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Romanesque And The Mediterranean

Author : Rosa Bacile
ISBN : 9781351191050
Genre : Social Science
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"The sixteen papers collected in this volume explore points of contact across the Latin, Greek and Islamic worlds between c. 1000 and c. 1250. They arise from a conference organized by the British Archaeological Association in Palermo in 2012, and reflect its interest in patterns of cultural exchange across the Mediterranean, ranging from the importation of artefacts - textiles, ceramics, ivories and metalwork for the most part - to a specific desire to recruit eastern artists or emulate eastern Mediterranean buildings. The individual essays cover a wide range of topics and media: from the ways in which the Cappella Palatina in Palermo fostered contacts between Muslim artists and Christian models, the importance of dress and textiles in the wider world of Mediterranean design, and the possible use of Muslim-trained sculptors in the emergent architectural sculpture of late-11th-century northern Spain, to the significance of western saints in the development of Bethlehem as a pilgrimage centre and of eastern painters and techniques in the proliferation of panel painting in Catalonia around 1200. There are studies of buildings and the ideological purpose behind them at Canosa (Apulia), Feldebro (Hungary) and Charroux (Aquitaine), comparative studies of the domed churches of western France, significant reappraisals of the porphyry tombs in Palermo cathedral, the pictorial programme adopted in the Baptistery at Parma, and of the chapter-house paintings at Sigena, and wide-ranging papers on the migration of images of exotic creatures across the Mediterranean and on that most elusive and apparently Mediteranean of objects - the Oliphant. The volume concludes with a study of the emergence of a supra-regional style of architectural sculpture in the western Mediterranean and evident in Barcelona, Tarragona and Provence. It is a third volume, based on the British Archaeological Association's 2014 Conference in Barcelona, will explore Romanesque Patrons and Processes."
Category: Social Science

Power Patronage And Memory In Early Islam

Author : Alain George
ISBN : 9780190498931
Genre : History
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When the Umayyads, the first Islamic dynasty, rose to power shortly after the death of the Prophet Muhammad (d. 632), the polity of which they assumed control had only recently expanded out of Arabia into the Roman eastern Mediterranean, Iraq and Iran. A century later, by the time of their downfall in 750, the last Umayyad caliphs governed the largest empire that the world had seen, stretching from Spain in the West to the Indus valley and Central Asia in the East. By then, their dynasty and the ruling circles around it had articulated with increasing clarity the public face of the new monotheistic religion of Islam, created major masterpieces of world art and architecture, some of which still stand today, and built a state apparatus that was crucial to ensuring the continuity of the Islamic polity. Within the vast lands under their control, the Umayyads and their allies ruled over a mosaic of peoples, languages and faiths, first among them Christianity, Judaism and the Ancient religion of Iran, Zoroastrianism. The Umayyad period is profoundly different from ours, yet it also resonates with modern concerns, from the origins of Islam to dynamics of cultural exchange. Editors Alain George and Andrew Marsham bring together a collection of essays that shed new light on this crucial period. Power, Patronage, and Memory in Early Islam elucidates the ways in which Umayyad �lites fashioned and projected their self-image, and how these articulations, in turn, mirrored their own times. The authors, combining perspectives from different disciplines, present new material evidence, introduce fresh perspectives about key themes and monuments, and revisit the nature of the historical writing that shaped our knowledge of this period.
Category: History

In Extremo Orbe Terrarum

Author : Francesco D'Angelo
ISBN : 9788868128616
Genre : Art
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Nel corso del XII secolo la Norvegia conobbe un’evoluzione politica, religiosa e giuridica che le avrebbe poi permesso di raggiungere l’apogeo della sua potenza alla metà del Duecento: essa ottenne una sua Chiesa nazionale indipendente, contribuì attivamente al movimento crociato, vide l’introduzione della decima, degli Ordini mendicanti, del rito dell’unzione regia e di una nuova legge di successione al trono. Denominatore comune di tutte queste novità è il coinvolgimento diretto della Santa Sede, centro spirituale dell’Occidente medievale: questo volume ripercorre pertanto la storia delle sue relazioni con la Norvegia, regione posta agli estremi confini della Christianitas, in un periodo che va dalla conversione al cristianesimo fino all’epoca di massimo splendore della monarchia norvegese (secoli XI-XIII). Quello che emerge dalle fonti - saghe, cronache, annali ma anche lettere e bolle papali - è il ruolo determinante svolto dai pontefici, la cui crescente sollecitudine pastorale, benché non sempre scevra da interessi politici, fu una delle cause della metamorfosi del paese scandinavo da terra di barbari «rozzi nella fede» a monarchia pienamente integrata nella vita politica e religiosa dell'Europa cristiana. Francesco D’Angelo (Roma, 1984) nel 2016 ha conseguito il dottorato di ricerca in Scienze storiche, antropologiche e storico-religiose presso Sapienza Università di Roma ed è cultore della materia in Storia medievale nel medesimo ateneo. I suoi studi vertono principalmente sulla storia religiosa dei paesi scandinavi nel medioevo centrale (secoli X-XIII), in particolare della Norvegia. In qualità di relatore ha partecipato a conferenze e convegni e ha pubblicato articoli su riviste italiane e straniere.
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A Short History Of The Middle Ages Volume I

