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Revolution And Reform In Russia And Iran

Author : Ghoncheh Tazmini
ISBN : 9781848855540
Genre : History
File Size : 83.33 MB
Format : PDF
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Originally presented as the author's thesis (Ph.D--University of Kent, Canterbury).
Category: History

Flood Planning

Author : Jeroen Warner
ISBN : 9780857731500
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 82.29 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Floods are amongst the most common and most devastating natural disasters. A major flood may cause the death of thousands, sometimes millions, of people and cause immense damage. It may also challenge a government’s legitimacy if warning measures or flood protection systems are perceived as having been inadequate. In the wake of such an event, the pressure to initiate flood protection schemes that will provide security is enormous, and politicians promise quick solutions in the national interest. Jeroen Warner looks at a number of such projects from around the world - from the Middle East, South Asia and Western Europe - aimed at the prevention of serious flooding. Each provoked a level of controversy unforeseen by its initiators, with the result that projects were shelved, modified, were not completed, or simply failed at the first test. Even a well organized participation process with joint or open planning did not exempt planners from the difficult political dynamics that arose. Flood politics are not like ordinary politics. They are about life and death, and a flood event may legitimize extraordinary measures in which normal rules do not apply. The author shows how projects created in response to such situations inevitably become politicised as different stakeholders seek to promote their interests. The result is a pioneering book that provides the first comprehensive account of the politics and decision-making surrounding flood planning and of the lessons to be learned.
Category: Political Science

Welfare Policy Under New Labour

Author : Andrew Connell
ISBN : 9780857719263
Genre : Philosophy
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The day after New Labour took office in May 1997, Frank Field’s appointment as Minister for Welfare Reform was high on the government’s news agenda. Yet, by August 1998, Field was out of office and welfare reform was heading in a very different direction from the one that he had so carefully planned in opposition. What had happened in those fifteen months to bring this about?_x000D_ _x000D_ Drawing on interviews with key participants and new archival research, this book looks in depth at the factors shaping the direction of welfare reform policy following New Labour’s ascent to power. It suggests that a commitment to welfare reform was perhaps the most symbolically important New Labour policy, and traces the differing perspectives on reform associated with Field and with Gordon Brown. Ultimately, it argues that Brown’s perspective prevailed for two reasons. As a minister, Field misunderstood the nature of core executive politics; but more fundamentally, Field’s ideas were based on an understanding of individual liberty and autonomy which was incompatible with New Labour’s discourse of the active state. _x000D_ _x000D_ Andrew Connell uses the beginnings of welfare reform under New Labour as an example to show how the interplay of ideas, actors, and structural imperatives and resources can shape and constrain the options of an ambitious reforming party in the transition from opposition to government. It also includes a unique systematic critical analysis of Field’s political and social philosophy and its relation to his Christian beliefs, and makes the case for him as a consistent thinker in the English ethical socialist tradition. Readers with an interest in welfare reform, New Labour, the British core executive, or the relationship between ideas and policy will find this a fascinating exposition of a period of recent policy history whose legacy is still with us today.
Category: Philosophy

The Philosophy Politics And Religion Of British Democracy

Author : Robert Crowcroft
ISBN : 9780857720498
Genre : History
File Size : 72.29 MB
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Maurice Cowling was one of the most controversial historians and thinkers of the last 40 years and a key figure in modern British Conservatism. His work on intellectual and political history challenged conventional understanding of the political process and the liberal and secular ideas which have been so pervasive in modern Britain. Here leading scholars disclose Cowling’s vision of British democracy and place it within its broader intellectual context. _x000D_ _x000D_ Cowling's work assaulted conventional assumptions about modern thought and stressed the value of a specifically Conservative approach for understanding past and contemporary predicaments. His writings on political history challenged existing understandings of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and delineated the motivations and power of the political elite. His studies in intellectual history constructed a bold critique of modern liberalism and highlighted the enduring importance of Christianity in British society._x000D_ _x000D_ Robert Crowcroft, S.J.D. Green and Richard Whiting here bring together perspectives from religion, philosophy and politics to focus on Cowling’s work and its context, looking at the connection between Cowling and the leading Conservative philosopher Michael Oakeshott, the impact of Cowling’s ideas about the nature of politics and the way they are reported through journalism, and the relationship between Conservatism and Liberalism. They consider Cowling’s views on the scope of historical understandings and whether the tools most frequently used to understand political activity are the most valuable for doing so. Further, they evaluate the place of Christianity in social thought and how Cowling’s Conservative ideas might inform future patterns of thought._x000D_ _x000D_ This book therefore provides a powerful multi-disciplinary explanation of Conservative thought about public life in modern Britain, and sheds light upon the interface between philosophy, politics, religion and British democracy.
Category: History

Nationalism And Identity In Romania

Author : Radu Cinpoes
ISBN : 9780857720306
Genre : Political Science
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The collapse of communism in Central and Eastern Europe produced a fundamental change in the political map of Europe. In Romania, nationalism re-emerged forcefully and continued to rally political support against the context of a long and difficult transition to democracy. In Nationalism and Identity in Romania, Radu Cinpoes charts Romania’s development as a state from its eighteenth century roots to its post-communist formation, identifying the reasons for the strength and resilience of nationalism in the state and how, after 1989, extreme right-wing party The Greater Romania Party gained particular strength as a major political power. _x000D_ _x000D_ Cinpoes argues that the persuasive appeal of the party and its nationalist ideals rested on a reiteration of nationalism and identity which had been embedded in Romanian ideological discourse by earlier nationalist formations. He demonstrates how nationalist discourse in Romania has in general been characterised by a continuity of certain themes, such as language, origins and ancestry, historical continuity, leadership, morality and religion. He also explores the darker side of nationalism: that which demonises the internal and external ‘other, the invective rhetoric against Romanian Jews and Gypsies, as well as that directed towards Hungarians in the region. _x000D_ _x000D_ While the success of The Greater Romania Party has diminished particularly since Romania’s accession to the EU in 2007, this book reveals how this recurring articulation of nationalism and identity has shown extraordinary resilience and adaptability over time, arguing that it is by no means inconceivable that a new party could become the organisational focus of this discourse. Nationalism and Identity in Romania provides important analysis on the history and politics of post-Communist societies in Europe, and the development of nationalist movements in general. _x000D_
Category: Political Science

