fuel to energy and also for the corresponding formation of pollutants. In spite of great research efforts in the past, the mechanism of non-uniform combustion has remained less explored than that of other combustion types, since it consists of many, mostly transient processes which influence each other. In view of this background, a group research project, "Exploration of Combustion Mechanism", was established to explore the mechanism of combustion, especially that of diffusive combustion, and also to find efficient ways to control the combustion process for better utilization of fuel and the reduction of pollutant emission. The group research was started, after preparatory activity of 2 years, in April 1988, for a period of 3 years, as a project with a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research of Priority Area subsidized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of Japan. The entire group of 43 members was set up as an organizing committee of 13 members, and five research groups, consisting of 36 members. The research groups were: (1) Steady combustion, (2) Unsteady spray combustion, (3) Control of combustion, (4) Chemistry of combustion, and (5) Effects of fuels. At the beginning of the project it was agreed that we should pursue the mechanism of combustion from a scientific viewpoint, namely, the target of the project was to obtain the fundamentals, or "know why", rather than "know how" of combustion.
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Gas Phase Reactions In Organic Synthesis

Author : Yannick Vallee
ISBN : 9056990810
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Flash Vacuum Thermolysis (FVT) techniques have become well-established methods and occupy an increasingly important place in synthesis. Gas Phase Reactions in Organic Synthesis is a complete review of the applications of flash vacuum thermolysis in organic chemistry; it features new developments in FVT, flow thermolysis and vacuum gas-solid reactions which have appeared in scientific literature since 1980.
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