Saints Scholars And Schizophrenics

Author : Nancy Scheper-Hughes
ISBN : 0520224809
Genre : Psychology
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"Saints, Scholars, and Schizophrenics, in its original form--now integrally reproduced in the new edition--is a most important seminal study of an Irish community."--Conor Cruise O'Brien
Category: Psychology

Between Trauma And The Sacred

Author : James Rodger
ISBN : 9783319244242
Genre : Social Science
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The relatively frequent occurrence of rapid onset and very brief, but often florid, psychotic states, with periodic recurrence, alongside relatively low rates of PTSD and chronic psychosis, were unexpected findings from the 2004 East Timor Mental Health Study, conducted in the context of the country’s recently won independence and in the wake of the atrocities endured in the protracted fight for sovereignty. Further unanticipated was the frequent association of recurrence with the time of the new moon (fulan lotuk) and other times or places of sacred (lulik) or associated cultural significance. The perceived violation of culturally sacrosanct lulik obligations often also appeared to foreshadow the initial onset of such patterns of distress. Significant episodes of trauma and loss appeared a hidden feature of affected individuals histories, which we argue have become symbolically entwined with local cultural understandings of ritual obligation, sacredness, and taboo. This volume develops a dynamic but contextualized multi-level formulation of psychosis and psychotic-symptoms, able to incorporate a range of factors from the biological, through the sociocultural, to the political. The work is truly interdisciplinary drawing on both the quantitative and qualitative findings of our own study but further supported through local ethnography and broader anthropological enquiry into the outcomes of psychosis in non-Western settings; psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic anthropology; evidence and theory exploring links between trauma, dissociation and psychosis; and novel culturally-adaptable psychosocial focused interventions for psychosis. We situate both evidence and theorising in wider epistemological and political context, including in relation to the movement for Global Mental Health. Culturally patterned presentations of brief remitting-relapsing psychosis are ultimately conceived as the trade-off between competing fragmentary and synthetic forces: the former in part secondary to the lasting and deleterious effects of overwhelming loss, trauma and adversity; the latter emboldened by cultural meaning and social response in the context of broad ecological pressures demanding survival and resilience.
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Teaching Africa

Author : Brandon D. Lundy
ISBN : 9780253008299
Genre : Education
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Teaching Africa introduces innovative strategies for teaching about Africa. The contributors address misperceptions about Africa and Africans, incorporate the latest technologies of teaching and learning, and give practical advice for creating successful lesson plans, classroom activities, and study abroad programs. Teachers in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences will find helpful hints and tips on how to bridge the knowledge gap and motivate understanding of Africa in a globalizing world.
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Weeds Roads And God

Author : Ben J. Wallace
ISBN : 9781478610526
Genre : Social Science
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Anthropology has a prominent history among the hill peoples of the Philippines, as chronicled by the disciplines pioneers who conducted research in Luzon, the largest archipelago in the Philippines and home to minority indigenous tribes, including the Gadang. In Weeds, Roads, and God, seasoned ethnographer Ben Wallace offers readers a blend of empirical and interpretive data from his original fieldwork among the Gadang in the mid-sixties and his follow-up study nearly a half-century later. With considerable authority and insight, Wallace documents this peoples remarkable adaptation and response to environmental, social, economic, and spiritual change over a period of almost fifty yearssomething few ethnographers have accomplished. For Wallace and his readers, this restudy yields a sound and compelling understanding of culture change. Ideal as a supplement in introductory courses as well as courses on Southeast Asia, field methods, and culture change, modernization, and globalization, such an appealing comparative work sheds light on challenges, traditions, and trends experienced by both the ethnographer and the members of the Philippine community he studied.
Category: Social Science