Revolutions And The Collapse Of The Monarchy

Author : Zhand Shakibi
ISBN : 184511292X
Genre : History
File Size : 69.2 MB
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What caused revolution among the last major monarchies of the modern period? Why were Louis XVI, Nicholas II and Mohammad Reza Pahlavi all overthrown and was this the result of their historical background or individual action? This powerful and original book is the first comparative study of the implosion of the monarchical regimes in Bourbon France, Romanov Russia and Pahlavi Iran. Seeking to understand fully the causes and timing of the French, Russian and Iranian revolutions, Shakibi examines the complex interaction between the personality and behavior of the monarchs and the different problems faced by their regimes which turned a potentially revolutionary situation into the revolutions which engulfed France in the eighteenth century, Russia in 1917 and Iran in 1978-8. Drawing on a huge amount of primary and archival research throughout the world, Revolutions and the Collapse of the Monarchy argues that it is human agency which often provides the vital spark which produces revolution. An ambitious and important counter-blast to traditional theories of revolution.
Category: History

Women And Politics In Iran

Author : Hamideh Sedghi
ISBN : 9781139463720
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 21.28 MB
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Why were urban women veiled in the early 1900s, unveiled from 1936 to 1979, and reveiled after the 1979 revolution? This question forms the basis of Hamideh Sedghi's original and unprecedented contribution to politics and Middle Eastern studies. Using primary and secondary sources, Sedghi offers new knowledge on women's agency in relation to state power. In this rigorous analysis she places contention over women at the centre of the political struggle between secular and religious forces and demonstrates that control over women's identities, sexuality, and labor has been central to the consolidation of state power. Sedghi links politics and culture with economics to present an integrated analysis of the private and public lives of different classes of women and their modes of resistance to state power.
Category: Political Science

States And Social Revolutions

Author : Theda Skocpol
ISBN : 9781316453940
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 59.92 MB
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State structures, international forces, and class relations: Theda Skocpol shows how all three combine to explain the origins and accomplishments of social-revolutionary transformations. Social revolutions have been rare but undeniably of enormous importance in modern world history. States and Social Revolutions provides a new frame of reference for analyzing the causes, the conflicts, and the outcomes of such revolutions. It develops a rigorous, comparative historical analysis of three major cases: the French Revolution of 1787 through the early 1800s, the Russian Revolution of 1917 through the 1930s, and the Chinese Revolution of 1911 through the 1960s. Believing that existing theories of revolution, both Marxist and non-Marxist, are inadequate to explain the actual historical patterns of revolutions, Skocpol urges us to adopt fresh perspectives. Above all, she maintains that states conceived as administrative and coercive organizations potentially autonomous from class controls and interests must be made central to explanations of revolutions.
Category: Political Science

Choosing The Labour Leader

Author : Timothy Heppell
ISBN : NWU:35556040943375
Genre : History
File Size : 75.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Drawing together debates on the method of party leadership selection and the ideological positioning of leadership candidates, this book examines each leadership election since 1963 as a means of charting the decline of the left within the Labour Party. It is suitable for scholars of British Politics and the history of the Labour Party.
Category: History

Khatami S Iran

Author : Ghoncheh Tazmini
ISBN : 9780857714039
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 74.33 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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To understand contemporary Iran’s notoriously complex politics, it is essential first to grasp the monumental changes initiated by Mohammad Khatami. This previously little-known cleric stormed to victory in Iran’s 1997 presidential elections with nearly 70% of the vote, encouraging Iran’s reform movement to flourish during his eight-year tenure as president. Ghoncheh Tazmini’s book offers a thought-provoking, astutely close-up yet systematic analysis of Khatami the man and the reform movement that supported him. She provides us with the first insight into Khatami and his politics, unravelling from the inside the dramatic emergence and consequences of Iran’s vibrant reform movement._x000D_ _x000D_ Khatami’s reforms ushered in an era of transformation and set the country on the path to greater religious tolerance, increased socio-political liberties, integration into the world economy and rapprochement with the international community. Tazmini’s account of Iran’s charismatic and ambitious President-Reformer is authoritative and provocative, portraying Khatami as a leader who displayed a combination of exceptional resilience and periods of cautious hesitancy in the face of dilemmas and vulnerabilities associated with his decision to become the first Iranian figure to implement change in the Islamic Republic of Iran. She describes how despite the institutional constraints associated with Iran’s power structure and powerful conservative opposition, the reform movement managed to successfully set in motion a pluralistic momentum in Iran._x000D_ Balanced and analytical, this book provides a comprehensive and finely detailed introduction to the subtleties of contemporary Iran’s complex political culture. At the same time it is an important reference point for a critical period of Iran’s post-revolutionary trajectory, especially given the controversial post-Khatami developments in the country following the election of President Ahmadinejad.
Category: Political Science