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Shopping Seduction Mr Selfridge

Author : Lindy Woodhead
ISBN : 9781847659644
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The basis for the hit TV show Mr Selfridge In 1909, the largest department store in London's West End, designed and built from scratch, opened in Oxford Street in a glorious burst of publicity. The mastermind behind the faade was American retail genius Harry Gordon Selfridge: maverick businessman, risk-taker, dandy and one of the greatest showmen the retail world has ever known. His talents were to create the seduction of shopping, and as his success and fame grew, so did his glittering lifestyle: mansions, yachts, gambling, racehorses - and mistresses. From the glamour of Edwardian England, through the turmoil of the Great War and the heady excesses of the 1920s and beyond, Selfridges Department Store was 'a theatre with the curtain going up at 9 o'clock each morning'. Mr Selfridge reveals the captivating story of the rise and fall of the man who revolutionised the way we shop. 'Lively and entertaining' Sunday Telegraph 'Will change your view of shopping forever' Vogue 'Harry Selfridge revolutionised the way we shop ... fascinating' Daily Mail
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The World Of Mr Selfridge

Author : Alison Maloney
ISBN : 9780062422255
Genre : Performing Arts
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The official, full-color, illustrated, behind-the-scenes companion to the lavish hit ITV and PBS television series Mr. Selfridge that vividly brings into focus the remarkable man and his time. Set at the crossroads between the old and the new—when the Victorian and Edwardian eras gave way to the modern age—Mr. Selfridge illuminates the passions, drama, tensions, and promise of the early twentieth century, embodied in one charming, dynamic, self-made man: department store tycoon Harry Gordon Selfridge. Mr. Selfridge follows a colorful cast of characters whose lives and fortunes are entangled with the founder of the magnificent department store that bears his name: Selfridge’s. American retail visionary Harry Selfridge moves to London in 1906 with his family to establish the most ambitious department store the world had ever seen. While his dreams inspire many, they also challenge the staid conventions of British society. A saga bursting with love affairs, class divisions, cultural clashes, ambition, betrayals, and secrets, Mr. Selfridge is set in an era when women reveled in a new sense of freedom and modernity. A charming, dynamic, brilliant, and forceful man who enjoys and respects women, Harry opens the doors of his opulent department story on London's famed Oxford Street to indulge, empower and celebrate them, changing the way the British—and the world—shopped forever. Including a foreword by series producer Andrew Davies, this official illustrated companion to the series—the biggest ITV-produced drama of all time—takes fans on a journey through the world of the series, Selfridge’s, and the larger-than-life entrepreneur, husband, lover, and family man behind it. Rich with historical detail, The World of Mr. Selfridge examines the real man and the fictional character based on him, his relationship with his family, his genius for retail, and his flagship store, including its departments and changing fashions in the early twentieth century. Complete with hundreds of gorgeous photographs, The World of Mr. Selfridge takes a closer look at the cast and their characters over the first two seasons, and looks ahead to series three, which begins in 1919—when Harry’s life really begins to unravel.
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The Representation Of The Protagonist Harry Gordon Selfridge In The Tv Series Mr Selfridge

Author : Kim Frintrop
ISBN : 9783656940715
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Seminar paper from the year 2015 in the subject English - Literature, Works, grade: 1,3, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, course: Graduate Seminar British Studies, language: English, abstract: Macy’s, KaDeWe, Au Bon Marché, Harrods, Whiteley’s, les Galeries LaFayette – all these stores represent only a few of the many well-known department stores situated in different modern metropolises. What all these famous large-scale stores have in common is that they are mass marketplaces which are often referred to as “halls of temptation” (Rappaport 16) or “cathedrals of consumption” (Fiske 10). In this sense, shopping is no longer considered a pure economic act. Rather, it is regarded as an act being strongly associated with illusion, desires, self-fulfillment, seduction and dreams. With their innovative interior and exterior architecture, their overwhelming range of goods coming from all over the world, and their leisure time facilities, they manage to fascinate us. These great stores offer customers an enjoyable shopping experience or rather enable them to spend a unique day out by providing much more than the latest fashion and household goods or nice cafés and restaurants in comfortable settings. Many of this type of store include cinemas, theater shows, fitness center or sometimes even miniature golf courses or bowling centers. March 15, 1909 marks the birth of one of these great department stores, still sustaining its position in British society today: Selfridges. It was the American self-made retail entrepreneur Harry Gordon Selfridge who founded this department store in London’s Oxford Street in 1909 and fascinated his customers by creating a unique experience of shopping (Woodhead 1). To this day, Harry Selfridge is highly praised as a unique marketing innovator. As his personal story inspired ITV drama, there even has been a TV series adapted in which the life of Selfridge and his family members is portrayed as well as the rise and the success of his lifework. Given that this American visionary presents the protagonist of the TV series Mr Selfridge, the aim of this paper is to consider the central question how his character is represented in the series.
Category: Literary Criticism

