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Seeing The Real You At Last

Author : Britta Lee Shain
ISBN : 190827994X
Genre : Music
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"I've never seen a Bob Dylan smile, except in photos or on the stage. Not the real thing." Britta Lee Shain was a friend of Bob Dylan's until he asked her to join him on the road in the mid 1980s, at which point she became more than a friend. In this intimate and elliptical memoir of their time together, at home in Los Angeles and on tour with Tom Petty and the Grateful Dead, she offers a unique portrait of the romantic, earthbound, and poetic soul trapped in the role of Being Bob Dylan. "If you were my woman, I'd be worth four times as much." Entire libraries of books have been written about Dylan, but few--if any--offer any lasting insight into the man behind the shades. Until now. Written with the elegance of a poet and storytelling snap of a novelist, Seeing The Real You At Last is a poignant and tender romance that reveals Dylan's playfulness, his dark wit, his fears and struggles, his complex relationships with the men and women in his life, and, ultimately, his genius.
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On The Road With Bob Dylan

Author : Larry Sloman
ISBN : 9780307539144
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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“The War and Peace of Rock and Roll.” —Bob Dylan In 1975, as Bob Dylan emerged from eight years of seclusion, he dreamed of putting together a traveling music show that would trek across the country like a psychedelic carnival. The dream became reality, and On the Road with Bob Dylan is the ultimate behind-the-scenes look at what happened when Dylan and the Rolling Thunder Revue took to the streets of America. With the intimate detail of a diary, Larry “Ratso” Sloman’s mesmerizing description of the legendary tour both transports us to a celebrated period in rock history and provides us with a vivid snapshot of Dylan during this extraordinary time. This reissue of the 1978 classic resonates more than ever as it chronicles one of the most glittering rock circuses ever assembled, with a cast that includes Joan Baez, Robbie Robertson, Joni Mitchell, Allen Ginsberg, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, and a wild entourage of groupies, misfits, sinners, and saints who trailed along for the ride. Sloman candidly captures the all-night revelry and musical prowess—from the backstage antics to impromptu jams—that made the tour a nearly mystical experience. Complete with vintage photos and a new introduction by renowned Texas musician, mystery writer, and Revue member Kinky Friedman, this is an unparalleled treat for Dylan fans old and new. Without question, On the Road with Bob Dylan is a remarkable, revealing piece of writing and a rare up-close and personal view of Dylan on tour. From the Trade Paperback edition.
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Positively 4th Street

Author : David Hajdu
ISBN : 0312680694
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Tenth Anniversary Edition The story of how four young bohemians on the make - Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Mimi Baez, and Richard Farina - converged in Greenwich Village, fell into love, and invented a sound and a style that are one of the most lasting legacies of the 1960s When Bob Dylan, age twenty-five, wrecked his motorcycle on the side of a road near Woodstock in 1966 and dropped out of the public eye, he was recognized as a genius, a youth idol, and the authentic voice of the counterculture: and Greenwich Village, where he first made his mark as a protest singer with an acid wit and a barbwire throat, was unquestionably the center of youth culture. So embedded are Dylan and the Village in the legend of the Sixties--one of the most powerful legends we have these days--that it is easy to forget how it all came about. In Positively Fourth Street, David Hajdu, whose 1995 biography of jazz composer Billy Strayhorn was the best and most popular music book in many seasons, tells the story of the emergence of folk music from cult practice to popular and enduring art form as the story of a colorful foursome: not only Dylan but his part-time lover Joan Baez - the first voice of the new generation; her sister Mimi - beautiful, haunted, and an artist in her own right; and her husband Richard Farina, a comic novelist (Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me) who invented the worldliwise bohemian persona that Dylan adopted--some say stole--and made as his own. The story begins in the plain Baez split-level house in a Boston suburb, moves to the Cambridge folk scene, Cornell University (where Farina ran with Thomas Pynchon), and the University of Minnesota (where Robert Zimmerman christened himself Bob Dylan and swapped his electric guitar for an acoustic and a harmonica rack) before the four protagonists converge in New York. Based on extensive new interviews and full of surprising revelations, Positively Fourth Street is that rare book with a new story to tell about the 1960s. It is, in a sense, a book about the Sixties before they were the Sixties--about how the decade and all that it is now associated with it were created in a fit of collective inspiration, with an energy and creativity that David Hajdu captures on the page as if for the first time.
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Another Side Of Bob Dylan

