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Sacred Woman

Author : Queen Afua
ISBN : 9780307559517
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Format : PDF
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Queen Afua is a nationally renowned herbalist, natural health and nutrition expert, and dedicated healer of women's bodies and women's souls who practices a uniquely Afrocentric spirituality. Her classic bestseller, Heal Thyself, forever changed the way African Americans practice holistic health. Now, with Sacred Woman, she takes us on a transforming journey of physical and ancestral healing that will restore the magnificence of our spirits through sacred initiation. Queen Afua begins by helping us to discover our unique "womb-an-ness"--and to honor the womb as the center of our consciousness and creativity. Whether we are conceiving babies or businesses, ideas or art, Queen Afua illuminates the importance of cultivating our Womb Wisdom. After teaching us to transcend the taboos of growing up female, she outlines the full circle of womb wellness from menstruation to childbirth to menopause, and gives us a twenty-eight-day program for womb spirit rejuvenation and purification. Once our optimal womb wellness has been firmly established, we are ready for our initiation into Sacred Womanhood. "Only a whole woman can be a Sacred Woman," says Queen Afua, and she blesses us with the exact tools we need to bring our beings into true harmony with the earth and the cosmos. Through extraordinary meditations, affirmations, and rituals rooted in Ancient Egyptian temple teachings, Queen Afua guides us through the nine portals of initiation. She teaches us how to love and rejoice in our bodies by spiritualizing . . . the words we speak; the foods we eat; the spaces we live and work in; the beauty we create in our lives; the healing energy we transmit to self and others; the relationships we nurture; the service we offer; and the divine spirit we manifest. With love, wisdom, and passion, Queen Afua guides us to accept our mission and our mantle as Sacred Women--to heal ourselves, the generations of women in our families, our communities, and our world. From the Hardcover edition.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Sacred Woman

Author : Heide-Marie Heimhard
ISBN : 3945181062
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The Healing Power Of The Sacred Woman

Author : Christine R. Page
ISBN : 9781591438021
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 59.82 MB
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How to enhance well-being by reconnecting to sacred womanhood • Shares ways to embody the power, wisdom, and compassion of the Great Mother • Reveals a woman’s purpose is to give birth not only to new life but also to new levels of consciousness • Shows how female illnesses represent a disconnection from our true identity as women Four thousand years ago, women were seen as living representatives of the Great Mother, whose cyclical and potent energy gave birth to all existence. Today, this sacred awareness has been lost or distorted, causing a collective amnesia among women around the world. However, there is one symbol of the Great Mother’s loving presence that has remained unchanged for tens of thousands of years: the physical body. Its curves, sensuality, softness, and monthly flow are constant reminders of this deep loving connection. When illness appears, especially within the breasts and fertility organs, a woman is being reminded to return to her pure and sacred identity, where death and birth are essential for growth and love flows without expectations. Combining more than 30 years’ experience in health care with in-depth research into the history and mythology of the divine feminine, Christine R. Page, M.D., reveals that women are the foundation of the birth of new levels of consciousness, without which the evolution of humanity will become barren and dry. Yet, such birth can occur only when women have the courage to reject the beliefs and images of the feminine imposed upon them four thousand years ago and reclaim their true identity. Through a fascinating journey into the body, Dr. Page shows the importance of self-love and self-respect and explains how sex is a natural process of unification where women take the lead, similar to the ancient sacred priestesses. Dr. Page reminds women to reconnect to the potent and creative energy of Mother Earth, which gives power to the intuitive voice of the heart and nurtures new seeds of inspiration and enlightenment through the womb.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Sacred Woman Sacred Dance

Author : Iris J. Stewart
ISBN : 9781620550540
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Shows how dance, the highest expression of spirituality in cultures and traditions all over the world, is being integrated into the lives of women today • The first book to explore women's spiritual expression--women's ways--through a study of dance • Investigates how dance came to be excluded from worship, and reveals how dance is once again being brought into spiritual practices • Includes resources for further instruction in sacred dance Today we primarily think of dance as a form of entertainment or as a way to exercise or socialize. There was a time, however, when dance was considered the way to commune with the divine, a part of life's journey, celebrating the seasons and rhythms of the year and the rhythms of our lives. Dance is a language that reunites the body, mind, and soul. While the role of women's sacred dance was most valued in goddess-worshipping cultures where women served as priestesses and healers, dance was once an integral part of religious ritual and ceremonial expression in cultures all over the world, including Judaism and Christianity. In this book the author investigates how dance came to be excluded from worship and reveals how dance is once again being integrated into spiritual practices. Sacred Woman, Sacred Dance is the first book to explore women's spiritual expression--women's ways--through a study of dance. It describes sacred circles, birth rituals, ecstatic dances, and dances of loss and grief (in groups and individually) that allow women to integrate the movements of faith, healing, and power into their daily life.
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Sacred Woman

