Scotland S Hidden History

Author : Ian Armit
ISBN : 075243764X
Genre : History
File Size : 90.10 MB
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This book includes regional itineraries, a guide to museums and heritage attractions, and an archaeolgical glossary.
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Curious Scotland

Author : George Rosie
ISBN : 9781783782468
Genre : History
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The histories of nations are never as simple as their legends suggest. George Rosie has been driven by a powerful curiosity about the country he has lived in since he was an Edinburgh schoolboy fifty years ago. This lively mindset has established him as one of Scotland's most inquiring writers and journalists, in print and on television. In Curious Scotland, he unearths and illuminates many neglected aspects of Scottish history in a rich collection of episodes that ranges from the Picts to the Indian tribes of North America. What became of the sons of Robert Burns? How did Scotland influence the Ku Klux Klan? Why was a Hebridean island deliberately infested with anthrax? The answers lie in a book which reveals the complexity, contradictions and sheer fascination of Scotland's long and strange story.
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The Landscape Of Scotland

Author : C. R. Wickham-Jones
ISBN : 0752414844
Genre : History
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Drawing on a whole range of factors, and distilling information into concise summaries, this book makes many fascinating observations on how the landscapes of Scotland were used by their inhabitants from prehistory to recent times.
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Geschichte Schottlands

Author : Bernhard Maier
ISBN : 9783406676185
Genre : History
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Dass Schottland in vielem so ganz anders ist als das benachbarte England, wissen wir nicht erst seit dem Referendum über die schottische Unabhängigkeit. Landschaft, Sprache und Kultur, von den Kilts über die Schlösser bis zur schottischen Literatur, haben ihren eigenen Charakter, und ebenso entwickelten sich Politik, Religion und Gesellschaft häufig in anderen Bahnen als beim südlichen Nachbarn. Bernhard Maier gibt in diesem Band einen profunden und anschaulichen Überblick über die schottische Geschichte von der Steinzeit und den frühen Kelten bis zur unmittelbaren Gegenwart.
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Scotland S Hidden Harlots And Heroines

Author : Annie Harrower-Gray
ISBN : 9781781592717
Genre : History
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Annie Harrower-Gray opens up an alternative view of Scotland's turbulent history, revealing three centuries through the eyes of the nation's women. The whole of society appears, from ordinary labourers, prostitutes and factory hands to their more celebrated sisters and even witches, bodysnatchers and female Jacobites. ??All their tales are freshly researched and told with a sense of humour. Colourful characters abound! Step inside the boudoirs of Edinburgh's ladies of pleasure, whose civilised manners so confused one church minister that he 'accidentally' took tea in a brothel. Creep into the graveyard with Helen Torrance and Jean Lapiq, convicted of bodysnatching half a century before Burke and Hare. Uncover the murky history of Scotland's last witch Helen Duncan, whose eerily accurate wartime predictions led to her imprisonment. This book offers an exciting and erudite voyage through the social history of Scotland. ??Honour the heroines who helped to shape Scotland, yet rest in unvisited tombs!??As featured in Alloa & Hillfoots Advertiser and Scottish Memories Magazine.
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Scotland S Secret History

Author : Charles MacLean
ISBN : 1780273037
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Illicit distilling in Scotland was seen as a 'right of man' at the end of the 17th century. Attempts to enforce excise duty on the spirit were therefore met with resistance, ranging from riots to more and more ingenious ways of avoiding paying tax. In this book and Charles MacLean and Daniel MacCannell give a fascinating insight into the day-to-day struggles that led to the increase in illicit distilling from the mid-1600s, then to its eventual demise in the early twentieth century. The Cabrach, a wild and sparsely populated part of Aberdeenshire, became renowned for its production of illicit whisky. Local inhabitants mixed farming and distilling with great skill, creating a network of stills and distribution to evade customs. Using new research first-hand historical accounts and official records, the authors show how spirits from this small parish were made and travelled far and wide, across the border to England and across the North Sea to France, firing up revolution and lending solidarity to the struggles of the Jacobites.

Ufo Scotland

Author : Ron Halliday
ISBN : 9781845029289
Genre : Social Science
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For over fifty years, from the Highlands to the Lowlands, and from the Western Isles to Orkney, witnesses have been reporting close encounters with UFOs and alien entities. Many cases have become notorious - the Livingston incident, the Lossiemouth alien, the A70 abduction, the extraordinary events in Bonnybridge and the 'Falkirk Triangle' - but the vast majority of cases have, until now, remained shrouded in secrecy, known only to those who were directly involved. Based on remarkable eyewitness accounts, many of which have never been published before, alongside in-depth analysis of the best-known cases, UFO Scotland is the first comprehensive study of the UFO phenomenon in Scotland. Including accounts of alien abductions, UFO landings, attacks on military aircraft, strange craft in Highland lochs, MoD denials, police investigations and a multitude of bizarre incidents that simply defy explanation, UFO investigator Ron Halliday's dramatic and disturbing new evidence may well bring us one step closer to solving the enduring enigma of Scotland's UFOs.
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Britain S History And Memory Of Transatlantic Slavery

Author : Katie Donington
ISBN : 9781781382776
Genre :
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Transatlantic slavery, just like the abolition movements, affected every space and community in Britain, from Cornwall to the Clyde, from dockyard alehouses to country estates. Today, its financial, architectural and societal legacies remain, scattered across the country in museums and memorials, philanthropic institutions and civic buildings, empty spaces and unmarked graves. Just as they did in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, British people continue to make sense of this 'national sin' by looking close to home, drawing on local histories and myths to negotiate their relationship to the distant horrors of the 'Middle Passage', and the Caribbean plantation. For the first time, this collection brings together localised case studies of Britain's history and memory of its involvement in the transatlantic slave trade, and slavery. These essays, ranging in focus from eighteenth-century Liverpool to twenty-first-century rural Cambridgeshire, from racist ideologues to Methodist preachers, examine how transatlantic slavery impacted on, and continues to impact, people and places across Britain.

Edinburgh History Of Education In Scotland

Author : Robert Anderson
ISBN : 9780748679171
Genre : Education
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This book investigates the origins and evolution of the main institutions of Scottish education, bringing together a range of scholars, each an expert on his or her own period, and with interests including - but also ranging beyond - the history of educat
Category: Education

History Of Drinking

Author : Anthony Cooke
ISBN : 9781474407366
Genre : History
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What did Samuel Johnson, James Boswell, Dorothy Wordsworth, James Hogg and Robert Southey have in common? They all toured Scotland and left accounts of their experiences in Scottish inns, ale houses, taverns and hotels. Similarly, poets and writers from Robert Burns and Walter Scott to Ian Rankin and Irvine Welsh have left vivid descriptions of the pleasures and pains of Scottish drinking places. Pubs also provided public spaces for occupational groups to meet, for commercial transactions, for literary and cultural activities and for everyday life and work rituals such as births, marriages and deaths and events linked with the agricultural year. These and other historical issues such as temperance, together with contemporary issues, like the liberalization of licensing laws and the changing nature of Scottish pubs, are discussed in this fascinating book. The book is bought up to the present day by a case study of present day licensees, based on interviews with a range of licensees across Scotland, looking at their experience of the trade and how it has changed in their working lives.
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