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Danish Contributions To Classical Scholarship 1971 1991

Author : Flemming Gorm Andersen
ISBN : 8772898224
Genre : Reference
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For generations, the Royal Library of Denmark has contributed to or published biographies of the major subjects, especially within the fields of humanities and social sciences. One of these is the present bibliography of Classical studies which is a continuation of P A Hansen's 'Bibliography of Danish Contributions to Classical Scholarship from the Sixteenth Century to 1970 (Copehagen 1977), continuing the registration up to 1991. The present bibliography restricts itself to Classical Antiquity.
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Spinning Fantasies

Author : Miriam Peskowitz
ISBN : 9780520209671
Genre : History
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Miriam Peskowitz offers a dramatic revision to our understanding of early rabbinic Judaism. Using a wide range of sources—archaeology, legal texts, grave goods, technology, art, and writings in Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and Latin—she challenges traditional assumptions regarding Judaism's historical development. Following the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple by Roman armies in 70 C.E., new incarnations of Judaism emerged. Of these, rabbinic Judaism was the most successful, becoming the classical form of the religion. Through ancient stories involving Jewish spinners and weavers, Peskowitz re-examines this critical moment in Jewish history and presents a feminist interpretation in which gender takes center stage. She shows how notions of female and male were developed by the rabbis of Roman Palestine and why the distinctions were so important in the formation of their religious and legal tradition. Rabbinic attention to women, men, sexuality, and gender took place within the "ordinary tedium of everyday life, in acts that were both familiar and mundane." While spinners and weavers performed what seemed like ordinary tasks, their craft was in fact symbolic of larger gender and sexual issues, which Peskowitz deftly explicates. Her study of ancient spinning and her abundant source material will set new standards in the fields of gender studies, Jewish studies, and cultural studies.
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Shiloh Ii

Author : Marie-Louise Buhl
ISBN : 8748005673
Genre : History
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Shiloh - The Remains from the Hellenistic to the Mamluk Periods -- The Danish Excavations at Tall Sailun, Palestine in 1926, 1929, 1932 & 1963
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The Petra Church

Author : Zbigniew T. Fiema
ISBN : UOM:39015054293298
Genre : Christian antiquities
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On The Question Of The Cessation Of Prophecy In Ancient Judaism

Author : L. Stephen Cook
ISBN : 316150920X
Genre : Religion
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Many Jewish texts from the Second Temple and rabbinic periods seem to reflect the view that Israelite prophecy ceased around the beginning of the Second Temple era. Stephen Cook examines these writings in order to identify attitudes about the status of prophets and prophecy throughout the Second Temple period, and also to address the question of whether scholars today should view prophecy as having ceased in that era.The author first presents the key passages from antiquity, along with a summary of the seminal discussions of these texts from the last 150 years. He then analyzes each of the relevant ancient bodies of Jewish literature, and isolates key streams of thought within ancient Judaism which help address the question of how prophecy’s status was viewed. In a third part, he finally addresses the question of whether it is appropriate today to hold that Israelite prophecy ceased in antiquity.
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The Story Of Egypt The Civilization That Shaped The World

Author : Joann Fletcher
ISBN : 9781681772035
Genre : History
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The story of the world's greatest civilization—spanning 4,000 years of history—full of epic stories, spectacular places, and an evolving society rich in inventors, heroes, villains, and pioneers. The story of the world's greatest civilization—spanning 4,000 years of history—full of epic stories, spectacular places, and an evolving society rich in inventors, heroes, villains, and pioneers. The story of the world's greatest civilization spans 4,000 years of history that has shaped the world. It is full of spectacular cities and epic stories—an evolving society rich in inventors, heroes, heroines, villains, artisans, and pioneers. Professor Joann Fletcher pulls together the complete story of Egypt—charting the rise and fall of the ancient Egyptians while putting their whole world into a context to which we can all relate. Fletcher uncovers some fascinating revelations: new evidence shows that women became pharaohs on at least ten occasions; that the ancient Egyptians built the first Suez Canal and then circumnavigated Africa. From Ramses II's penchant for dying his grey hair to how we know that Montuhotep's chief wife bit her nails, Dr. Joann Fletcher brings alive the history and people of ancient Egypt as nobody else can.
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Allusion Authority And Truth

Author : Phillip Mitsis
ISBN : 9783110245394
Genre : History
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Questions about how ancient Greek texts establish their authority, reflect on each other, and project their own truths have become central for a wide range of recent critical discourses. In this volume, an influential group of international scholars examines these themes in a variety of poetic and rhetorical genres. The result is a series of striking and original readings from different critical perspectives that display the centrality of these questions for understanding the poetic and rhetorical aims of ancient Greek texts. Characterized by a combination of close attention to philological detail and theoretical sophistication, the essays in this volume make a compelling case for this kind of focused, critically informed dialogue about the nature of ancient textual praxis. Students of classical literature will find a wealth of critical insights and challenging new readings of many familiar texts
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Babylonian Magic And Sorcery

Author : Leonard W. King
ISBN : 0877289344
Genre : History
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Originally published in 1896, this text contains the cunieform text of 60 clay tablets written between 669-625 BC. These tablets were inscribed with prayers and religious compositions of a devotional and magical character and there is little doubt that they were compiled from Babylonian sources.
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And Man Created God

Author : Selina O'Grady
ISBN : 9781250016829
Genre : Religion
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At the time of Jesus' birth , the world was full of gods. Thousands of them jostled, competed and merged with one another. In Syria ecstatic devotees castrated themselves in the streets to become priests of Atargatis In Galilee, holy men turned oil into wine, healed the sick, drove out devils, and claimed to be the Messiah. Every day thousands of people were leaving their family and tribes behind them and flocking into brand new multi-ethnic cities. The ancient world was in ferment as it underwent the first phase of globalisation, and in this ferment rulers and ruled turned to religion as a source of order and stability. Augustus, the first emperor of Rome (though he never dared officially to call himself so) was maneuvering his way to becoming worshipped as a god – it was one of the most brilliant makeovers ever undertaken by a ruler and his spin doctors. In North Africa, Amanirenas the warrior queen exploited her god-like status to inspire her armies to face and defeat Rome. In China the usurper Wang Mang won and lost his throne because of his obsession with Confucianism. To explore the power that religious belief has had over societies through the ages, Selina O'Grady takes the reader on a dazzling journey across the empires of the ancient world and introduces us to rulers, merchants, messiahs, priests and holy men. Throughout, she seeks to answer why, amongst the countless religious options available, the empires at the time of Jesus ‘chose' the religions they did? Why did China's rulers hitch their fate to Confucianism, a philosophy more than a religion? And why was a tiny Jewish cult led by Jesus eventually adopted by Rome's emperors rather than the cult of Isis which was far more popular and widespread? The Jesus cult , followed by no more than 100 people at the time of his death, should, by rights, have disappeared in a few generations. Instead it became the official religion of the Roman Empire. Why did Christianity grow so quickly to become the predominant world religion? What was it about its teachings that so appealed to people? And Man Created God looks at why and how religions have had such an immense impact on human history and in doing so uncovers the ineradicable connection between politics and religion - a connection which still defines us in our own age. This is an important, thrilling and necessary new work of history.
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