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Sex And The Iworld

Author : Dale S. Kuehne
ISBN : 9780801035876
Genre : Religion
File Size : 39.43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A political scientist and pastor offers a positive, holistic vision that helps readers engage the cultural debate on sex and marriage in personal ethics and public policy.
Category: Religion

Sex World

Author : Robert Lee
ISBN : 9781105601736
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 62.33 MB
Format : PDF
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Sex World is a novel about unrequited love. Robert H. Lee addresses issues of love and identity and follows a man's struggles to find himself in the world.
Category: Fiction

Sex And World Peace

Author : Valerie M. Hudson
ISBN : 9780231520096
Genre : Political Science
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Sex and World Peace unsettles a variety of assumptions in political and security discourse, demonstrating that the security of women is a vital factor in the security of the state and its incidence of conflict and war. The authors compare micro-level gender violence and macro-level state peacefulness in global settings, supporting their findings with detailed analyses and color maps. Harnessing an immense amount of data, they call attention to discrepancies between national laws protecting women and the enforcement of those laws, and they note the adverse effects on state security of abnormal sex ratios favoring males, the practice of polygamy, and inequitable realities in family law, among other gendered aggressions. The authors find that the treatment of women informs human interaction at all levels of society. Their research challenges conventional definitions of security and democracy and shows that the treatment of gender, played out on the world stage, informs the true clash of civilizations. In terms of resolving these injustices, the authors examine top-down and bottom-up approaches to healing wounds of violence against women, as well as ways to rectify inequalities in family law and the lack of parity in decision-making councils. Emphasizing the importance of an R2PW, or state responsibility to protect women, they mount a solid campaign against women's systemic insecurity, which effectively unravels the security of all.
Category: Political Science

Sex Makes The World Go Round

Author : Colette Chiland
ISBN : 9780429918940
Genre : Psychology
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It is well known that Freud laid great emphasis on sexual matters. In the years that followed, a distinction was drawn between sex and gender, and the idea of gender identity was introduced. Human beings do not spend every minute of their lives copulating, but at every minute of their lives their gender identity is present. Sex Makes the World Go Round implies that sex is everywhere, provided that we take into account both sexuality and gender identity. This book continues to develop the author's work concerning sexuality and gender identity. There are two main themes which run through the whole of this book. The first is the distinction, established by Freud and based on clinical data, between the two currents of sexuality: tenderness and sensuality. The other is that women have always been treated as inferior beings. They have always lost out whenever sexual wanderings have been uppermost.
Category: Psychology

Sex Marriage And Family In World Religions

Author : Don S. Browning
ISBN : 9780231505192
Genre : Religion
File Size : 20.40 MB
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Spanning thousands of years, this new collection brings together writings and teachings about sex, marriage, and family from the Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, and Confucian traditions. The volume includes traditional texts as well as contemporary materials showing how the religions have responded to the changing conditions and mores of modern life. It reveals the similarities and differences among the various religions and the development of ideas and teachings within each tradition. Selections shed light on each religion's views on a range of subjects, including sexuality and sexual pleasure, the meaning and purpose of marriage, the role of betrothal, the status of women, the place of romance, grounds for divorce, celibacy, and sexual deviance. Separate chapters devoted to each religion include introductions by leading scholars that contextualize the readings. The selections are drawn from a variety of genres including ritual, legal, theological, poetic, and mythic texts. The volume contains such diverse examples as the Zohar on conjugal manners, a contemporary Episcopalian liturgy for same-sex unions, Qur'anic passages on the equality of the sexes, the Ka–masu–tra on husbands, wives, and lovers, Buddhist writings on celibacy, and Confucian teachings on filial piety. Contributors include: Michael S. Berger, Emory University; Azizah Y. al-Hibri, Richmond School of Law; Alan Cole, Lewis and Clark College; Paul B. Courtright, Emory University; Patricia Buckley Ebrey, University of Washington; Raja M. El-Habti, Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights; Luke Timothy Johnson, Emory University; Mark D. Jordan, Emory University
Category: Religion