Author : Victor Maymudes
ISBN : 9781466858435
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 58.93 MB
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A vivid, first-hand account of Nobel Prize-winning singer and songwriter Bob Dylan as an artist, friend, and celebrity, illustrated with never-before-seen photographs, and told by an engaging raconteur who cut his own swathe through the turbulent counterculture. August 2014 marks 50 years since Bob Dylan released his fourth album, Another Side of Bob Dylan. Recorded in one night, in the middle of a turbulent year in his life, the music marked a departure from Dylan's socially-conscious folk songs and began his evolution toward other directions. During the years they spent together, few people outside of Dylan's immediate family were closer than Victor Maymudes, who was Dylan's tour manager, personal friend, and travelling companion from the early days in 1960s Greenwich Village through the late 90's. Another Side of Bob Dylan recounts landmark events including Dylan's infamous motorcycle crash; meeting the Beatles on their first US tour; his marriage to Sara Lownds, his romances with Suze Rotolo, Joan Baez, and others; fellow travelers Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Wavy Gravy, Dennis Hopper, The Band, The Traveling Wilburys, and more; memorable concerts, and insights on Dylan's songwriting process. On January 26th, 2001, after recording more than 24 hours of taped memories in preparation for writing this book, Victor Maymudes suffered an aneurysm and died. His son Jacob has written the book, using the tapes to shape the story. A Los Angeles Times Best Seller.
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Author : Mark Blake
ISBN : 0756637252
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 35.85 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A compelling collection of intimate photographs, many never before published, accompanied by detailed articles, essays, and captions from contributors to MOJO magazine, pay tribute to the illustrious career of musician-songwriter Bob Dylan, from 1965 to the present day. Reprint.
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A Freewheelin Time

Author : Suze Rotolo
ISBN : 9780767926881
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 52.26 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The author describes growing up as the politically active daughter of Italian working-class Communists, her love affair with Bob Dylan and its disintegration, and her memories of a time of dramatic change and possibility.
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The Many Loves Of Bobby Dylan

