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Shuffling Nags Lame Ducks

Author : László Bartosiewicz
ISBN : 9781782971948
Genre : Social Science
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The analysis of animal bone assemblages from archaeological sites provides much valuable data concerning economic and husbandry practices in the past, as well as insights into cultural and symbolic or ritual activity. Animal palaeopathology can identify diseases in archaeozoological assemblages but little interest has been expressed in investigating and understanding the cultural aspects of the diseases identified. Such assemblages represent the cumulative effects of human attitudes, decisions and influences regarding the keeping, care, treatment, neglect and exploitation of animals which result in a range of conditions, non-infectious diseases and injuries that can be recognised on ancient skeletal material. Additionally, ever since the domestication of a handful of animal species around 10,000 years ago, close physical proximity has been a mutual source of infectious disease and traumatic injury for humans and animals alike. Shuffling Nags, Lame Ducks provides an invaluable guide to the investigation of trauma and disease in archaeozoological assemblages. It provides a clear methodological approach, and describes and explains the wide range of traumatic lesions, infections, diseases, inherited disorders and other pathological changes and anomalies that can be identified. In so doing, it explores the impact that “man-made” decisions have had on animals, including special aspects of culture that may be reflected in the treatment of diseased or injured animals often incorporating powerful symbolic or religious roles, and seeks to enhance our understanding of the relationship between man and beast in the past. Chapters include: · History of studying pathological animal remains · Differences between human and animal palaeopathology · Methodology · Growth, development and ageing · Traumatic lesions · Inflammatory diseases and bone · Pathological lesions in working animals · Diseases connected to the environment
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Care Or Neglect

Author : Laszlo Bartosiewicz
ISBN : 9781785708909
Genre : Social Science
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"The method of Formgeschichte seeks to help in answering the historical questions as to the nature and trustworthiness of our knowledge of Jesus, and also in solving a theological problem properly so-called. It shows in what way the earliest testimony about Jesus was interwoven with the earliest testimony about the salvation which had appeared in Jesus Christ. Thereby it attempts to emphasise and illuminate the chief elements of the message upon which Christianity was founded." From the Author's Preface Ably translated by Bertram Lee Woolf, this is the classic exposition of the German school of theology known as Formgeschichte or the criticism of literary form, which through literary and historical analysis seeks to understand the origins of the traditions of the New Testament, and in so doing bring to light the original intentions and interests of those earliest traditions.
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Zooarchaeology In Practice

Author : Christina M. Giovas
ISBN : 9783319647630
Genre : Social Science
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Zooarchaeology in Practice unites depth of treatment with broad topical coverage to advance methodological discussion and development in archaeofaunal analysis. Through case studies, historical accounts, and technical reviews authored by leading figures in the field, the volume examines how zooarchaeological data and interpretation are shaped by its methods of practice and explores the impact of these effects at varying levels of investigation. Contributing authors draw on geographically and taxonomically diverse datasets, providing instructive approaches to problems in traditional and emerging areas of methodological concern. Readers, from specialists to students, will gain an extensive, sophisticated look at important disciplinary issues that are sure to provoke critical reflection on the nature and importance of sound methodology. With implications for how archaeologists reconstruct human behavior and paleoecology, and broader relevance to fields such as paleontology and conservation biology, Zooarchaeology in Practice makes an enduring contribution to the methodological advancement of the discipline.
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Care In The Past

Author : Lindsay Powell
ISBN : 9781785703386
Genre : Social Science
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Care-giving is an activity that has been practiced by all human societies. From the earliest societies through to the present, all humans have faced choices regarding how people in positions of dependency are to be treated. As such, care-giving, and the form it takes, is a central experience of being a human and one that is culturally mediated. Archaeology has tended to marginalise the study of care, and debates surrounding our ability to recognise it within the archaeological record have often remained implicit rather than a focus of discussion. These 12 papers examine the topic of care in past societies and specifically how we might recognise the provision of care in archaeological contexts and to open up an inter-disciplinary conversation, including historical, bioarchaeological, faunal and philosophical perspectives. The topic of ‘care’ is examined through three different strands: the provision of care throughout the life course, namely that provided to the youngest and oldest members of a society; care-giving and attitudes towards impairment and disability in prehistoric and historic contexts, and the role of animals as both recipients of care and as tools for its provision.
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Geschichte Der Tiermedizin

Author : Angela von den Driesch
ISBN : 3794521692
Genre : Veterinary medicine
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Author : Helmut Jäger
ISBN : 341204587X
Genre : Cities and towns
File Size : 31.3 MB
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Die Villa Rustica Von Bondorf

Author : Anita Gaubatz-Sattler
ISBN : UOM:39015033968028
Genre : Architecture, Roman
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Bronzezeitliche Fleischverarbeitung Im Salzbergtal Bei Hallstatt

Author : Fritz Eckart Barth
ISBN : 3700172613
Genre : History
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Die in diesem Band vorgelegten Funde und Befunde sind Schlachtung, Fleischverarbeitung und Fleischkonservierung in Zusammenhang mit dem bronzezeitlichen Salzbergbau in Hallstatt gewidmet. Die Auswertung erkundet die zugehorigen wirtschaftlichen und logistischen Organisationsstrukturen. Die Aufarbeitung eines Tierknochenkomplexes durch Erich Pucher bringt Erkenntnisse zu bevorzugten Schlachttieren sowie deren Art, Alter und Geschlecht. Im Weiteren war es moglich, Zucht, Schlachtort sowie Zerlegetechnik - auch hinsichtlich Bedarf und Lieferung - einer genauen Betrachtung zu unterziehen. In unmittelbarer Nahe des Tierknochenkomplexes wurden bereits 1877 und 1939 Blockwandbauwerke dokumentiert. Die oft zitierten Funde und Befunde werden hier erstmals von Fritz Eckart Barth im Detail vorgelegt. Im Zusammenhang betrachtet kann von einem Pokelverfahren in Surbecken ausgegangen werden. Das Mikroklima im prahistorischen Salzbergwerk half, Fleisch als Speck und Rohschinken haltbar zu machen. Graphithaltige Kochgefasse belegen zudem die komplette Verwertung aller Schlachtreste. Knochen wurden so lange ausgekocht, bis die Suppe gelierte und schlussendlich getrocknet werden konnte. Der im Fleisch gebundene Schwefel und die Lagerung im tonreichen Haselgebirge trugen zur oberflachlichen Ablagerung und Umwandlung des Kupfers in Covellin in den Blockwandbauwerken bei. Der Kupfersulfiduberzug ist von Robert Seemann (a) und Franz Brandstatter analysiert worden.
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