Sacred Wells

Author : Gary R. Varner
ISBN : 9780875867182
Genre : Social Science
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Sacred Wells is an in depth study of springs, wells and waters that have been venerated from California to Cornwall, Russia to Australia. Tales of faeries, black hounds, hauntings and miraculous cures are explored. Many of these sites are still locations for religious festivals and ritual, unchanging for hundreds of years. The book is illustrated with photos taken by the author.
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Tales Of Sacred Wells In Ireland Folklore History Series

Author : Jane Francesca Wilde
ISBN : 9781445520858
Genre : Social Science
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There is no superstition stronger in Ireland then a belief in the curative power of the sacred wells that are scattered over the country. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900's and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.
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Sacred Waters

Author : Janet Bord
ISBN : 0586085246
Genre : Folklore
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Holy Wells Cornwall

Author : Phil Cope
ISBN : 1854115286
Genre : History
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Celebrating the culture and landscape of Cornwall, England, this collection presents the sacred wells of the region through stunning color photographs and informative text. Trekking though densely wooden terrain and into ancient churches, this volume features dozens of preeminent Cornish wells and the legends and history associated with them. Unique and enlightening, this compilation demonstrates the Celtic influence on towns and villages through the nomenclature of wells and places of worship and further highlights the sacred wells through poetry—composed by renowned writers, including Robert Southey and Arthur Quller Couch.
Category: History

The Origins Of Ireland S Holy Wells

Author : Celeste Ray
ISBN : 1784910449
Genre : History
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This book re-assesses archaeological research into holy well sites in Ireland and the evidence for votive deposition at watery sites throughout northwest European prehistory. Ray examines a much-ignored and diminishing archaeological resource; moving beyond debates about the possible Celticity of these sites in order to gain a deeper understanding of patterns among sacred watery sites. The work considers how and why sacred springs are archaeologically-resistant sites and what has actually been found at the few excavated in Ireland. Drawing on the early Irish literature (the myths, hagiographies, penitentials and annals), the author gives an account of pre-Christian supermundane wells in Ireland and what we know about their early Christian use for baptism, and concludes by considering the origins of "rounding" rituals at holy wells.
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Holy Wells

Author : Phil Cope
ISBN : 1781722587
Genre : Architecture
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Author and photographer Phil Cope takes his camera on a journey through the sacred wells of Scotland from the Borders to the Orkney Islands. On his way he discovers wells in city centres and, quite literally, in the middle of nowhere - on mountainsides, in deserted valleys, on the coast, in sea caves. They include healing wells, cursing wells, and wells named for saints, Satan, witches, angels, fairies, friars, nuns, hermits, murderers and hangmen, even a well of the dead. His luscious and atmospheric photographs are accompanied by folk tales, myths and legends, conversations with well-keepers and poems inspired by Scottish wells. Scotland has an abundance of wells both in the natural state and domesticated for private or civic use. Here are wells in the middle of Glasgow, and on desolate mountains; they may be attached to Christian churches or places of pilgrimage for pagans; sites of historic interest importance to Scottish identity or hidden and neglected in town and countryside. This is the first book on Scottish wells for more than thirty years, and the first to be so lavishly illustrated. Holy Wells: Scotland is a further title in the Holy Wells series, and is preceded by volumes on Wales, Cornwall and Borderlands.
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Cenote Of Sacrifice

Author : Clemency Chase Coggins
ISBN : 9781477302736
Genre : Social Science
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Chichén Itzá ("mouth of the well of the Itza") was one of the great centers of civilization in prehistoric America, serving between the eighth and twelfth centuries A.D. as a religious, economic, social, and political capital on the Yucatán Peninsula. Within the ancient city there were many natural wells or cenotes. One, within the ceremonial heart of the city, is an impressive natural feature with vertical limestone walls enclosing a deep pool of jade green water some eighty feet below ground level. This cenote, which gave the city its name, became a sacred shrine of Maya pilgrimage, described by one post-Conquest observer as similar to Jerusalem and Rome. Here, during the city's ascendancy and for centuries after its decline, the peoples of Yucatán consulted their gods and made ritual offerings of precious objects and living victims who were thought to receive prophecies. Although the well was described by Bishop Diego de Landa in the late sixteenth century, its contents were not known until the early 1900s when revealed by the work of Edward H. Thompson. Conducting excavations for the Peabody Museum of Harvard University, Thompson recovered almost thirty thousand artifacts, most ceremonially broken and many beautifully preserved by burial in the deep silt at the bottom of the well. The materials were sent to the Peabody Museum, where they remained, unexhibited, for over seventy years. In 1984, for the first time, nearly three hundred objects of gold, jade, copper, pottery, wood, copal, textile, and other materials from the collection were gathered into a traveling interpretive exhibition. No other archaeological exhibition had previously given this glimpse into Maya ritual life because no other collection had objects such as those found in the Sacred Cenote. Moreover, the objects from the Cenote come from throughout Mesoamerica and lower Central America, representing many artistic traditions. The exhibit and this, its accompanying catalog, marked the first time all of the different kinds of offerings have ever been displayed together, and the first time many have been published. Essays by Gordon R. Willey and Linnea H. Wren place the Cenote of Sacrifice and the great Maya city of Chichén Itzá within the larger context of Maya archaeology and history. The catalog entries, written by Clemency Chase Coggins, describe the objects displayed in the traveling exhibition. Some entries are brief descriptive statements; others develop short scholarly themes bearing on the function and interpretation of specific objects. Coggins' introductory essay describes how the objects were collected by Thompson and how the exhibition collection has been studied to reveal the periods of Cenote ritual and the changing practices of offering to the Sacred Cenote.
Category: Social Science

The Sacred Well

Author : Antoinette May
ISBN : 9780061971211
Genre : Fiction
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A young reporter in 1923, Alma Reed accompanies archaeologists to the ruins of Chichen Itza, where a fortune in Mayan artifacts has been stolen from a sacrificial well. It's believed a curse was unleashed by the theft—yet the career-making story it offers the ambitious journalist seems a godsend. It also leads her to a passionate love affair with revolutionary governor Felipe Carrillo Puerto. But when fate darkens their lives and damns them as doomed political pawns, Alma can't help but wonder if the curse is not, in fact, very real. In another century, another writer is fascinated by Alma's tragic story. Drawn restlessly to Yucatán—and away from the stifling needs of her desperately ill partner—Sage Sanborn is tempted by her growing feelings for David, a scientist who encourages her to delve deeper into Alma's history. And in this ancient place of mystery and spirits, Sage must make an impossible decision that will forever change the course of her life.
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Sacred Land

Author : Martin Palmer
ISBN : 9780748130498
Genre : Reference
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SACRED LAND will enable you to discover the hidden secrets and meaning of the landscape around you, town or country, modern or old, wherever you live in Britain. There has been a dramatic growth in interest in our own history, buildings, landscape, sacred places, beliefs and culture over the last few years and this book will equip you with the tools to unlock the meaning, stories and history that are literally embedded in our landscape. It takes us from street names to churches; from hill forts to burial mounds; from the way a road bends to the shapes of fields in order to understand better the land that lies beneath our feet. In the literal shape of our countryside can be detected the eddies of time, politics, belief, warfare, passion and the durability of the human existence. SACRED LAND is a fascinating, accessible read and the perfect reference guide to have in your home or in your car. It will be of interest to everyone who loves history, sacred places and sacred history, and those who like to explore their ancestry and roots.
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