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Rheology Volume Ii

Author : Crispulo Gallegos
ISBN : 9781848263208
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Rheology is a component of Encyclopedia of Chemical Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources in the global Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), which is an integrated compendium of twenty Encyclopedias. Rheology is the study of the flow of matter. It is classified as a physics discipline and focuses on substances that do not maintain a constant viscosity or state of flow. That can involve liquids, soft solids and solids that are under conditions that cause them to flow. It applies to substances which have a complex molecular structure, such as muds, sludges, suspensions, polymers and other glass formers, as well as many foods and additives, bodily fluids and other biological materials. The theme on Rheology focuses on five main areas, namely, basic concepts of rheology; rheometry; rheological materials, rheological processes and theoretical rheology. Of course, many of the chapters contain material from more than one general area. Rheology is an interdisciplinary subject which embraces many aspects of mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering and biology. These two volumes are aimed at the following five major target audiences: University and College students Educators, Professional practitioners, Research personnel and Policy analysts, managers, and decision makers and NGOs.


Author : Roger I. Tanner
ISBN : 0444829466
Genre : Science
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The science of rheology remains a mystery to most people, even to some scientists. Some respectable dictionaries have been quite cavalier in their attitude to the science, the small Collins Gem dictionary, for example, being quite happy to inform us that a Rhea is an three-toed South American ostrich, whilst at the same time offering no definition of rheology. This maybe due to the fact that the science is interdisciplinary and does not fit well into any one of the historical disciplines. This book contains an in-depth study of the history of rheology, beginning with the statements of Heraclitus, Confucius and the prophetess Deborah. It also emphasises the distinctive contributions of Newton, Hooke, Boltzmann, Maxwell, Kelvin and others, and culminates in the flourishing activity in the second half of this century. Features of this book: . Is the only book on the subject . Prevents the rediscovery of results already made . Will educate newcomers to the field to the rich heritage in even a relatively recent science like rheology. The book will be invaluable for science and scientific history libraries and will also be of interest to rheologists, and scientists working in the polymer processing, food, lubrication, detergent and similar industries.
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Rheology Of Fluid Semisolid And Solid Foods

Author : M. Anandha Rao
ISBN : 9781461492306
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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This revised third edition of Rheology of Fluid, Semisolid, and Solid Foods includes the following important additions: · A section on microstructure · Discussion of the quantitative characterization of nanometer-scale milk protein fibrils in terms of persistence and contour length. · A phase diagram of a colloidal glass of hard spheres and its relationship to milk protein dispersions · Microrheology, including detailed descriptions of single particle and multi-particle microrheological measurements · Diffusive Wave Spectroscopy · Correlation of Bostwick consistometer data with property-based dimensionless groups · A section on the effect of calcium on the morphology and functionality of whey protein nanometer-scale fibrils · Discussion of how tribology and rheology can be used for the sensory perception of foods
Category: Technology & Engineering

Rheology And Processing Of Polymeric Materials

Author : Chang Dae Han
ISBN : 0195345983
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Volume 1 presents first fundamental principles of the rheology of polymeric fluid including kinematics and stresses of a deformable body, the continuum theory for the viscoelasticity of flexible homogeneous polymeric liquids, the molecular theory for the viscoelasticity of flexible homogeneous polymeric liquids, and the experimental methods for the measurement of the rheological properties of poylmeric liquids. The materials presented are intended to set a stage for the subsequent chapters by introducing the basic concepts and principles of rheology, from both phenomenological and molecular perspectives, ofstructurally simple flexible and homogeneous polymeric liquids. Next, this volume presents the rheological behavior of structurally complex polymeric materials including miscible polymer blends, block copolymers, liquid-crystalline polymers, thermoplastic polyurethanes, immiscible polymer blends, perticulare-filled polymers, organoclay nanocomposites, molten polymers with dissolved gas, and thermosts.
Category: Technology & Engineering

An Introduction To Rheology

Author : Howard A. Barnes
ISBN : 0444871403
Genre : Science
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This text introduces the subject of rheology in terms understandable to non-experts and describes the application of rheological principles to many industrial products and processes.
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Rheology Of The Earth

Author : Giorgio Ranalli
ISBN : 0412546701
Genre : Science
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Beginning with basic principles, this advanced text gives a complete treatment of deformation and flow of earth materials from both the continuum mechanics and the microphysical viewpoints. It covers the role and consequences of rheological processes in geophysics and geodynamics in a quantitative and authoritative manner. The second edition of this successful text: provides the only unified treatment of the rheology of the Earth at this level, making it useful to students and researchers alike; includes discussions of seismology, mantle convection and plate tectonics; is completely up to date, providing a much needed account of thermal and mechanical processes in geodynamics.
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Rheology Of Complex Fluids

Author : Abhijit P. Deshpande
ISBN : 1441964940
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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The aim of the School on Rheology of Complex fluids is to bring together young researchers and teachers from educational and R&D institutions, and expose them to the basic concepts and research techniques used in the study of rheological behavior of complex fluids. The lectures will be delivered by well-recognized experts. The book contents will be based on the lecture notes of the school.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Progress And Trends In Rheology

Author : H. Giesekus
ISBN : 9783662128091
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Proceedings of the First Conference of European Rheologists Graz (Austria), April 14-16, 1982
Category: Technology & Engineering