Author : A. J. Weberman
ISBN : 1545402744
Genre :
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The Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan is HIV Positive and at one point in his life had full blown AIDS. This unequivocal statement one of innumerable reasons this book is going to be hated by Dylan fans and I am going to be vilified: but screw them. They said I was making up shit when I said Dylan was a dope fiend but then he admitted on tape. Bobby was sexually active during a time when AIDS was first emerging and contracted it from a woman who had sex with bisexuals or gays. Bobby can never get rid of this virus but he has it under control Most Of The Time. In his poem Ain't Talkin he wrote: It's bright in the heavens and the wheels are flying Fame and honor never seem to fade The fire's gone out but the light is never dying Who says I can't get heavenly aid? "It's bright" it's hopeful "bright" as in 'he has a bright future' "in the heavens" in the heavens but not here on earth "and the wheels are flying" and the big wheels of science are working diligently "Fame and honor never seem to fade" because they wish to be awarded a Nobel Prizes for their work "The fire's gone out" the most destructive part of the disease is under control "but the light is never dying" however the HIV virus, like glowing embers, still circulates within Dylan's bloodstream and for all he knows suddenly certain tell tale signs appear and HIV is AIDS, "Who says I can't get heavenly aid?" even through the HIV virus is under control it can still become the AIDS virus at any moment. Alternate version of Can't Wait 1997, "My hands are cold / The end of time has just begun / I'm getting old / Anything can happen now to anyone." Another part of this expose concerns Dylan's career as a male prostitute. He almost got killed by one of his Johns. I shucked everybody when I came to New York. I played cute. I did not go down to the Village when I first got to New York. I have a friend.... he's a junkie now. We came to New York together. He wrote plays. We hung out of on 43rd Street, hustled for two months and did everything. I got the ride here in December 1960. I came down to the Village in February. But I was here in New York in December 1960. Hustling with this cat. I was not scared of people, you dig? You name it we did it. Sometimes we would make one hundred a night, really, from four in the afternoon until three or four in the morning. We would make one hundred and fifty or two hundred and fifty a night between us and hang around in bars. Cats would pick us up and chicks would pick us up. And we would do anything you wanted, as long as it paid. It was very cut-throat. You gotta shell out a lotta money just to hang around, so we weren't making anything. We ended up in the village. And I had the guitar. I didn't have any place to stay but it was easy for me. People took me in. That's where I almost got killed before I came down to the Village. I didn't plan to stay in New York. I left anyway in the spring and didn't plan to come back. I came back because I really missed it. There was no other place that I really could go. The first places I played in were on 44th and 43rd Streets between Broadway and Eighth Avenue in any of those bars. I didn't come down to the Village until two months later. Nobody knew I had been hustling uptown.

Bob Dylan In America

Author : Sean Wilentz
ISBN : 9780767931793
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 85.95 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A noted historian presents an assessment of Bob Dylan and his music that draws on unprecedented access to rare materials and illuminates key cultural influences.
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Bob Dylan

Author : Scott M. Marshall
ISBN : 1944229647
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 84.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Bob Dylan: A Spiritual Life bridges the gap between purpose and meaning in grand fashion. It offers readers an informative, entertaining, and nuanced look into Bob Dylan's spiritual odyssey. Today, there is not a Dylan book in existence that exclusively focuses on his spiritual odyssey through years of research and original interviews. An exclusive, in-depth interview with Carol Dennis, Dylan's former wife, provides an absolutely unique feature to the book. Until now, Dennis has never publicly spoken at length about her former husband.
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That Would Be Me

Author : Mickey Jones
ISBN : 9781452057545
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 49.84 MB
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Today is a day I've been dreading for a long time. Sitting here watching the Cincinnati Bengals and the Houston Oilers playoff game out of the corner of my eye, I realize that I cannot procrastinate the starting of this book any longer. My goal has been to write this book for at least the last fifteen years, but I wanted someone else to do the dirty work. That is just not going to happen. I'm stuck with this mess and it's up to me and me alone. I lived in the rock-and-roll world for more than twenty years as the drummer for some of the most famous people in the business. I've also had the pleasure of sitting in, backing up, and knowing some of the all-time greats. However, I've seen these people from a little different angle than anyone else . . . from center stage, looking at you, the audience. I used to joke and say, "I've seen the back of some of the most famous heads in the world. That's a fact. My musical career started as the drummer with a young singer from Dallas, Texas by the name of Trini Lopez. We were together for almost eight years. That collaboration took me to Los Angeles, California. My recordings with Trini include eight albums, starting with Trini Lopez "LIVE" at PJ'S. It was in L.A. that I hooked up with an Italian kid from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His name was John Ramistella, better known as Johnny Rivers. During my time with Johnny, I had the incredible opportunity of spending time in Viet Nam in 1966 with Ann-Margret. We are still friends today. Eat your heart out! After the stint with Johnny came perhaps the ultimate musical challenge. I became the drummer with the legendary kid from Hibbing, Minnesota, the spokesman for the world of folk music, Bob Dylan and the group that started out as The Hawks and later became known as The Band. At a recent speaking engagement for a Bob Dylan convention in Manchester, England, I was introduced as the drummer on the greatest rock-and-roll tour in history.
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