Questions Of Anthropology

Author : Rita Astuti
ISBN : 9781845207489
Genre : Social Science
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Anthropology today seems to shy away from the big, comparative questions that ordinary people in many societies find compelling. Questions of Anthropology brings these issues back to the centre of anthropological concerns. Individual essays explore birth, death and sexuality, puzzles about the relationship between science and religion, questions about the nature of ritual, work, political leadership and genocide, and our personal fears and desires, from the quest to control the future and to find one's "true" identity to the fear of being alone. Each essay starts with a question posed by individual ethnographic experience and then goes on to frame this question in a broader, comparative context.
Category: Social Science

Rural Gender Relations

Author : Bettina Barbara Bock
ISBN : 9780851990309
Genre : Social Science
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This exciting new book brings together renowned international scholars to explore the gender effects of the current transformation of agriculture and rural life. It presents a comparative perspective on key research themes of rural gender relations, with each section beginning with a comprehensive overview. Five themes are addressed: developments in rural gender theory and research methodology; changes in farm households; patterns of rural migration; the impact of national and international policies; and the construction of gender identities as a result of rural changes. Contributors include scholars from Europe, North America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
Category: Social Science

Ethnographic Fieldwork

Author : Antonius C. G. M. Robben
ISBN : 9780470657157
Genre : Social Science
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Newly revised, Ethnographic Fieldwork: An Anthropological Reader Second Edition provides readers with a picture of the breadth, variation, and complexity of fieldwork. The updated selections offer insight into the ethnographer?s experience of gathering and analyzing data, and a richer understanding of the conflicts, hazards and ethical challenges of pursuing fieldwork around the globe. Offers an international collection of classic and contemporary readings to provide students with a broad understanding of historical, methodological, ethical, reflexive and stylistic issues in fieldwork Features 16 new articles and revised part introductions, with additional insights into the experience of conducting ethnographic fieldwork Explores the importance of fieldwork practice in achieving the core theoretical and methodological goals of anthropology Highlights the personal and professional challenges of field researchers, from issues of professional identity, fieldwork relations, activism, and the conflicts, hazards and ethical concerns of community work.
Category: Social Science

Cross Cultural Dimensions In Conscious Thought

Author : George A. De Vos
ISBN : 0742526747
Genre : Social Science
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This work presents research conducted in Ireland, Kenya, Japan, the Philippines, Canada, the USA, India, Brazil, and Venezuela. It illustrates the useful techniques of projective techniques as a means for eliciting culturally relevant information from informants.
Category: Social Science

Brave New Brain

Author : Nancy C. Andreasen
ISBN : 9783642559518
Genre : Psychology
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Nancy Andreasen, führende Neurowissenschaftlerin, Herausgeberin des angesehenen American Journal of Psychiatry und ausgezeichnet mit der National Medal of Science, zeigt uns in ihrem neuen Buch die Zusammenhänge zwischen Gehirn und Genom. Dank modernster Methoden und Entdeckungen in Neurowissenschaften und Molekularbiologie wissen Forscher mehr denn je über die Funktionen des Gehirns. Die Autorin beschreibt auf faszinierende und verständliche Weise, wie alles zusammenhängt - von Milliarden kleinster Neuronen im Thalamus bis hin zur moralischen Kontrollinstanz im präfrontalen Kortex. Sie erklärt die Entschlüsselung des Genoms, dessen 30000-40000 Gene fast alle in irgendeiner Form in unserem Gehirn aktiv sind. In fesselnden Geschichten beleuchtet sie aber auch, wie sich psychische Störungen entwickeln und welche Auswirkungen sie auf Patienten und Angehörige haben. Nancy Andreasen gelingt der Brückenschlag zwischen hochkomplexen Inhalten und spannender Lektüre.
Category: Psychology

Curriculum And Ideology

Author : Ciaran Sugrue
ISBN : UOM:39015059240070
Genre : Education
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"Through this fine collection of thoughtful analyses by international and Irish experts in education...a body of work that respects and celebrates Ireland's efforts to be more caring, democratic and creative in its educational goals than its English
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