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Drawings From The Gulag

Author : Danzig Baldaev
ISBN : 0956356249
Genre : Art
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Drawings and text depict life in Soviet prisons, made while he worked as a warden at Kresty and other facilities.
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Russian Criminal Tattoo Police Files

Author : Arkady Bronnikov
ISBN : 0956896294
Genre :
File Size : 74.96 MB
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This book features over 180 photographs and accompanying texts of Russian criminal tattoos from the Arkady Bronnikov collection. From the mid-1960s to the late- 1980s Bronnikov worked as a senior expert in criminalistics at the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs, part of his duties involved visiting correctional institutions of the Ural and Siberia regions. It was here that he interviewed, gathered information and took photographs of convicts and their tattoos, building one of the most comprehensive archives of this phenomenon. He regularly helped to solve criminal cases across Russia by using his collection of tattoos to identify culprits and corpses. The Bronnikov collection was made exclusively for police use, to further the understanding of the language of these tattoos and to act as an aid in the identification and apprehension of criminals in the field. Unimpeded by artistry, these vernacular photographs present a guileless representation of criminal society. Every image discloses evidence of an inmate's character: aggressive, vulnerable, melancholic, conceited. Their bodies display an unofficial history, told not just through tattoos, but also in scars and missing digits. Closer inspection only confirms our inability to comprehend the unimaginable lives of this previously unacknowledged caste.

Russian Prison Tattoos

Author : Alix Lambert
ISBN : 0764317644
Genre : Art
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For centuries, Russian prison inmates forcibly initiated newcomers with tattoos. Gradually, prisoners developed a secret form of communication with their tattoos, allowing them to establish rank among the other inmates and maintain a clandestine hierarchy. This book explores the grisly reality of Russian prisons and the people who inhabit them. Over 190 black and white and color photographs expose the different tattoos and their meanings, ranging from churches, crosses, Christs, Madonnas, military symbols, cats, dolphins, bears, hawks, and other startling images. Documentary filmmaker Alix Lambert traveled around modern Russia to film these sinister environments, collected stories to identify the dying art of tattooing in Russian prisons, and detailed the lives of the heavily marked inmates, past and present. This fascinating, spine-tingling book provides an entirely new outlook on tattoos and what they can represent!
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Author : Danzig Baldaev
ISBN : 0956896278
Genre : Art
File Size : 65.15 MB
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Soviets features unpublished drawings from the archive of Danzig Baldaev. They satirize the Communist Party system, exposing the absurdities of Soviet life from drinking (Alcoholics and Shirkers) to the Afghan war (The Shady Enterprise), via dissent (Censorship, Paranoia and Suspicion) and religion (Atheism as an Ideology). Baldaev reveals the cracks in the crumbling socialist structure, detailing the increasing hardships tolerated by a population whose leaders are in pursuit of an ideal that will never arrive. Dating from 1950s to the period immediately before the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, his caricatures depict communisms winners and losers: the corruption of its politicians, the stagnation of the system, and the effect of this on the ordinary soviet citizen. Baldaevs drawings are contrasted with classic propaganda style photographs taken by Sergei Vasiliev for the newspaper Vercherny Chelyabinsk. These photographs portray a world the Party leaders dreamed of: where workers fulfilled their five-year plans as parades of soldiers and weapons rumbled through Red Square. This book examines both broadly and in minute detail the official fiction and the austere, bleak reality, of living under such a system.
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Author : Robert Klanten
ISBN : 3899554426
Genre : Art
File Size : 33.71 MB
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Tattoos now have mass appeal, but beyond the mainstream, a new tattoo underground has developed. It is as innovative, diverse, inspiring, and controversial as the motifs it creates. FOREVER is a stunning documentation of this dynamic current scene. FOREVER showcases key tattoo innovators and a broad range of fresh styles. The book explores how today's tattoo culture is strongly influenced by art, fashion, and contemporary visual culture as well as traditional tattoo art-often in surprising ways. FOREVER features a quality selection of cutting-edge visuals.
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Vintage Tattoos

Author : Carol Clerk
ISBN : 0980354080
Genre : Tattooing
File Size : 40.69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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With its nautical symbolism, hearts and daggers, ribbon banners and scantily clad women, old-school tattoo designs, represent the history of the art form as well as a fascinating subculture. Showcasing the artistry inherent in authentic and historical 'flash' art, Vintage Tattoos explores the bold, colourful and enduringly popular designs that were perfected across two World Wars, explains their history, symbolism and social significance, and delves into the colourful lives of the era's most famous practitioners.
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The Tattoo Dictionary

Author : Trent Aitken Smith
ISBN : 1784721778
Genre : Art
File Size : 35.13 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Discover the true meanings behind over 200 popular tattoos with this comprehensive book, illustrated with over 100 tattoo designs. From sailors' swallows and Mexican skulls to prisoners' barbed wire and intricate Maori patterns, tattoos have been used as a means of communication by cultures all over the world for thousands of years. Through meticulous research, The Tattoo Dictionary uncovers the history of the most popular symbols in tattoo history, revealing their hidden meanings and the long-forgotten stories behind them in this beautifully packaged book.
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