Revolutions In The Desert

Author : Steven Rosen
ISBN : 9781315399928
Genre : Social Science
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Revolutions in the Desert investigates the development of pastoral nomadism in the arid regions of the ancient Near East, challenging the prevailing notion that such societies left few remains appropriate for analytic study. Few prior studies have approached the deeper past of desert nomadic societies, which have been primarily recognized only as a complement to the study of sedentary agricultural societies in the region. Based on decades of archaeological field work in the Negev of southern Israel, both excavations and surveys, and integrating materials from adjacent regions, Revolutions in the Desert offers a deeper and more dynamic view of the rise of herding societies beyond the settled zone. Rosen offers the first archaeological analysis of the rise of herding in the desert, from the first introduction of domestic goats and sheep into the arid zones, more than eight millennia ago, to the evolution of more recent Bedouin societies. The adoption of domestic herds by hunter-gatherer societies, contemporary with and peripheral to the first farming settlements, revolutionized all aspects of desert life, including subsistence, trade, cult, social organization, and ecology. Inviting processual comparison to the agricultural revolution and the secondary spread of domestication beyond the Near East, this volume traces the evolution of nomadic societies in the archaeological record and examines their ecological, economic and social adaptations to the deserts of the Southern Levant. With maps and illustrations from the author’s own collection, Revolutions in the Desert is a thoughtful and engaging approach to the archaeology of desert nomadic societies.
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Combining The Past And The Present

Author : Terje Oestigaard
ISBN : UOM:39015053029131
Genre : Social Science
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These twenty papers were delivered at a conference held in Bergen in 2001 which was convened to honour Randi Haaland's contribution to global archaeology. The papers cover a broad archaeological spectrum but focus on the archaeology and ethnography of South America, Africa, Asia, Australia and prehistoric Europe and the Near East. Five main subjects areas are covered: Gender, rituals and social identity; Food, consumption and metal production in prehistory; Evolution, traditions and structures; Approaches to African archaeology; Cultural Heritage and Rock Art.
Category: Social Science

The Archaeology Of North Arabia Oases And Landscapes

Author : Marta Luciani
ISBN : 3700180020
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The Archaeology of North Arabia: Oases and Landscapes provides us with the proceedings of the namesake international congress organised at the University of Vienna. Its rich list of contributions both on recent results of field activities and new considerations on different settlement patterns and historical and cultural processes within North Arabia makes this volume a state-of-the-art account of the multiple scholarly pursuits in the region. The innovative topics are connected both to field research and interpretative anthropological approaches: from the oasis formation paradigm, the debate on crops, on local types of agriculture and water management systems in different desert and oases landscapes, and on the date of appearance of date palm cultivation, to funerary and ceremonial landscapes in their transition and transformation from the Chalcolithic to the Bronze and Iron Ages; from the ground-breaking presence of Syro-Levantine metal weapons in early second millennium BCE graveyards of the Northern Hejaz, the phenomenon of large-scale diffusion of oases-produced pottery wares, the attestation of chariots on rock art, and the challenges of modern-day archaeology and cultural resource management, down to the concept of environmental differentiation and identity, between mobility and connectivity. New data and the multi- and transdisciplinary methodology espoused by the volume dramatically change our understanding of the social and cultural development, especially of social complexity, of an area often neglected in scholarly studies in the past. These proceedings, therefore, contribute substantially in positioning the archaeology of North Arabia into the broader perspective of the archaeology of the Ancient Near East, from the Neolithic to the pre-Islamic period and will hopefully become a standard work for understanding the Arabian Peninsula for years to come.

Der Philosoph Als Autodidakt

Author : Abu Bakr Ibn Tufail
ISBN : 9783787319305
Genre : Philosophy
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Ziel dieses philosophisch-allegorischen Inselromans des arabisch-andalusischen Denkers Ibn Tufail ist die Verteidigung der Philosophie als rationale Form der Erkenntnis. Er antwortete damit auf die Angriffe al-Ghazalis, der die philosophische (aristotelische) Methodik bzw. deren Vereinbarkeit mit der Orthodoxie des Islam in Frage stellte. Entgegnet wird dieser Kritik im Hauptteil des Traktats, wo die rationale, der natürlichen Veranlagung des Menschen angemessene Struktur des philosophischen Wissenskanons aufgezeigt wird, und durch den Nachweis, daß philosophische Erkenntnis sehr wohl mit den Inhalten der Offenbarungsreligion übereinstimmt, viel besser sogar als die bloß symbolhafte Religion der breiten Masse. Zugleich wird aber die von al-Ghazali vollzogene Wendung hin zur Mystik aufgenommen, indem die unmittelbare, intuitive Erfahrung als Erkenntnisform etabliert und dem theoretischen Erfassen gleichgestellt, ja übergeordnet wird. Beide Wege, die der Philosophie und der Sufik, werden dabei miteinander verwoben. Für diese Einbindung der Sufik in die Philosophie wird die Autorität Ibn Sinas in Anspruch genommen, indem ihm unter dem Titel der "orientalischen Weisheit" eine esoterisch-sufische Lehre zugeschrieben wird. Der Neuübersetzung aus dem Arabischen ist eine luzide Einleitung des Herausgebers vorangestellt, die als kurze Einführung in die leitenden Fragestellungen der arabischen Philosophie des Mittelalters gelten kann.
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Tepe Hissar

Author : Paul Yule
ISBN : UOM:39015035344574
Genre : Hissar Hill Site (Iran)
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