Sex And Gender

Author : Robert J. Stoller
ISBN : 9781781811306
Genre : Psychology
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In this book, Dr Stoller describes patients with marked abberrations in their masculinity and feminity--primarily transsexuals, transvestites and patients with marked biological abnormalities of their sex - in order to find clues to gender development in more normal people.
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Sex And Gender

Author : John Archer
ISBN : 0521635330
Genre : Psychology
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Fully revised edition of classic text, accessible introduction to fundamental questions concerning sex and gender.
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Sex Gender

Author : Anne Fausto-Sterling
ISBN : 9780415881456
Genre : Social Science
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Sex/Gender presents a relatively new way to think about how biological difference can be produced over time in response to different environmental and social experiences. This book gives a clearly written explanation of the biological and cultural underpinnings of gender. Anne Fausto-Sterling provides an introduction to the biochemistry, neurobiology, and social construction of gender with expertise and humor in a style accessible to a wide variety of readers. In addition to the basics, Sex/Gender ponders the moral, ethical, social and political side to this inescapable subject. An interview with the author! WOMR - The Lowdown with Ira Wood - Sex an Gender Identity with Anne Fausto-Sterling:
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Sex Gender And Christian Ethics

Author : Lisa Sowle Cahill
ISBN : 0521578485
Genre : Philosophy
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Cahill addresses the ethics of sexuality, marriage, parenthood and family from a feminist Christian standpoint. She wants to reaffirm the traditional unity of sex, love and parenthood, not as an absolute norm, but a guiding framework. The book also develops the significance of New Testament models of community and of moral formation, to argue that the human values associated with sex and family should be embodied in a context of concern for society's poor and marginalized. Roman Catholicism receives special but not exclusive attention.
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Sex And Gender In Biomedicine

Author : Gesine Thea Klinge
ISBN : 9783941875265
Genre : Clinical medicine
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Sex and gender in biomedicine are innovative research concepts of theoretical and clinical medicine that enable a better understanding of health and disease, evidence-based knowledge, effective therapies, and better health outcomes for women and men. Gender Medicine stimulates new ways of doing research: that is to consider sex and gender at all levels of research, from basic research into gene polymorphisms to health behaviour. New research questions have been put forward that focus not on differences per se but on the development of differences. In this book, contributions from the field of neuroscience, addiction research, and organ transplantation exemplify concepts, approaches, methods and results in the field.
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Sex And Gender

Author : Hilary M. Lips
ISBN : 9781478635628
Genre : Social Science
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Are sex and gender really two different things? How malleable is gender identity? Should we emphasize gender differences? These are only some of the questions Hilary Lips addresses regarding one of the most important dimensions of human life since time immemorial. Stereotypes, gender roles, and how social relationships function all combine to assign meanings to the male–female distinction that affects all aspects of social life. Taking advantage of the abundance of current research that reevaluates and resituates the major issues of sex and gender, the Sixth Edition collects and distills this scholarship into a book that is readily accessible and relevant to today’s readers. Lips incorporates knowledge gained from a range of social sciences, taking a critical approach to empirical research. Throughout the book, she emphasizes culturally, racially, and sexually diverse perspectives. A discussion of the role that gender plays in social relationships and power hierarchies illuminates the experience of inequality between men and women in business, education, politics, and the media. The ideas presented in Sex and Gender will raise readers’ awareness of the issues contributing to that major social problem.
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Judith Butlers Untersuchung Der Sex Gender Unterscheidung Und Die Konsequenzen F R Eine Feministische Repr Sentationspolitik

Author : Janne Krumbügel
ISBN : 9783638014380
Genre : Social Science
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Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2007 im Fachbereich Soziologie - Familie, Frauen, Männer, Sexualität, Geschlechter, Note: sehr gut, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main (Institut für Gesellschafts- und Politikanalyse (I)), Veranstaltung: Themenfelder und Theorien sozialwissenschaftlicher Geschlechterforschung, 12 Quellen im Literaturverzeichnis, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Ein hartnäckiges theoretisches Hindernis, welchem die emanzipatorische Frauenbewegung begegnet, ist das Insistieren auf der Argumentation, es gebe eine „Natur der Frau“, die dieser unumstößliche Grenzen setzt in Bezug darauf, was sie zu sein vermöge und infolgedessen im Alltag und in der Politik sich erlauben dürfe. Diese populäre Legitimation der geschlechtsspezifischen Diskriminierung und Ausbeutung wird durch die Einführung der Unterscheidung zwischen sex und gender in die Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung gefährdet, jedoch nicht vollständig entkräftet. Einführend möchte ich das sex/gender-Konzept ausgehend von einem Text von Regine Gildemeister und Angelika Wetterer auf seine Funktionalität für eine emanzipatorische Politik untersuchen. Anschließend werde ich als eine Perspektive, die über dieses Konzept hinausgeht und die darin fortbestehenden theoretischen Probleme auflöst, die Position Judith Butlers grundlegend darstellen. Schließlich möchte ich auf das Thema der politischen Repräsentation eingehen, welches durch Butlers Dekonstruktion eines festen Kollektivsubjekts „Frau“ neue Perspektiven bietet.
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Gender Sex And Politics

Author : Shira Tarrant
ISBN : 9781317814757
Genre : Social Science
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Gender, Sex, and Politics: In the Streets and Between the Sheets in the 21st Century includes twenty-seven chapters organized into five sections: Gender, Sexuality and Social Control; Pornography; Sex and Social Media; Dating, Desire, and the Politics of Hooking Up; and Issues in Sexual Pleasure and Safety. This anthology presents these topics using a point-counterpoint-different point framework. Its arguments and perspectives do not pit writers against each other in a binary pro/con debate format. Instead, a variety of views are juxtaposed to encourage critical thinking and robust conversation. This framework enables readers to assess the strengths and shortcomings of conflicting ideas. The chapters are organized in a way that will challenge cherished beliefs and hone both academic and personal insight. Gender, Sex, and Politics is ideal for sparking debates in intro to women’s and gender studies, sexuality, and gender courses.
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Sex Gender And The Politics Of Era

Author : Donald G. Mathews
ISBN : 0195360109
Genre : Social Science
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Sex, Gender, and the Politics of ERA is the most profound and sensitive discussion to date of the way in which women responded to feminism. Drawing on extensive research and interviews, Mathews and De Hart explore the fate of the ERA in North Carolina--one of the three states targeted by both sides as essential to ratification--to reveal the dynamics that stunned supporters across America. The authors insightfully link public discourse and private feelings, placing arguments used throughout the nation in the personal contexts of women who pleaded their cases for and against equality. Beginning with a study of woman suffrage, the book shows how issues of sex, gender, race, and power remained potent weapons on the ERA battlefield. The ideas of such vocal opponents as Phyllis Schlafly and Senator Sam Ervin set the perfect stage for mothers to confess their terror at the violation of their daughters in a post-ERA world, while the prospect of losing ratification to this terror impelled supporters to shed the white gloves of genteel lobbying for the combat boots of political in-fighting. In the end, the efforts of ERA supporters could neither outweigh the symbolic actions of its opponents nor weaken the resistance of those same legislators to further federal guarantees of equality. Ultimately, opponents succeeded in making equality for women seem dangerous. In thus explaining the ERA controversy, the authors brilliantly illuminate the many meanings of feminism for the American people.
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