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Retaking America

Author : Nick Adams
ISBN : 9781682614211
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 74.22 MB
Format : PDF
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Political correctness must be crushed—and only America can do it. Political correctness has ripped through America, turning life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness into lifelessness, suppression and the pursuit of mediocrity. In support of political correctness, sneering columnists are seeking out opinions they don’t like and punishing them, speakers are being canceled on college campuses and people are being vilified for exercising their religious liberty. Meanwhile, Europe is in its death throes, completely infected by the political correctness disease. Australian Nick Adams believes only America has the cure. But the race is on. Will America be able to save itself in time, and lead a stunning turnaround–or will it succumb to a European fate? With creativity, flair and his trademark wit, Australian Nick Adams deftly exposes why political correctness is behind every problem in America today, and why it is every American’s patriotic duty to defy politically correct mandates. He explains Americans face a momentous choice in this election year, and lays out a roadmap for an American renaissance.
Category: Political Science

Political Correctness

Author : Geoffrey Hughes
ISBN : 9781444360295
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 23.1 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In this carefully researched, thought-provoking book, Geoffrey Hughes examines the trajectory of political correctness and its impact on public life. Focusing on the historical, semantic, and cultural aspects of political correctness, it will intrigue anyone interested in this ongoing debate. A unique and intriguing journey through the trajectory of political correctness and its impact on public life, focusing on the historical, semantic, and cultural aspects of what PC means Explores the origins, progress, content and style of political correctness, discussing and analyzing around one hundred terms and lexical formations, from Chaucer and Shakespeare, Marlowe and Swift, to nursery rhymes, rap and Spike Lee films, David Mamet, J. M. Coetzee and Philip Larkin Offers a detailed semantic analysis of the way that key words have been exploited both to advance the agendas of political correctness and to refute them
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

The Case Against The Establishment

Author : Nick Adams
ISBN : 9781682614754
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 75.68 MB
Format : PDF
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In the era of Donald J. Trump, 45th president of the United States, a modern-day civil war rages. Led by elitists from Hollywood to New York, the Establishment has launched an unprecedented onslaught of hate and hypocrisy—single-minded of purpose: to destroy President Trump’s efforts to make America great again. We see it every day! From riots and faux outrage, to attacks on conservative voices, to condescending Hollywood awards show speeches, to sports broadcasts pushing Establishment propaganda, to college campuses—where free speech is violently shut down by anti-freedom activists, professors indoctrinate instead of educate, and safe spaces coddle the entitled—to the peddling of “fake news.” With searing wit, The Case Against the Establishment reveals the hypocrisy of the Establishment and how it has infiltrated every facet of life—pop culture, schools, the news media, social media, even public bathrooms—as it seeks to mold America into a bastion of socialism, annihilate the Trump agenda, and crush everything that makes America great.
Category: Political Science

Exceptional America

Author : Nick Adams
ISBN : 9781475917680
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 88.14 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The worsening debt crisis, the plague of political correctness, and the threat to personal freedoms would make a lesser nation and her people crumble. Yet Americans possess an unrelenting desire for a better life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. As Australian Nick Adams travels throughout America celebrating the character of her citizens and the causes she champions, he provides a historical roadmap, connecting our doggedly determined past with our uncharted future. Exceptional America takes you into the heart of the nation as you rediscover that those ingrained qualities of her people that first made her a superpower are the same that make America so exceptional today, and the same that will secure her destiny.
Category: Social Science

Political Correctness And The Destruction Of Social Order

Author : Howard Schwartz
ISBN : 9783319398051
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 80.91 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book develops a psychoanalytic theory of political correctness and the pristine self, which is defined as a self touched by nothing but love. It explores the damage that political correctness can do to social order. Applications include the breakdown of social capital, the financial crisis, and Occupy Wall Street. Long an issue for conservatives, alarm over political correctness has now spread to the liberal side of the political spectrum. As Schwartz argues, all have reason to be concerned. The psychology that underlies political correctness has the potential to be extremely destructive to social organization on every level. Schwartz discusses the primitive roots of political correctness and, through the use of case studies, shows its capacity for ruination. The book focuses on a transformation in the idea of the self, and specifically the rise of the pristine self. The problem is that, in truth, the world does not love us. This puts the pristine self at war with objective reality.
Category: Psychology

Political Correctness

Author : Rachel Bozek
ISBN : 1534500979
Genre : Political correctness
File Size : 46.85 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Political correctness, better known as PC, flourished in institutions of higher learning in the 1990s. With the rise of social media, a second wave of PC culture has emerged that is more aggressive than the first. It seems to many that nearly everyone is a target, at risk of being labeled a racist or misogynist based on one short tweet. The movement, though intended to be inclusive and pluralistic, has its detractors. Is political correctness protective or is it an attack on freedom? Do knee-jerk reactions cancel out the opportunity for thoughtful discourse? And what does this culture mean for our future?
Category: Political correctness

Government Is The Problem

Author : Colonel Patrick Murray
ISBN : 9781496969774
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 26.43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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---Love your country, not the government--- Colonel Patrick Murray (USA, retired) makes the compelling case that the biggest divide in America isn’t racial disharmony, economic disparity, or Republican vs. Democrat. The biggest rift today is the widening gap between Washington, DC, and Main Street America. Our Founding Fathers created a unique system of limited government and individual liberty against a backdrop of free markets that ignited the greatest explosion of wealth, prosperity, and opportunity in history. However, the American Dream is now on life support. Government has become a massive parasite, leeching us of our liberty and productivity, and putting us on the path to civil unrest. The federal government, along with career politicians of both political parties, has become the problem. The good news is that there is a way out. America’s Founders, who were all too familiar with the oppressive nature of government, included an “escape hatch” in Article 5 of the Constitution to deal with the very situation in which we find ourselves. It is the last best option for America’s citizens to impose change upon government. Colonel Murray’s book is a call to action at the grassroots level, an operations order on how to change the conditions on the political battlefield, take back our country, and restore the American Dream for future generations.
Category: Political Science

Thought Prison

Author : Bruce G. Charlton
ISBN : 0956395244
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 32.33 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"Thought Prison" explores the ramifications of political correctness on language, and thus thought; its casual denial of logic and insidious reach into the realms of science and learning; its total saturation of its twin supports, the mass media and ruling elites. Once the collectively self-imposed blinkers, of good causes and good intentions, are stripped away we can see the nanny state and moral universe beyond for what it is a catastrophic delusion that is destroying the world we know.Most of us think of political correctness in terms of its scope for irony. It provides opportunity to protect us from a vaguely troubling acceptance of an enforced orthodoxy. We are familiar with the no-go areas defined by PC taboos race, sex (or to be PC, gender), ethnicity, sexual preference, disability, class and indeed of it being an engineered term to suit political and scientific argument. What we may be less able to accept is that PC is something in which we are all complicit."Thought Prison" examines the way we are now, and how the Western world has come to be that way. It reveals an Orwellian dystopia that instead of being characterized by a crude authoritarian elite, is supported and driven by an irrational yet equally totalitarian and all-pervasive status quo of our own making, dominating politics, economics, public administration, law, education, the military, health services our very selves."
Category: Political Science