Land Of The Shaman Rituals And Lore Of Siberia

Author : Marjorie Mandelstam Balzer
ISBN : 9781315487311
Genre : Political Science
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The ancient heartland of shamanism is no longer forbidden territory - to travelers or to the spirits. But the spirits never left the vastnesses of Siberia and Central Asia, as these writings reveal. Russian and native experts, and an American cultural anthropologist who has done fieldwork in the region, introduce us to shamans as the poets, therapists, healers, and even leaders of their communities. Among the special features of this collection are remarkable transcriptions of shamanic exhortations and a pathbreaking study of shamanic tales and rituals.
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Shamanic Worlds

Author :
ISBN : 1315487330
Genre : Buriats
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The Complete Idiot S Guide To Shamanism

Author : Gini Graham Scott
ISBN : 9781440695780
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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You're no idiot, of course. You know that shamans are also known as medicine men and women, who use the power of the mind and call on spiritual helpers to heal the afflicted. However, this ancient art has been put to more modern uses, including problem solving, empowerment, and personal mastery. But you don't have to trek through steamy Amazonian jungles or frigid Siberian tundra to become enlightened in the ways of shamanism! 'The Complete Idiot's Guide to Shamanism' will show exactly how to discover your own shamanic power and how that power will guide you in your everyday life! In this 'Complete Idiot's Guide', you get: -Shamanic history, from its origins in Paleolithic times to its spreading influence today. -Power animals, where to locate them and how they communicate with you. -How to take a shamanic, travelling through the Lower, Upper, and Middle Worlds, and exploring your past or future. -Shamanic healing techniques in use with modern medicine.
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Redefining Shamanisms

Author : David Gordon Wilson
ISBN : 9781441126443
Genre : Religion
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Spiritualism and mediumship are often regarded as the product of lingering superstition in the Victorian era, and as having limited relevance in modern Anglo-American society. Scholarship to date which has considered Spiritualism as a distinct religious tradition has focussed on analysing the phenomenon in terms of spirit possession only. This volume analyses the development of shamanism (communication with the spiritual world) as a concept within North American English-speaking scholarship, with particular focus on Mircea Eliade's influential cross-cultural presentation of shamanism. By re-examining the work of Sergei Shirokogoroff, one of Eliade's principal sources, the traditional Evenki shamanic apprenticeship is compared and identified with the new Spiritualist apprenticeship. The author demonstrates that Spiritualism is best understood as a traditional shamanism, as distinct from contemporary appropriations or neo-shamanisms. He argues that shamanism is the outcome of an apprenticeship in the management of psychic experiences, and which follows the same pattern as that of the apprentice medium. In doing so, the author offers fresh insights into the mechanisms that are key to sustaining mediumship as a social institution.
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Historical Dictionary Of Shamanism

Author : Graham Harvey
ISBN : 9781442257986
Genre : Religion
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This second edition of Historical Dictionary of Shamanism contains a chronology, an introduction, and extensive bibliography. The dictionary contains over 500 cross-referenced dictionary entries on individuals, groups, practices and cultures that have been called “shamanic”. This book is an excellent access point for students, researchers, and anyone wanting to know more about Shamanism.
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The A To Z Of Shamanism

Author : Graham Harvey
ISBN : 9781461731849
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Few religious traditions have generated such diversity and stirred imaginations as shamanism. In their engagements with other worlds, shamans have conversed with animals and ancestors and have been empowered with the knowledge to heal patients, advise hunters, and curse enemies. Still other shamans, aided by rhythmic music or powerful plant helpers, undertake journeys into different realities where their actions negotiate harmony between human and other than human communities. Once relegated to paintings on cave walls, today Shamanism can be seen in performances at rave clubs and psychotherapeutic clinics. The A to Z of Shamanism has the duel task of exploring the common ground of shamanic traditions and evaluating the diversity of both traditional indigenous communities and individual Western seekers. This is done in an introduction, a bibliography, a chronology, and hundreds of cross-referenced dictionary entries, which explore the consistent features of a variety of shamans, the purposes shamanism serves, the function and activities of the shaman, and the cultural contexts in which they make sense.
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Spiritual Transformation And Healing

Author : Joan Koss-Chioino
ISBN : 0759108676
Genre : Religion
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A new volume exploring spiritual transformation from various disciplinary perspectives.
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Peoples Of The Tundra

Author : John P. Ziker
ISBN : 9781478610687
Genre : Social Science
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On ethnographic grounds alone, Zikers book is a unique and valuable contribution. Despite increased fieldwork opportunities for foreigners in the former Soviet Union in recent years, much of Russia and Siberia remains terra incognita to Western scholars, except for specialists who know the Russian literature. Zikers account of the Dolgan and Nganasan peoples of the Ust Avam community is a fascinating analysis of how people adapt their hunting, fishing, and herding not only to the demanding Arctic environment but also to enormous economic and political adversities created in the wake of the Soviet Unions collapse. In this sense, the book fills a gap in the ethnographic literature on Siberia for Western students and, at the same time, serves as a microcosm of the devastating changes affecting rural communities and indigenous peoples generally in a disintegrating former superpower: that is, increasing isolation and a shift to nonmarket survival economies.
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Religion And Politics In Russia

Author : Marjorie Mandelstam Balzer
ISBN : 9780765629319
Genre : History
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Russia is not only vast, it is also culturally diverse, the core of an empire that spanned Eurasia. In addition to the majority Russian Orthodox and various other Christian groups, the Russian Federation includes large communities of Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, and members of other religious groups, some with ancient historical roots. All are in a state of ferment, and securing formal state recognition for specific communities is often daunting. This collection provides entry into the diversity of Russia's religious communities. Marjorie Mandelstam Balzer's introduction to the volume illuminates major political, social, and cultural-anthropological trends. The book is organized by religious tradition or identity, with further thematic perspectives on each set of readings. The authors include ethnologists, sociologists, political analysts, and religious leaders from many regions of the Federation. They analyze the changing dynamics of religion and politics within each community and in the context of the current drive to recentralize both political and religious authority in Moscow. Topical coverage extends from reassertions of Russian Orthodoxy to activities of Christian and Muslim missionaries to the revival of many other religions, including indigenous shamanic ones.
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Shamans Unbound

Author : International Society for Shamanistic Research. Conference
ISBN : STANFORD:36105133015359
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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