Retail Design

Author : Ann Petermans
ISBN : 9781317064572
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 50.17 MB
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The late twentieth century saw rapid growth in consumption and the expansion of retailing and services. This was reflected in the number and type of stores and locations, from regional shopping malls and out-of-town superstores to concept and flagship stores. Retail design became an essential part of its success by creating distinctive brands and formats. However, the economic recession in the developed world and competition for consumer goods from the developing world has led to a re-assessment of the growth-led conventions of the retail industry. In addition, the rapid advance of e-commerce and online shopping has created new challenges for physical stores and the communication and distribution of retail brands. The book will provide students, researchers and practitioners a detailed assessment of retail design, taking a distinctive global approach to place design practice and theory in context. Chapters are devoted to key issues in the visual and structural contribution of design to retail brands and format development, and to the role of design in communication. In the course of the book, the authors engage with problems of convergence between retailing and other services and between the physical and virtual worlds, and also changing patterns of use, re-use and ownership of retail spaces and buildings. Retail Design concerns designers and organisations but also defines its broader contribution to society, culture and economy.
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Philosophical Issues In Tourism

Author : John Tribe
ISBN : 1845410963
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 36.45 MB
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The aim of this book is to bridge the disciplines of philosophy and tourism and to provide an analysis and application of philosophical issues of tourism. In doing so this book focuses on three key areas of knowledge, aesthetics and values.
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Midnight Mother

Author : Lindy Woodhead
ISBN : 0091954002
Genre : Businesswomen
File Size : 31.46 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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From the author of the Sunday Times bestseller, SHOPPING, SEDUCTION & MR SELFRIDGE, comes MIDNIGHT MOTHER: the true story of Kate Meyrick - the most notorious nightclub owner in 1920s London. Evenings in 1920s Soho would find the era's most famous, influential and intriguing personalities heading to Gerrard Street. Their destination was the capital's most notorious late-night joint: Kate 'Ma' Meyrick's nightclub, the '43'. At a Kate Meyrick establishment - all flaunting Britain's absurdly restrictive licensing laws - members were guaranteed a fast, furious and fun night's entertainment. They could illegally drink into the small hours, hear some of the best music in town and foxtrot with the most fleet-footed, fabulously attractive hostesses in London. Proprietor, Kate, had seized the apocalyptic post-war years to forge a daring life outside the stultifying confines of a bitterly unhappy marriage. Yet she famously took her customers - many of them the typically lost souls of the jazz-age - under her motherly wing. Stars such as Rudolph Valentino and Tallulah Bankhead danced the night away next to the cream of moneyed high society. Champion sportsmen, high-stakes gamblers and millionaire fraudsters flocked to Kate's clubs - the '43', the Manhattan and the Silver Slipper amongst them. All life was here and their stories and scandals fill the pages of Midnight Mother. Nonetheless, as Kate's success grew, her burgeoning empire was soon viewed by the establishment, the church, the right-wing inflammatory press and many contemporary commentators as indicative of frightening social upheaval, rippling with decadence and drugs. For many revelers, the anticipation of a police raid made their night even more thrilling. For the corrupt policeman heading up Soho's Vice Squad, it meant a tidy sum stashed away in bribes offered to 'look the other way'. For Mrs Meyrick, it meant a decade during which the authorities sent her to Holloway no less than five times. But Kate didn't care. The notoriety that came with each arrest was good for business. A fabulous storyteller, bestseller Lindy Woodhead brings Kate Meyrick and many of the customers who crossed her threshold to wonderfully vivid life. Against the backdrop of a country recovering from the horrific consequences of the Great War, Midnight Mother goes behind the popular façade of 1920s' fast-living, frivolous partying to explore the darker side of the tormented generation who 'danced to forget'.
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War Paint

Author : Lindy Woodhead
ISBN : 9781474606509
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 21.39 MB
Format : PDF
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War Paint is the story of two extraordinary women, Miss Elizabeth Arden and Madame Helena Rubinstein, and the legacy they left: a story of feminine vanity and marketing genius. Behind the gloss and glamour lay obsession with business and rivalry with each other. Despite working for over six decades in the same business, these two geniuses never met face to face - until now. 'The definitive biography of women and their relationships to their faces in the twentieth century' Linda Grant, Guardian 'I have seldom enjoyed a book so much . . . the research is staggering . . . a wonderful read' Lulu Guinness
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Marrying Winterborne

Author : Lisa Kleypas
ISBN : 9780062371843
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 85.97 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A ruthless tycoon Savage ambition has brought common-born Rhys Winterborne vast wealth and success. In business and beyond, Rhys gets exactly what he wants. And from the moment he meets the shy, aristocratic Lady Helen Ravenel, he is determined to possess her. If he must take her virtue to ensure she marries him, so much the better . . . A sheltered beauty Helen has had little contact with the glittering, cynical world of London society. Yet Rhys’s determined seduction awakens an intense mutual passion. Helen’s gentle upbringing belies a stubborn conviction that only she can tame her unruly husband. As Rhys’s enemies conspire against them, Helen must trust him with her darkest secret. The risks are unthinkable . . . the reward, a lifetime of incomparable bliss. And it all begins with… Marrying Mr. Winterborne
Category: Fiction