Author : James Clifford
ISBN : 0674779606
Genre : Social Science
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Author : James Clifford
ISBN : 0674779614
Genre : Social Science
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Author : James Clifford
ISBN : 9780674726222
Genre : Social Science
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Returns explores homecomings--the ways people recover and renew their roots. Engaging with indigenous histories of survival and transformation, James Clifford opens fundamental questions about where we are going, separately and together, in a globalizing, but not homogenizing, world. It was once widely assumed that tribal societies were destined to disappear. Sooner or later, irresistible economic and political forces would complete the destruction begun by culture contact and colonialism. But aboriginal groups persist, a reality that complicates familiar narratives of modernization. History is a multidirectional process where the word "indigenous," long associated with primitivism and localism, takes on unexpected meanings. In these probing essays, native people in California, Alaska, and Oceania are shown to be agents, not victims, struggling within and against dominant forms of cultural identity and economic power. Their returns to the land, performances of heritage, and diasporic ties are strategies for moving forward, ways to articulate what can paradoxically be called "traditional futures." With inventiveness and pragmatism, often against the odds, indigenous people are forging original pathways in a tangled, open-ended modernity. Third in a series that includes The Predicament of Culture and Routes, this volume continues Clifford's signature exploration of intercultural representations, travels, and now returns.
Category: Social Science

The Predicament Of Culture

Author : James Clifford
ISBN : 9780674698437
Genre : Social Science
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On twentieth-century culture
Category: Social Science

Writing Culture

Author : James Clifford
ISBN : 0520057295
Genre : Social Science
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"Humanists and social scientists alike will profit from reflection on the efforts of the contributors to reimagine anthropology in terms, not only of methodology, but also of politics, ethics, and historical relevance. Every discipline in the human and social sciences could use such a book."--Hayden White, author of "Metahistory"
Category: Social Science

Bad Marxism

Author : John Hutnyk
ISBN : 0745322670
Genre : Business & Economics
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Critical political analysis of how Cultural Studies has used and abused Marxism, offering a close reading of Derrida and Negri.
Category: Business & Economics

Simians Cyborgs And Women

Author : Donna Haraway
ISBN : 9781135964764
Genre : Art
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Simians, Cyborgs and Women is a powerful collection of ten essays written between 1978 and 1989. Although on the surface, simians, cyborgs and women may seem an odd threesome, Haraway describes their profound link as "creatures" which have had a great destabilizing place in Western evolutionary technology and biology. Throughout this book, Haraway analyzes accounts, narratives, and stories of the creation of nature, living organisms, and cyborgs. At once a social reality and a science fiction, the cyborg--a hybrid of organism and machine--represents transgressed boundaries and intense fusions of the nature/culture split. By providing an escape from rigid dualisms, the cyborg exists in a post-gender world, and as such holds immense possibilities for modern feminists. Haraway's recent book, Primate Visions, has been called "outstanding," "original," and "brilliant," by leading scholars in the field. (First published in 1991.)
Category: Art

The Imam And The Indian

Author : Amitav Ghosh
ISBN : 8175300477
Genre : Egypt
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Here, For The First Time Is As Complete A Collection As Can Be Made Of The Prose Which Reveals That Relatively Unknown Amitav Ghosh: The Novelist As Thinker, The Man Of Ideas As A Writer Of Luminous, Illuminating Non-Fiction.
Category: Egypt

Performing Indigeneity

Author : Laura R. Graham
ISBN : 9780803274150
Genre : Social Science
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This engaging collection of essays discusses the complexities of “being” indigenous in public spaces. Laura R. Graham and H. Glenn Penny bring together a set of highly recognized junior and senior scholars, including indigenous scholars, from a variety of fields to provoke critical thinking about the many ways in which individuals and social groups construct and display unique identities around the world. The case studies in Performing Indigeneity underscore the social, historical, and immediate contextual factors at play when indigenous people make decisions about when, how, why, and who can “be” indigenous in public spaces. Performing Indigeneity invites readers to consider how groups and individuals think about performance and display and focuses attention on the ways that public spheres, both indigenous and nonindigenous ones, have received these performances. The essays demonstrate that performance and display are essential to the creation and persistence of indigeneity, while also presenting the conundrum that in many cases “indigeneity” excludes some of the voices or identities that the category purports to represent.
Category: Social Science

Terra Infirma

Author : Irit Rogoff
ISBN : 9781135090913
Genre : Social Science
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How have issues of place and identity, of belonging and exclusion, been represented in visual culture? Irit Rogoff uses the work of contemporary artists to explore how art in the twentieth century has confronted issues of identity and belonging.
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