Author : Cynthia E. Kazalia
ISBN : 1452532737
Genre : Fiction
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Sacred Woman Guiding light on an eternal journey, Of this world, yet spirit-filled. Dancing to the Earth’s rich rhythms, Divine celebration of celestial love. Enlightened Master - teacher to all, Seeker of immortal truths. Sacred, the Woman who dwells within me. *************************************** How can a woman overcome seemingly insurmountable adversity and discover her authentic self? Author Cynthia E. Kazalia delivers a compelling work infused with the wisdom of the ages. In this fictional tale, you journey with Adanya in her quest for an elusive goddess as well as the treasure which is our heroine’s divine birthright. Our seeker explores the dark arts, exotic, faraway lands, and the arms of a captivating mortal. Who is her father, her sacred mother? This timeless story empowers every reader from teen to college student to middle-aged mother and beyond. If you or someone you love faces life’s challenges – loss, pain, abuse, divorce, illness, anxiety, self-esteem - this book speaks directly to you. It outlines the twelve (12) Sacred Woman principles, spiritual truths that transform lives. You’ll explore your own inner voice as well as how to accept, forgive, and move forward into your life. Listen to the inner whisper of your soul. Embrace the Divine that dwells within. It speaks the truth. You journey connected to the power of the Universe. There is a better way. Like Adanya, you can overcome hardship and walk with greater awareness, increased vibrancy. The time is now. Rise up and meet your destiny!
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Life S Sacred Aspect

Author : Sacred Woman Abena
ISBN : 9780595368907
Genre : Self-Help
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"The affirmations presented here are sacred proverbs that strengthen a spiritfilled identity, helping alleviate wounds that may result from self-sabotaging behavior. Whether life presents one with challenges or with opportunities, you do not have to push the 'panic' button. Our ancestors had a strong sense of self and indeed, they faced unthinkable odds. 'I am,' 'I exist,' 'I matter,' and 'I can' face and heal whatever sails my way was the consciousness that got us through unthinkable life situations (from a budding humanity, to slavery and beyond.)"-Queen Maat Ankh Het-Heru Shinuab "When healing from the wounding time inflicts repeatedly, I remain connected with the ancestors, their wisdom (and man's foolishness) and understand the place that ritual, prayer, and community have in protecting us from the hidden aspects we just cannot control in life. For me Life is a god/goddess and the happy, healthy, and whole human is the one who understands this very real truth and begins to fulfill one's purpose in relation to their god/goddess called Life, the Great One. Knowing life is a purpose of all of existence. My book gives you African proverbs compiled as simple daily guidelines for knowing life and deepening your connection with its sacred aspect."-Sacred Woman Abena
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La Sagrada Mujer The Sacred Woman

Author : Semao J Siulcias
ISBN : 9781463318703
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 30.51 MB
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Regreso a la mujer el respeto y grandiosidad que el mundo le negó. Un libro educativo y poético como nadie la describió. I return to woman the respect and nobility that the world always denied her. An educational and poetical book as nobody has described it.
Category: Self-Help

Das Geheime Wissen Der Schamanen

Author : Alberto Villoldo
ISBN : 9783641147020
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 71.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Die Inkas, eine der größten Zivilisationen des amerikanischen Kontinents, waren nicht nur berühmte Städtebauer, sondern besaßen auch ein außergewöhnliches Medizinsystem. Ihre Schamanen entwickelten vor mehr als 5000 Jahren eine Technik, Krankheiten mit Geist und Licht zu heilen. Alberto Villoldo studierte 25 Jahre lang die heilende Macht dieser energiemedizinischen Tradition. Aufbauend auf dem alten Heilsweg, stellte er ein praktikables Programm zusammen, das es ermöglicht, sich selbst und andere zu heilen und Krankheiten zu vermeiden. Kernstück seines Konzepts sind die lichtvollen Energiefelder, die den materiellen Körper umgeben und sich im Krankheitsfall verändern. Schritt für Schritt macht Villoldo den Leser mit den Techniken vertraut, die Aura zu sehen und das Energiefeld zu harmonisieren.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit