Roman Pompeii

Author : Ray Laurence
ISBN : 9781136699030
Genre : History
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Including new chapters that reveal how the young learnt the culture of the city, this fully revised and updated edition of Roman Pompeii looks at the latest archaeological and literary evidence relating to the city of Pompeii from the viewpoint of architect, geographer and social scientist.
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Roman Archaeology For Historians

Author : Ray Laurence
ISBN : 9780415505925
Genre : History
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Roman Archaeology for Historians provides students of Roman history with a guide to the contribution of archaeology to the study of their subject. It discusses the issues with the use of material and textual evidence to explain the Roman past, and the importance of viewing this evidence in context. It also surveys the different approaches to the archaeological material of the period and examines key themes that have shaped Roman archaeology. At the heart of the book lies the question of how archaeological material can be interpreted and its relevance for the study of ancient history. It includes discussion of the study of landscape change, urban topography, the economy, the nature of cities, new approaches to skeletal evidence and artefacts in museums. Along the way, readers gain access to new findings and key sites - many of which have not been discussed in English before and many, for which, access may only be gained from technical reports. Roman Archaeology for Historians provides an accessible guide to the development of archaeology as a discipline and how the use of archaeological evidence of the Roman world can enrich the study of ancient history, while at the same time encouraging the integration of material evidence into the study of the period's history. This work is a key resource for students of ancient history, and for those studying the archaeology of the Roman period.
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Sozialer Abstieg In Der R Mischen Kaiserzeit

Author : Andreas Klingenberg
ISBN : 9783506770967
Genre : Rome
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Sozialer Abstieg war auch bei der römischen Oberschicht ein aktuelles Thema und wird hier erstmals in einer umfassenden Monographie untersucht. Wie der römische Historiker Tacitus einst zu seinem Bedauern feststellte, musste er immer wieder auf Absteiger aus der Oberschicht eingehen. Solche Fälle finden sich in antiken Texten zuhauf. Gerade der Misserfolg offenbart deutliche Risse im stilisierten Selbstbild der Elite und ermöglicht vertiefte Einsichten in Bereiche, die sich bislang eher dem Blick entzogen haben. Das Risiko eines sozialen Absturzes war bereits in den gesellschaftlichen Strukturen angelegt. Es manifestierte sich folgerichtig im Denken der Oberschicht und wirkte sich auf ihr Handeln aus.
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The Tombs Of Pompeii

Author : Virginia L. Campbell
ISBN : 9781317611394
Genre : History
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This book offers a comprehensive overview of the tombs of Pompeii and its immediate environs, examining the funerary culture of the population, delving into the importance of social class and self-representation, and developing a broad understanding of Pompeii’s funerary epigraphy and business. The Pompeian corpus of evidence has heretofore been studied in a piecemeal fashion, not conducive to assessing trends and practices. Here, a holistic approach to the funerary monuments allows for the integration of data from five different necropoleis and analysis of greater accuracy and scope. Author Virginia Campbell demonstrates that the funerary practices of Pompeii are, in some ways, unique in to the population, moving away from the traditional approach to burial based on generalizations and studies of typology. She shows that while some trends in Roman burial culture can be seen as universal, each population, time, and place constructs its own approach to commemoration and display. Including an extensive catalogue of tomb data and images never before assembled or published, this collective approach reveals new insights into ancient commemoration. The Tombs of Pompeii is the first English-language book on Pompeian funerary rituals. It’s also the first in any language to provide a complete survey of the tombs of Pompeii and the first to situate Pompeian differences within a wider Roman burial context.
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Cultural Identity In The Roman Empire

Author : Dr Joanne Berry
ISBN : 9781134778508
Genre : History
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This provocative and often controversial volume examines concepts of ethnicity, citizenship and nationhood, to determine what constituted cultural identity in the Roman Empire. The contributors draw together the most recent research and use diverse theoretical and methodological perspectives from archaeology, classical studies and ancient history to challenge our basic assumptions of Romanization and how parts of Europe became incorporated into a Roman culture. Cultural Identity in the Roman Empire breaks new ground, arguing that the idea of a unified and easily defined Roman culture is over-simplistic, and offering alternative theories and models. This well-documented and timely book presents cultural identity throughout the Roman empire as a complex and diverse issue, far removed from the previous notion of a dichotomy between the Roman invaders and the Barbarian conquered.
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The Roman Street

Author : Jeremy Hartnett
ISBN : 9781107105706
Genre : Architecture
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Every day Roman urbanites took to the street for myriad tasks, from hawking vegetables and worshipping local deities to simply loitering and socializing. Hartnett takes readers into this thicket of activity as he repopulates Roman streets with their full range of sensations, participants, and events that stretched far beyond simple movement. As everyone from slave to senator met in this communal space, city dwellers found unparalleled opportunities for self-aggrandizing display and the negotiation of social and political tensions. Hartnett charts how Romans preened and paraded in the street, and how they exploited the street's collective space to lob insults and respond to personal rebukes. Combining textual evidence, comparative historical material, and contemporary urban theory with architectural and art historical analysis, The Roman Street offers a social and cultural history of urban spaces that restores them to their rightful place as primary venues for social performance in the ancient world.
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The Roman Garden

Author : Katharine T. von Stackelberg
ISBN : 9781134071647
Genre : Architecture
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This innovative book is the first comprehensive study of ancient Roman gardens to combine literary and archaeological evidence with contemporary space theory. It applies a variety of interdisciplinary methods including access analysis, literary and gender theory to offer a critical framework for interpreting Roman gardens as physical sites and representations. The Roman Garden: Space, Sense, and Society examines how the garden functioned as a conceptual, sensual and physical space in Roman society, and its use as a vehicle of cultural communication. Readers will learn not only about the content and development of the Roman garden, but also how they promoted memories and experiences. It includes a detailed original analysis of garden terminology and concludes with three case studies on the House of Octavius Quartio and the House of the Menander in Pompeii, Pliny’s Tuscan garden, and Caligula’s Horti Lamiani in Rome. Providing both an introduction and an advanced analysis, this is a valuable and original addition to the growing scholarship in ancient gardens and will complement courses on Roman history, landscape archaeology and environmental history.
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Space And Society In The Greek And Roman Worlds

Author : Michael Scott
ISBN : 9781107009158
Genre : History
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An interdisciplinary study of the dynamic relationship between space and society through case studies across the ancient Greek and Roman worlds.
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Houses And Society In Pompeii And Herculaneum

Author : Andrew Wallace-Hadrill
ISBN : 0691029091
Genre : Architecture
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As Wallace-Hadrill remarks in his preface, `according to the recommendations of the teachers of oratory, the house should serve as a storehouse of memories'. By examining the archaeological evidence from over two hundred houses in Pompeii and Herculaneum, Roman texts, and comparative material from other cultures he tries to unlock these memories, asking such questions as how organisation of space and the use of decoration helped structure social relationships, how the world of work related to that of pleasure, and how widely did the luxuries of the rich spread among the houses of craftsmen and shopkeepers.
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Rome Ostia Pompeii Movement And Space

Author : Ray Laurence
ISBN : 9780199583126
Genre : History
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"Demonstrates how studies of the Roman city are shifting focus from static architecture to activities and motion within urban spaces. This volume provides detailed case studies from the three best-known cities from Roman Italy, revealing how movement contributes to our understanding of the ways different elements of society interacted in space, and how the movement of people and materials shaped urban development."--Book jacket.
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