Author : Barbara H. Rosenwein
ISBN : 9781442636262
Genre :
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In this newest edition of her bestselling book, Barbara H. Rosenwein integrates the history of European, Byzantine, and Islamic medieval cultures--as well as their Eurasian connections--in a dynamic narrative. This volume spans the period c.300 to c.1150. The text has been significantly updated to reflect growing interest in the Islamic world and Mediterranean region. Stunning plates featuring art and architecture weave together events, mentalities, and aesthetics. Medievalist Riccardo Cristiani authors a new feature on material culture that examines the intricacies of manuscript production and the lustrous glazes of Islamic ceramics. A fully revised map program offers user-friendly spot maps that clarify events right where they are discussed as well as dazzling topographical maps that reveal the very contours of the medieval world. Helpful genealogies, figures, architectural plans, and lists of key dates complement the text. All maps, genealogies, and figures are available on the History Matters website ( for easy download. Students will find this site equally useful for its hundreds of study questions and their click-to-reveal answers.

Atlas Of Medieval Europe

Author : David Ditchburn
ISBN : 9781134806928
Genre : History
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Covering the period from the fall of the Roman Empire through to the beginnings of the Renaissance, this is an indispensable volume which brings the complex and colourful history of the Middle Ages to life. Key features: * geographical coverage extends to the broadest definition of Europe from the Atlantic coast to the Russian steppes * each map approaches a separate issue or series of events in Medieval history, whilst a commentary locates it in its broader context * as a body, the maps provide a vivid representation of the development of nations, peoples and social structures. With over 140 maps, expert commentaries and an extensive bibliography, this is the essential reference for those who are striving to understand the fundamental issues of this period.
Category: History

The Entry Of The Slavs Into Christendom

Author : A. P. Vlasto
ISBN : 0521074592
Genre : History
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Dr Vlasto reviews the early history of the various Slav peoples (from about AD 500 onwards) and traces their gradual emergence as Christian states within the framework of either West or East European culture. Special attention is paid to the political and cultural rivalry between East and West for the allegiance of certain Slav peoples, and to the degree of cultural exchange within the Slav world, associated in particular with the use of the Slav liturgical language. His examination of all the Slav peoples and extensive use of original source material in many different languages enables Dr Vlasto to give a particularly comprehensive study of the subject.
Category: History

Reading The Middle Ages

Author : Barbara H. Rosenwein
ISBN : 9781442636736
File Size : 82.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Reading the Middle Ages is well-known for providing thematic and geographical diversity, clear and informative introductions, and close integration with A Short History of the Middle Ages.
Category: HISTORY

The Crest Of The Peacock

Author : George Gheverghese Joseph
ISBN : 0691135266
Genre : Mathematics
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"Enthralling ... After reading it, we cannot see the past in the same comforting haze of age-old stories, faithfully and uncritically retold from teacher to pupil down the years ... Invaluable for mathematics teachers at all levels."--New Scientist.
Category: Mathematics

The Painted Ceilings Of The Cappella Palatina

Author : Ernst J. Grube
ISBN : UOM:39015075614829
Genre : Art, Italian
File Size : 36.49 MB
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This first supplement to Islamic Art takes as its subject the painted ceilings of the 12th-century Palatine Chapel in Palermo, Italy.
Category: Art, Italian

Islamic Palace Architecture In The Western Mediterranean

Author : Felix Arnold
ISBN : 9780190651657
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 51.12 MB
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Palaces like the Aljafería and the Alhambra rank among the highest achievements of the Islamic world. In recent years archaeological work at Córdoba, Kairouan and many other sites has vastly increased our knowledge about the origin and development of Islamic palatial architecture, particularly in the Western Mediterranean region. This book offers a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of Islamic palace architecture in Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and southern Italy. The author, who has himself conducted archaeological field work at several prominent sites, presents all Islamic palaces known in the region in ground plans, sections and individual descriptions. The book traces the evolution of Islamic palace architecture in the region from the 8th to the 19th century and places them within the context of the history of Islamic culture. Palace architecture is a unique source of cultural history, offering insights into the way space was conceived and the way rulers used architecture to legitimize their power. The book discusses such topics as the influence of the architecture of the Middle East on the Islamic palaces of the western Mediterranean region, the role of Greek logic and scientific progress on the design of palaces, the impact of Islamic palaces on Norman and Gothic architecture and the role of Sufism on the palatial architecture of the late medieval period.
Category: Architecture