Sex And Sexuality In A Feminist World

Author : Karen A. Ritzenhoff
ISBN : 9781443804264
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 26.64 MB
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Sex and sexuality are topics that have defined feminism since its inception. What has changed is that there is now a generation of feminists and scholars who are comfortable not only to write in their own disciplines but who incorporate feminist ideas in their research. This book assembles a variety of essays, most of which were written especially for this collection, that negotiate sex and sexuality in historical contexts as well as in contemporary times. There is a common ground of history and (popular) culture among the articles. While different theories of feminism operate in these essays, feminist lenses have allowed the reevaluation of familiar topics from early religious practices to medieval literature to current films and advertising. The authors represented in this collection range from established feminist and gender scholars to those who employ feminist theoretical frameworks in their respective disciplines.
Category: Social Science

World Population Prospects Sex And Age Distribution Of The World Population

Author :
ISBN : 9211514304
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 62.14 MB
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The 2006 Revision builds on the 2004 Revision and incorporates both the results of the 2000 round of national population censuses and of recent specialized surveys carried out in countries around the world. These sources provide both demographic and other information to assess the progress made in achieving the internationally agreed development goals, including the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The comprehensive review of past worldwide demographic trends and future prospects presented in the 2006 Revision provides the population basis for the assessment of those goals. This volume presents detailed information about the composition of population by age and sex.
Category: Political Science

World Population Prospects

Author : United Nations. Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Population Division
ISBN : 9211514088
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 26.58 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The 2004 Revision of official world population estimates and projections is the eighteenth round of global demographic estimates and projections undertaken by the UN since 1950. This volume contains data on the age and sex distribution for each development group, major area, region and country (with more than 100,000 inhabitants in 2000) for the period 1950-2050, with figures for the years 1950-2005 estimates and those thereafter projections (presented as medium, high and low-fertility variants).
Category: Social Science

Sex And Society In The World Of The Orthodox Slavs 900 1700

Author : Eve Levin
ISBN : 9781501727627
Genre : History
File Size : 29.54 MB
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In this pioneering book, Eve Levin explores sexual behavior among the peoples of Serbia, Bulgaria, and Russia from their conversion to Christianity in the ninth and tenth centuries until the end of the seventeenth century. By ranging across all these societies, Levin is able to fulfill three basic aims: to delineate the general character of sexuality among the Orthodox Slavs, to enrich that account by drawing our attention to regional variations in the sexual mores of these peoples, and to draw suggestive comparisons between the world of the medieval Orthodox Slavs and their contemporaries in the Latin West. Levin begins with a study of the ecclesiastical image of sexuality as expressed in didactic and literary texts, showing that the Orthodox Church was deeply suspicious of sexuality. Her second chapter, on canon law and marfiage, examines the conditions for marriage, divorce, and remarriage, the obligation of the conjugal relationship, and the impact of these rules on social order. Levin looks at church regulations concerning sexual relations among relatives by blood, marriage, spiritual kinship, and adoption in Chapter Three, and she devotes Chapter Four to prohibited sexual practices, both inside and outside of marriage. In the fifth chapter she studies Russian and South Slavic responses to rape, and demonstrates that these societies simultaneously censured violence against women and sanctioned the attitudes and social structures that justified it. Chapter Six deals with the rules on sexual conduct for the clergy, whose job it was to enforce sexual precepts. Throughout her work, Levin argues that, despite its conviction that sexual expression was diabolical, the medieval Orthodox Church approached sexual matters in a surprisingly practical way; its official sexual ethic corresponded to a great degree with popular views. Historians of the Slavic world, both medieval and modern, will welcome this accessible study. It should also attract comparativists who work in such fields as church history, the history of women and the family, and the history of sexuality.
Category: History

The Metaphysics Of Sex In A Changing World

Author : Christopher Alan Anderson
ISBN : 9781622876365
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 68.69 MB
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Is sex metaphysical? This is to say, does it have a purpose and a nature that is encoded in the very construct of the universe? These are the questions the author takes up in this day and age where most everything is up for grabs. This writing is not without an examination of sensitive issues and explicit terms. Think of it as a third way, if you will. It resides between the "fixed" identity of our declining religions and the "fluid" identity of the emerging L,G,B,T,Q movement. In that it presents to us all another choice. In the end, it is about a construct for sexual balance that any reader can understand and use as a guide for his or her life. Keywords: Metaphysics, Sex, Relationship, Procreation, Soul, Life, Birth, Love, Desire, Healing
Category: Philosophy