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Right Wing Women In Chile

Author : Margaret Power
ISBN : 0271046716
Genre : Political Science
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When over five thousand women took to the streets of Santiago to protest Salvador Allende's Popular Unity government on December 1, 1971, their March of the Empty Pots and Pans signaled the beginning of a mass opposition movement and prompted the later formation of Feminine Power, a multi-class organization that played a critical role in paving the way for the military coup in 1973. Drawing on extensive interviews with leaders and participants, Margaret Power tells the story of these right-wing women, examining their motives, the tactics they employed, and the impact of their ideas and activity on Chilean society and politics. The ability of the right to exploit established ideas about gender, Power argues, was key to the opposition's success, and she explores how conservatives appealed to women as wives and mothers to mobilize them. Power also pays attention to the earlier history of these efforts, including the formation of Women's Action of Chile in 1963, and to the support provided by the U.S. government. The epilogue examines right-wing women's reactions to the arrest of Augusto Pinochet in 1998 and their role in the elections of 2000. By focusing on the women who opposed Allende and supported Pinochet, this book offers a fresh look at the complex dynamics of Chilean politics in the last half of the twentieth century.
Category: Political Science

Nixon Kissinger And Allende

Author : Lubna Z. Qureshi
ISBN : 0739126563
Genre : History
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Detailing the heavy involvement of the Nixon administration in the 1973 coup against the democratically-elected President Salvador Allende of Chile, Qureshi provides the reasons for the coup including the threat Allende posed to the United States' notions of hegemony in Latin America.
Category: History

They Used To Call Us Witches

Author : Julie D. Shayne
ISBN : 0739118501
Genre : Social Science
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They Used to Call Us Witches is an informative, highly readable account of the role played by Chilean women exiles during the dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet from 1973-1990. Sociologist Julie Shayne looks at the movement organized by exiled Chileans in Vancouver, British Columbia, to denounce Pinochet's dictatorship and support those who remained in Chile. Through the use of extensive interviews, the history is told from the perspective of Chilean women in the exile community established in Vancouver. Shayne tells the very human story of these exiled Chilean women, and in doing so, provides a glimpse into the struggle of other Chilean exile communities around the world. In addition to the Chilean women's activism against the Pinochet dictatorship, the book pays specific attention to their feminist activism. Shayne also shows how both culture and emotions inspired and sustained the women's social and political movements. They Used to Call Us Witches should be read by those interested in social movements, women's studies, feminism, Latin American politics and history, and cultural studies. For more information about this project, contact Julie Shayne at [email protected]
Category: Social Science

The Shield Of The Weak

Author : Christine Ehrick
ISBN : 0826334687
Genre : History
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This study traces women's political activism and state formation in Uruguay during the first three decades of the twentieth century, highlighting the connections and the dialogues between these two processes. Prior to the military dictatorship of the 1970s, Uruguay's political and social policies were considered a model for other Latin American countries to emulate. In addition to being an ideal democracy, it formulated the region's most advanced welfare state under José Batlle y Ordóñez, president from 1903-1907 and 1911-1915, and a dominant political figure until his death in 1929. Uruguay had an excellent social security system and became the first Latin American nation to legislate the eight-hour day and guarantee health care to the poor. Women gained access to divorce, higher education, social services, and the vote. Making use of archival material, personal correspondence, and interviews, Ehrick's study demonstrates that feminism in early twentieth-century Uruguay was local, plural, and partisan. The author reconstructs the genealogy of feminist activism in Uruguay. While feminist ideas may have originated in Europe or North America, they spread quickly to be embraced into a variety of Uruguayan circumstances and traditions, far beyond the middle class elite. Ehrick includes movements that crossed the political spectrum, encompassing working class activists and conservative Catholics as well as middle-class feminists. The Shield of the Weakis a significant contribution to the discussions about feminism, gender, and the welfare state as well as a useful account of a neglected instance of political reform in South America. The Shield of the Weaktopics include: Women and Politics in The Model Country The Nineteenth-Century Roots of Batllismo and Feminismo State Building and Women's Organizing, 1880s-1915 Gender, Class, and the Politics of Compensation, 1910-1933 Education, Social Assistance, and the State Liberal Feminism, 1916-1932: Class, Party, and Personal Rivalries The Catholic Ladies' League After Batlle, 1916-1932 Socialists and Communists, 1916-1932
Category: History

New Perspectives On The Transnational Right

Author : M. Durham
ISBN : 9780230115521
Genre : History
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The links the conservative Right has sought to forge beyond the national over the last century have been too often neglected, and this volume sheds new light on transnationalism, the Right, and the ways the two interact.
Category: History

Catholic Feminism And The Social Question In Chile 1910 1917

Author : Ericka Kim Verba
ISBN : UTEXAS:059173015328511
Genre : Religion
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"Brings to light the thoughts and practices of the Liga de Damas Chilena, an aristocratic Chilean Catholic women's organization who helped to shape their nation's discourse and practices on gender, women's social activism, democracy, politics, citizenship, nationalism, and religion, bringing to light the ideology of these elite Catholic women.."
Category: Religion

Military Justice And Social Control

Author : Aldo Vladimir García Guevara
ISBN : UCSD:31822037276474
Genre : Civil-military relations
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Between 1931 and 1960, Salvadoran praetorian regimes combined repression and reward to convince the public, nationally and internationally, that they were best equipped to rule the tiny nation. Shortly after taking power, in 1932 the military repressed a peasant rebellion, killed 10,000 people and blamed rural oligarchs and Liberal demagogues and communist agitators for the revolt and massacre. Both the regimes of General Maximiliano Hernández Martínez (1931-1944) and those of Colonels Oscar Osorio and José María Lemus (1948-1960) of the Revolutionary Party for Democratic Unification (PRUD) provided rewards for their political clients and repressed their enemies, who they often labeled Communists and subversives and linked with the chaos of the 1932 rebellion. In order to marginalize political opponents and centralize rule, they aggressively repressed "plots" against the regimes to reassign, exile, beat and sometimes kill their enemies. By manipulating newspaper coverage they also portrayed a social order that despite not matching the lived reality of Salvadorans contrasted with the chaos of 1932. Because the country changed dramatically, growing in population and rapidly urbanizing, political leaders under the PRUD allied themselves with different groups than did Martínez, or in the martinato, . Under the martinato, peasants and indigenous Salvadorans provided tacit support but the Revolutionary Party was much more focused on the cities. Fearing an urban opposition, they reorganized the police, but neither regime convinced the public of their goodwill. Despite their inability to substantively reduce crime or juvenile delinquency, the military convinced people that they made genuine efforts to provide social justice to the majority of Salvadorans. Embracing traditionalism and patriarchy, as well as social order, the military built alliances with, and glorified the image of the women of the urban markets. In contrast, prostitutes and street peddlers did not meet the standards of the praetorian social order and were demonized and repressed. Although the military was unable to provide effective social services, successfully repress dissent and criminality, or eliminate dissent, they nonetheless convinced a substantial majority that the costs of opposition were greater than the benefits of working with the regime.
Category: Civil-military relations

A Ganar La Calle

Author : Camilo Daniel Trumper
ISBN : UCAL:C3488361
Genre :
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A Fictional Female Crusade

Author : Michelle Anna Grunder
ISBN : UCSD:31822009465881
Genre : Education and state
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Category: Education and state