Romania Culture Smart

Author : Debbie Stowe
ISBN : 9781787029767
Genre : Travel
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A land of mountains, hills, and fertile plains, Romania is a tourist destination waiting to be discovered. It is a rich and complex country: a place whose cities are home to beautiful parks and vibrant cultural scenes; whose people welcome guests warmly into their homes, sharing the best of whatever they have, and party into the night, suffused by Latin joie de vivre. Buffeted over time between three great powers—the West, Russia, and Turkey—Romania betrays the cultural influences of each, and it can be a difficult place to get a handle on. Culture Smart! Romania provides an indispensable tool for the foreign visitor, digging deep behind the clichés, explaining many of the behavioral quirks of the people, smoothing your path toward better understanding, and outlining the many attractions—cultural, social, and geographical—that await you in this underexplored part of Europe.
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Brazil Culture Smart

Author : Sandra Branco
ISBN : 9781857336900
Genre : Travel
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For many people Brazil conjures up images of football, Carnaval and fine coffee, but it is much more than beaches and bossa nova. If you could choose only one word to describe Brazil, it would be diversity. The variety of racial types, lifestyles, wealth, landscape and climate is enormous. Jeitinho is the Brazilian means of dealing creatively with life's everyday complications. Literally translated as a "little way", in practice it means that regardless of the rules or systems in place, where there is a will there has to be a way around them. The jeitinho is so ingrained in daily life that you can see examples everywhere; managing to get a seat when all the places are booked up, traveling with more luggage than is allowed or successfully ordering something that is not on the restaurant menu. Culture Smart! Brazil is a concise guide to understanding the Brazilian people and illuminating the complexities of their national identity. Familiarise yourself with their customs, traditions and culture and experience Brazil authentically.
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Hungary Culture Smart

Author : Eddy Kester
ISBN : 9781787029545
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A landlocked country in the heart of Europe, Hungary was a powerful medieval kingdom. Intimately involved in European history and culture, the Hungarians have always been proud of their distinctive identity, reinforced by the fact that their language bears no resemblance to that of any of their neighbors. Today, following the collapse of Communism, Hungarians feel part of Central Europe again, the Europe of science, culture, and civic virtue, of gem-like Baroque churches and 19th century schools, town halls, barracks, and railway stations. This beautiful and beguiling land is home to the magnificent city of Budapest on the banks of the Danube, to the largest lake in central Europe, and to charming spa towns and hot springs. Hungarian openness and hospitality have been tested by the migrant crisis on Europe's doorstep, and the rise of populist parties. After setting the context in a brief historical overview, Culture Smart! Hungary offers practical advice and important insights into different aspects of Hungarian life today, to help deepen your understanding and appreciation of this complex and talented people.
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Slovakia Culture Smart

Author : Brendan Edwards
ISBN : 9781857335675
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Slovakia has struggled with a low international profile. Often overlooked as the Czech Republic’s little sister, it is a young country with an old culture and history, and a people who are proudly Central (not Eastern) European. Although for much of the twentieth century Czechs and Slovaks lived together in one state, there are important differences between them, differences that ultimately contributed to separation in 1993 and the rebirth of a sovereign Slovak state.Generally speaking, the Slovaks are more “Slavic” than the Czechs—their pace of life is slower, and their spare time is more often filled with friends, family, and music. They are known to be resistant to change, yet change has been a constant in the state’s short economic and political history—from the fall of communism in the Velvet Revolution of late 1989, to the Velvet Divorce of Czechoslovakia in 1993, to widespread economic diversification, expansion, and global influence, to European Union membership in 2004, and the adoption of the euro in 2009— and they have adapted with quiet optimism.Slovakia has been referred to as the economic “tiger” of Europe, and now that it has EU membership and a healthy industrial economy, Europeans are starting to take notice. Its popularity as a tourist destination has been growing rapidly in recent years. Slovaks call their country the Heart of Europe—a term that describes not only their geography but the Slovak character, which is warm, deeply hospitable, and immensely proud. Visitors who step outside Bratislava’s Staré mesto (Old Town) and take the time to explore the country beyond will discover a landscape of plains, meadows, mountains, natural spas, and hundreds of ancient castles, and a people at once modest, stoical, humorous, and responsive.This book captures the essence of what makes the Slovak people unique and explains something of the quirks and memorable aspects of their lifestyle. It opens a window onto their inner world, their customs and celebrations, and describes what to expect and how to behave in different situations. While the country is not without its frustrations for foreigners, most visitors succumb to its charms. Few have left without yearning to return to “the little big country.”
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Wie Man Deutscher Wird In 50 Einfachen Schritten

Author : Adam Fletcher
ISBN : 9783406653681
Genre : Humor
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Frühstücke ausgiebig, buche alle deine Urlaube Jahre im Voraus, zieh dir was Vernünftiges an und gehorche dem roten Ampelmann! «Wie man Deutscher wird» erklärt all die kleinen Absurditäten, die das Leben in Deutschland so herrlich machen. Das Buch ist Pflichtlektüre für «litte foreigners» wie für all diejenigen Deutschen, die ihr eigenes Land immer noch nicht so ganz verstanden haben. Wir lernen, warum die Deutschen so frei über Sex sprechen, warum sie so sehr von «Spiegel Online» besessen sind und warum sie alle davon träumen, nackt in einem See aus Apfelsaftschorle zu schwimmen. Am Ende von Adam Fletchers Liebesbrief an Deutschland bleibt nur noch zu sagen: «Alles klar!» Dieses eBook ist unter dem Titel «How to be German in Fifty Easy Steps. A Guide from Apfelsaftschorle to Tschüss» auch auf englisch erhältlich. Die gedruckte Ausgabe ist als zweisprachiges Wendebuch erschienen.
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Culture Of Responsibility And The Role Of Ngos

Author : World Association of Non-governmental Organizations. Conference
ISBN : 1885118147
Genre : Political Science
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There is a revolution taking place, a sweeping change that is impacting all parts of our society: human rights, education, politics, the environment, business, and even the war on terrorism. This revolution is the explosion in numbers, importance, and diversity of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). These not-for-profit entities have forged an effective middle ground between the governmental and corporate realms, and are now impacting policies, delivering services, guiding agendas and advancing initiatives that once were nearly exclusively the arena of the state and business.With this increased impact comes increased responsibility. One fundamental truth about good, just and healthy government and society is that they depend on a culture of responsibility. NGOs share with the governmental and corporate realms a social responsibility to address the extraordinary challenges of our time, whether they be wars, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, the environment, human rights, or disease. As advocates and agents of a more just, ethical, and caring society, NGOs help to foster a culture of responsibility among people and institutions, and nurture conscientious concerns in the emerging global culture. They also have an internal responsibility to follow the highest code of ethical conduct in their own activities.Many of the papers and presentations in this collection deal in general with the theme of NGOs and responsibility. Others deal more specifically with how the NGO community impacts issues of human rights, terrorism, politics, the environment, the family, and other central components of the human experience. Overall, this book offers a unique perspective into the accomplishments and constraints of the non-governmental community, and recent trends in global non-governmentalism.
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Author : United States. Embassy (Romania)
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