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Shock Wave Reflection Phenomena

Author : Gabi Ben-Dor
ISBN : 9781475742794
Genre : Science
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The phenomenon of shock wave reflection was first reported by the distinguished philosopher Ernst Mach in 1878. Its study was then abandoned for a period of about 60 years until its investigation was initiated in the early 1940s by Professor John von Neumann and Professor Bleakney. Under their supervision, 15 years of intensive research related to various aspects of the reflection of shock waves in pseudo-steady flows were carried out. It was during this period that the four basic shock wave reflection configurations were discovered. Then, for a period of about 10 years from the mid 1950s until the mid 1960s, investigation of the reflection phenomenon of shock waves was kept on a low flame all over the world (e. g. Australia, Japan, Canada, U. S. A. , U. S. S. R. , etc. ) until Professor Bazhenova from the U. S. S. R. , Professor Irvine Glass from Canada, and Professor Roy Henderson from Australia re initiated the study of this and related phenomena. Under their scientific supervision and leadership, numerous findings related to this phenomenon were reported. Probably the most productive research group in the mid 1970s was that led by Professor Irvine Glass in the Institute of Aerospace Studies of the University of Toronto. In 1978, exactly 100 years after Ernst Mach first reported his discovery of the reflection phenomenon, I published my Ph. D. thesis in which, for the first time, analytical transition criteria between the various shock wave reflection configurations were established.
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Blast Waves

Author : Charles E. Needham
ISBN : 3642052886
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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As an editor of the international scienti?c journal Shock Waves, I was asked whether I might document some of my experience and knowledge in the ?eld of blast waves. I began an outline for a book on the basis of a short course that I had been teaching for several years. I added to the outline, ?lling in details and including recent devel- ments, especially in the subjects of height of burst curves and nonideal explosives. At a recent meeting of the International Symposium on the Interaction of Shock Waves, I was asked to write the book I had said I was working on. As a senior advisor to a group working on computational ?uid dynamics, I found that I was repeating many useful rules and conservation laws as new people came into the group. The transfer of knowledge was hit and miss as questions arose during the normal work day. Although I had developed a short course on blast waves, it was not practical to teach the full course every time a new member was added to the group. This was suf?cient incentive for me to undertake the writing of this book. I cut my work schedule to part time for two years while writing the book. This allowed me to remain heavily involved in ongoing and leading edge work in hydrodynamics while documenting this somewhat historical perspective on blast waves.
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Fundamentals Of Shock Wave Propagation In Solids

Author : Lee Davison
ISBN : 9783540745686
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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My intent in writing this book is to present an introduction to the thermo- chanical theory required to conduct research and pursue applications of shock physics in solid materials. Emphasis is on the range of moderate compression that can be produced by high-velocity impact or detonation of chemical exp- sives and in which elastoplastic responses are observed and simple equations of state are applicable. In the interest of simplicity, the presentation is restricted to plane waves producing uniaxial deformation. Although applications often - volve complex multidimensional deformation fields it is necessary to begin with the simpler case. This is also the most important case because it is the usual setting of experimental research. The presentation is also restricted to theories of material response that are simple enough to permit illustrative problems to be solved with minimal recourse to numerical analysis. The discussions are set in the context of established continuum-mechanical principles. I have endeavored to define the quantities encountered with some care and to provide equations in several convenient forms and in a way that lends itself to easy reference. Thermodynamic analysis plays an important role in continuum mechanics, and I have included a presentation of aspects of this subject that are particularly relevant to shock physics. The notation adopted is that conventional in expositions of modern continuum mechanics, insofar as possible, and variables are explained as they are encountered. Those experienced in shock physics may find some of the notation unconventional.
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Shock Focusing Phenomena

Author : Nicholas Apazidis
ISBN : 9783319758664
Genre : Science
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One of the main reasons for continuing interest in shock focusing is its ability to concentrate energy in a small volume and produce extreme temperatures and pressures in fluids in a controlled laboratory environment. The phenomenon of shock wave focusing leading to extreme conditions in fluids during micro- and nanosecond time intervals is a spectacular example of mechanics at small length and time scales revealing the major properties of shock dynamics including high-temperature gas phenomena. Production of high-energy concentrations in gases and fluids with star-like temperatures and extreme pressures by means of a stable imploding shock is of great interest not only in its own right but also because of the connection to a multitude of phenomena in nature, technology and medicine.
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Shock Wave Compression Of Condensed Matter

