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Sacred Secrets

Author : Paula Godwin Coppel
ISBN : 9780871597403
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 51.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Sacred Secrets shares Unity beliefs about the Law of Attraction through a unique collection of writings from Unity ministers, licensed teachers, and others, including Dr. Michael Beckwith--one of the teachers featured in The Secret. You'll learn what the Law of Attraction means, how it works, and how it rightly fits within a framework of spiritual awareness and understanding.
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The Sacred Secret

Author : Donald E. Teeter
ISBN : 9781469121130
Genre : Religion
File Size : 61.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Sacred Secret: The Return of the Christ The Author presents evidence based on thirty years of independent scientific research. This evidence basically convicts one Lifeform of being a God. This lifeform has over two hundred Names. A lifeform Born of Thunder, that Resurrects from the dead! A lifeform that makes the Blind see, the Deaf hear, the Lame to walk, and cures all the sick. This lifeform is the root of Western Religion, the Living God, of all the ancient Holy Texts. There is only one real secret, in all the Western World and the Sacred Secret is it.
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Sacred Secret

Author : Wendy Varga
ISBN : 9781525501906
Genre : Religion
File Size : 72.5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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IN POWER―THE TABLE WAS SET IN PASSION―THE UNPRECEDENTED SACRIFICIAL VICTIM BECAME THE MEAL POWERFULLY PASSIONATE & PASSIONATELY POWERFUL Sacred Secret is a humble attempt to show the great power and hidden treasures of a meal of incredible potency while also revealing the never-ending passion contained in a meal prepared and set on a banqueting table of love. This book will dissipate feeble conceptions of the blood by revelations of vivid manifestations and powerful effects contained in the sacred meal. Do you know what you’ve been served?
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Sacred Secret

Author : TJ Morris
ISBN : 9781105499418
Genre :
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The Sacred Secret Of The End

Author : Dr. Sunny Oby Maduka
ISBN : 9781641663878
Genre :
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We are living in two spiritual dimensions and being influenced in both dimensions by the supernatural. While one of the supernatural is tailored towards guiding and guarding the manifestation of God’s original purposes, the other supernatural fights us with fervency and with the sole aim to truncate God’s purposes and make us vulnerable to early failure and destruction. Effosa had been commissioned by God from the heavenly realm to come to earth for a specific assignment but unknown to Effosa, there was a war raging. In addition, every other person {s} associated with Effosa’s march to the actualisation of purpose ends up being a casualty of Lucia. The battle field that started in Nigeria ended up in Saint Peter’s Square, Rome and Pope Frank was part of the main target.

The Sacred Secret Languages Of The Sexes

Author : David Teal
ISBN : 9781617926068
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 48.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A discussion about the differences in perspectives of males and females and how it effects the way we communicate
Category: Self-Help

The Sacred Secret

Author : Victor A. Leonard
ISBN : 148661261X
Genre : Religion
File Size : 43.84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Have you ever wondered how a person could just snap, taking their own life in the blink of an eye? Or considered the men and women who throw everything away in their lives that's good, choosing rather to follow their addictions into anarchy and misery? What is the value of a life in today's world? The answers to these questions cannot be found in any office, nor are they provided through experience or old age. They cannot be bought for any price, and you certainly can't learn about them in a classroom. The only place you will find this truth is from a time and place which exists outside of our three-dimensional world. Understanding something that's not fully explainable, and then believing in it, can be very difficult, but these walls of doubt are torn down in "The Sacred Secret." The Holy Spirit and a much better life are waiting for you. I truly hope you seek this freedom. About the Author: Victor A. Leonard is a former business owner, millwright, and welder. He enjoys spending time with his daughter Nicole, his church, writing, fishing, and walking with his two black labs. Visit his website at
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The Tutankhamun Prophecies

Author : Maurice Cotterell
ISBN : 9781591438632
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 86.30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Reveals the common origins of the ancient Egyptian and Mayan civilizations. • Shows how these cultures had the ability to gaze into the heavens to predict the future unfolding of humanity and their place within the cosmic order. • The author's revelations about the Freemasons' connection to this ancient knowledge generated a firestorm of controversy in Europe. • By the author of the bestseller The Mayan Prophecies. Maurice Cotterell's background as a scientist, mathematician, and engineer helped him to decipher the code of the ancient Maya, revealing the mystery of their science and religion to an extent never before possible. Using the same techniques, the author turns his attention here to deciphering the secrets encoded within the tomb of Tutankhamun. His extensive research revealed that both the ancient Egyptians and the Maya possessed a sophisticated understanding of sun spot activity and other astronomical phenomena--facts recently confirmed by modern science. Knowledge of the connections between solar patterns and human destiny allowed the Egyptians and Maya to harness the energy generated by the sun to achieve spiritual enlightenment and soul growth. The link between reincarnation and solar energy encoded in the tombs of Tutankhamun and the Mayan Lord Pacal is a jealously guarded secret held by a select number of occult groups, including the higher orders of Freemasonry. The author unleashed a firestorm of controversy in Europe when he exposed much of the esoteric knowledge of the Freemasons, including one of the society's most carefully concealed secrets: incarnate gods like Lord Pacal and Tutankhamun have come to earth to help humans achieve spiritual enlightenment, soul growth, and individual realization as solar beings.
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The Sacred Secret

Author : Ravi Kapur
ISBN : 9380069286
Genre : Seven Wonders of the World
File Size : 83.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Novel about the seven wonders of the world and the spiritual secrets behind them.
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