Sicily Before History

Author : Robert Leighton
ISBN : 0801485851
Genre : History
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Students and travelers to Sicily will welcome this inviting introduction to the archaeology of the Mediterranean's largest island. In the first English-language book on prehistoric Sicily in over forty years, Robert Leighton explores the region's rich archaeological record. He charts the development of Sicily's early cultures from the Palaeolithic onward, concluding with an account of the indigenous society at the time of Greek and Phoenician settlement in the 8th century B.C.Each chapter in this generously illustrated volume highlights the principal developments of a major chronological period and then addresses social and economic themes. Among the topics discussed are settlement patterns and structures; local autonomy; external influences; cultural expression; and contacts with Italy, nearby satellite islands, and the Mycenaean world. Informed by recent fieldwork and scholarship, this book is a necessary guide to the current state of knowledge on prehistoric Sicily.
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Early Societies In Sicily

Author : Robert Leighton
ISBN : UOM:39015041553127
Genre : Social Science
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The Mediterranean Context Of Early Greek History

Author : Nancy H. Demand
ISBN : 9781444342345
Genre : History
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The Mediterranean Context of Early Greek History reveals the role of the complex interaction of Mediterranean seafaring and maritime connections in the development of the ancient Greek city-states. Offers fascinating insights into the origins of urbanization in the ancient Mediterranean, including the Greek city-state Based on the most recent research on the ancient Mediterranean Features a novel approach to theories of civilization change - foregoing the traditional isolationists model of development in favor of a maritime based network Argues for cultural interactions set in motion by exchange and trade by sea
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Landscapes And Societies

Author : I. Peter Martini
ISBN : 904819413X
Genre : Science
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This book contains case histories intended to show how societies and landscapes interact. The range of interest stretches from the small groups of the earliest Neolithic, through Bronze and Iron Age civilizations, to modern nation states. The coexistence is, of its very nature reciprocal, resulting in changes in both society and landscape. In some instances the adaptations may be judged successful in terms of human needs, but failure is common and even the successful cases are ephemeral when judged in the light of history. Comparisons and contrasts between the various cases can be made at various scales from global through inter-regional, to regional and smaller scales. At the global scale, all societies deal with major problems of climate change, sea-level rise, and with ubiquitous problems such as soil erosion and landscape degradation. Inter-regional differences bring out significant detail with one region suffering from drought when another suffers from widespread flooding. For example, desertification in North Africa and the Near East contrasts with the temperate countries of southern Europe where the landscape-effects of deforestation are more obvious. And China and Japan offer an interesting comparison from the standpoint of geological hazards to society - large, unpredictable and massively erosive rivers in the former case, volcanoes and accompanying earthquakes in the latter. Within the North African region localized climatic changes led to abandonment of some desertified areas with successful adjustments in others, with the ultimate evolution into the formative civilization of Egypt, the "Gift of the Nile". At a smaller scale it is instructive to compare the city-states of the Medieval and early Renaissance times that developed in the watershed of a single river, the Arno in Tuscany, and how Pisa, Siena and Florence developed and reached their golden periods at different times depending on their location with regard to proximity to the sea, to the main trunk of the river, or in the adjacent hills. Also noteworthy is the role of technology in opening up opportunities for a society. Consider the Netherlands and how its history has been formed by the technical problem of a populous society dealing with too much water, as an inexorably rising sea threatens their landscape; or the case of communities in Colorado trying to deal with too little water for farmers and domestic users, by bringing their supply over a mountain chain. These and others cases included in the book, provide evidence of the successes, near misses and outright failures that mark our ongoing relationship with landscape throughout the history of Homo sapiens. The hope is that compilations such as this will lead to a better understanding of the issue and provide us with knowledge valuable in planning a sustainable modus vivendi between humanity and landscape for as long as possible. Audience: The book will interest geomorphologists, geologists, geographers, archaeologists, anthropologists, ecologists, environmentalists, historians and others in the academic world. Practically, planners and managers interested in landscape/environmental conditions will find interest in these pages, and more generally the increasingly large body of opinion in the general public, with concerns about Planet Earth, will find much to inform their opinions. Extra material: The color plate section is available at
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Rivista Di Antropologia

Author : Società romana di antropologia
ISBN : PSU:000053933706
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Author : Heike Kunz
ISBN : UVA:X030197449
Genre : Religion
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English summary: A study of Sicilia, the oldest Roman province, enables us to reconstruct religious communication from early imperial times up to the conclusion of the formation of the Roman Empire. Heike Kunz examines the social, political, legal and cultural manifestations of religion in the province of Sicilia. These include the religious policies of the governing elite, religious law, myths (for example the Aeneas legend), rituals in public and private cults, religious organization, the fasti of Taormina, individual sacred buildings, the form of local panthea as well as the origin and the growth of individual cults. With the meeting of Rome and Sicily, which was influenced by Greece and also by elements of Punic religion, there was a clash between two religious cultures whose behavior is studied as it was influenced by a newly created political region. German description: Die Eroberung Siziliens durch die Romer und die Einrichtung der romischen Provinz Sicilia im Jahre 241 v. Chr. erweiterte innerhalb der religiosen Systeme Roms und zunachst vor allem der Stadte Siziliens das Feld von religioser Kommunikation und Prasenz. Heike Kunz untersucht die Religion in verandertem politischen und administrativen Umfeld und die Art und Weise, wie sich Sizilien im Bereich Religion in das romische Imperium einfugte. Sicilia, die alteste romische Provinz, ermoglicht die Rekonstruktion der religiosen Kommunikation von der imperialen Fruhzeit bis zum Abschluss der romischen Reichsbildung. Behandelt werden die gesellschaftlichen, politischen, rechtlichen und kulturellen Erscheinungsformen von Religion in der Provinz Sicilia: u.a. Religionspolitik der Fuhrungselite, Sakralrecht, Mythos (z.B. die Aeneas-Sage), Rituale im offentlichen und privaten Kultus (z.B. Feste und Spiele, Bestattungsbrauche), Organisation von Religion (Magistrate und Priester als Trager, Kultteilnehmer, Aufsichtspersonal), Fasti (von Taormina), einzelne Sakralbauten, die Gestalt lokaler Panthea sowie Herkunft und Diffusion einzelner Kulte. Dem wird die Form der selektiven Integration sizilischer Kulte in Rom und die dortige religiose Landschaft gegenubergestellt. Mit Rom und dem griechisch gepragten, aber auch durch Elemente punischer Religion gekennzeichneten Sizilien treffen religiose Kulturen aufeinander, deren Verhalten unter dem Eindruck eines neuentstandenen politischen Raums untersucht wird.
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Sicily From Aeneas To Augustus

Author : Christopher John Smith
ISBN : UOM:39015053535020
Genre : History
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Sicily occupies a crucial position in the Mediterranean world. It is at the heart of many cross-currents of trade, people, and ideology that flowed unceasingly through the ancient period. The island was home to many people, most of them not native to it: Phoenicians, Greeks, and then Romans settled there and sought ways of expressing their hybrid identities. The Sicilians, no less than their invaders, were concerned with their image and their contribution to the age. In this volume ideas of identity, image, and acculturation are the central themes. The contributions combine detailed investigation of the archaeological finds in which the island abounds with an examination of the understudied tradition of history and literature on or about the island. The book provides a chronological account of the island's history, interwoven with a series of discussions of Sicilian identity: to show Sicily as a center of affairs from the Iron Age to the Augustan Empire within the context of a fundamentally regional ancient world. The book includes a chronology and guides for further reading.
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Ancient West East

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105133538590
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