Author : Jerry W Forbes
ISBN : 9783642325359
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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This book introduces the core concepts of the shock wave physics of condensed matter, taking a continuum mechanics approach to examine liquids and isotropic solids. The text primarily focuses on one-dimensional uniaxial compression in order to show the key features of condensed matter’s response to shock wave loading. The first four chapters are specifically designed to quickly familiarize physical scientists and engineers with how shock waves interact with other shock waves or material boundaries, as well as to allow readers to better understand shock wave literature, use basic data analysis techniques, and design simple 1-D shock wave experiments. This is achieved by first presenting the steady one-dimensional strain conservation laws using shock wave impedance matching, which insures conservation of mass, momentum and energy. Here, the initial emphasis is on the meaning of shock wave and mass velocities in a laboratory coordinate system. An overview of basic experimental techniques for measuring pressure, shock velocity, mass velocity, compression and internal energy of steady 1-D shock waves is then presented. In the second part of the book, more advanced topics are progressively introduced: thermodynamic surfaces are used to describe equilibrium flow behavior, first-order Maxwell solid models are used to describe time-dependent flow behavior, descriptions of detonation shock waves in ideal and non-ideal explosives are provided, and lastly, a select group of current issues in shock wave physics are discussed in the final chapter.
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Professor I I Glass A Tribute And Memorial

Author : Kazuyoshi Takayama
ISBN : 9783642324888
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 46.49 MB
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The book provides personal memories along with description of scientific works written by ex-graduate students and research associates of the late Professor Glass. The described research work covers a wide range of shock wave phenomena, resulting from seeds planted by Professor Glass. Professor Glass was born in Poland in 1918. He immigrated together with his parents to Canada at the age of 12 and received all his professional education at the University of Toronto, Canada. He became a world recognized expert in shock wave phenomena, and during his 45 years of active research he supervised more than 125 master and doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows and visiting research associates. In this book seven of his past students/research-associates describe their personal memories of Professor Glass and present some of their investigations in shock wave phenomena which sprung from their past work with Professor Glass. Specifically, these investigations include underwater shock waves, shock/bubble interaction, medical applications of shock wave, various types of shock tubes and shock tube techniques, shock wave attenuation and different types of shock wave reflections.
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Shock Wave Science And Technology Reference Library Vol 3

Author : Yasuyuki Horie
ISBN : 9783540770800
Genre : Science
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This book is the second volume of Solids Volumes in theShockWaveScience and Technology Reference Library. These volumes are primarily concerned with high-pressure shock waves in solid media, including detonation and hi- velocity impact and penetration events. This volume contains four articles. The ?rst two describe the reactive behavior of condensed-phase explosives, and the remaining two discuss the inert, mechanical response of solid materials. The articles are each se- contained, and can be read independently of each other. They o?er a timely reference, for beginners as well as professional scientists and engineers, cov- ing the foundations and the latest progress, and include burgeoning devel- ment as well as challenging unsolved problems. The ?rst chapter, by S. She?eld and R. Engelke, discusses the shock initiation and detonation phenomena of solids explosives. The article is an outgrowth of two previous review articles: “Explosives” in vol. 6 of En- clopedia of Applied Physics (VCH, 1993) and “Initiation and Propagation of Detonation in Condensed-Phase High Explosives” in High-Pressure Shock Compression of Solids III (Springer, 1998). This article is not only an - dated review, but also o?ers a concise heuristic introduction to shock waves and condensed-phase detonation. The authors emphasize the point that d- onation is not an uncontrollable, chaotic event, but that it is an orderly event that is governed by and is describable in terms of the conservation of mass, momentum, energy and certain material-speci?c properties of the explosive.
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Shock Waves

Author : Zonglin Jiang
ISBN : 9783540270096
Genre : Science
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The 24th International Symposium on Shock Waves (ISSW24) was held at the Beijing Friendship Hotel during July 11-16, 2004, in Beijing. It was a great pleasure for the Local Organizing Committee to organize the ISSW in China for the first time, because forty-seven years have passed since the First Shock Tube Symposium was held in 1957 at Albuquerque. The ISSW24 had to be postponed for one year because of the SARS outbreak in Beijing shortly before the Symposium was scheduled to be held in 2003, but it has achieved success due to the continuous support and kind understanding from all the delegates. It is very heart-warming to have had such an experience and I am very happy to have served as chairman for the Symposium. I would like to thank all for the contributions and help that they have given us over the past three years, without which we would not have had the Symposium. A total of 460 abstracts were submitted to the ISSW24. Each of the abstracts was evaluated by three members of the Scientific Review Committee and the decision on acceptance wasmade based on the reviewers' reports. 195oral papers,including 9plenary lectures, wereaccepted to be presented in three parallel sessions, and 135poster papers in three dedicated poster sessions. Topics discussed in these papers cover all aspects ofshock wave research.
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Shock Waves Man

Author : I. I. Glass
ISBN : UOM:39015017277503
Genre : Science
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Physics Of Shock Waves And High Temperature Hydrodynamic Phenomena

Author : Ya. B. Zel’dovich
ISBN : 9780486135083
Genre : Science
File Size : 25.16 MB
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Physical, chemical processes in gases at high temperatures are focus of outstanding text, which combines material from gas dynamics, shock-wave theory, thermodynamics and statistical physics, other fields. 284 illustrations. 1966–1967 edition.
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