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Research Fabrication And Applications Of Bi 2223 Hts Wires

Author : Kenichi Sato
ISBN : 9789814749275
Genre : Science
File Size : 53.37 MB
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' The purpose of this book is to cover all aspects of Bi-2223 superconducting wires from fundamental research, fabrication process to applications. This book contains many chapters written by distinguished experts in the world. Contents:Research:Materials Aspects of Bi-2223Oxygen Doping of Bi-2223 WiresMagnetic Field and Temperature Dependence of Critical Currents of Bi-2223 WiresElectro-Magnetic Properties of Bi-2223 WiresAC Loss of Bi-2223 WiresMechanical Properties of Bi-2223 WiresThermal Properties of Bi-2223 WiresThermal Stability of Bi-2223 WiresThin Films of Bi-2223Fabrication:Development and Manufacture of Bi-2223 WiresMicrostructure Evolution of Bi-2223 WiresLamination of Metals onto Bi-2223/Ag WiresQuality Assurance of Bi-2223 WiresSilver Contribution to Bi-2223 Wires in Terms of CostApplications:Current Leads for ITERCurrent Leads for Conduction-Cooled MagnetsSaturated Iron Core Type Fault Current LimiterResistive-Type Fault Current LimiterAmpaCity Project — World''s First Superconducting Cable and Fault Current Limiter Installation in a German City CenterAC Cable: Yokohama ProjectResearch and Development of Bi-2223-Based AC Power Cables in RussiaDC Cable for Data CenterDC Cables for Metropolitan Networks: St. Petersburg ProjectThe Development and Demonstration of a 360m/10kA HTS DC Power CableDC Cable for RailwayEconomical Aspects of Superconducting CableMRI Magnet for Human BrainLTS/Bi-2223 NMR Magnets Operated Beyond 23.5 T (1 GHz)Compact HTS Beamline and Magnetic Resonance MagnetsConduction-Cooled Magnets for Industrial ApplicationsDipole Magnet for Beam Line SwitchingShip Propulsion Motor Employing Bi-2223 and MgB2 SuperconductorsAxial-Gap Superconducting Synchronous Motors Cooled by Liquid NitrogenRadial-Gap Motor for Ship PropulsionInduction/Synchronous Motor for AutomobileDevelopment of High-Temperature Superconducting DC Motor for Automobiles Readership: This book is suitable for students, researchers and industry experts who are interested in research, fabrication and application of Bi-2223 HTS superconducting wires. Key Features:Only this book can offer the latest results of HTS real application with the distinguished authors from the worldKeywords:High Temperature Superconductivity;BSCCO;Bi-2223;Superconducting Wires;Cables;Magnets;Motors'
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Research Fabrication And Applications Of Bi 2223 Hts Wires

Author : Kenichi Sato
ISBN : 9814749257
Genre : Science
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"The purpose of this book is to cover all aspects of Bi-2223 superconducting wires from fundamental research, fabrication process to applications. This book contains many chapters written by distinguished experts in the world."--Back cover.
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Mgb2 Superconducting Wires

Author : Rene Flukiger
ISBN : 9789814725606
Genre :
File Size : 37.47 MB
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The compendium gives a complete overview of the properties of MgB2 (Magnesium Diboride), a superconducting compound with a transition temperature of Tc = 39K, from the fundamental properties to the fabrication of multifilamentary wires and to the presentation of various applications. Written by eminent researchers in the field, this indispensable volume not only discusses superconducting properties of MgB2 compounds, but also describes known preparation methods of thin films and of bulk samples obtained under high pressure methods. A unique selling point of the book is the detailed coverage of various applications based on MgB2, starting with MRI magnets and high current cables, cooled by Helium (He) vapor. High current cables cooled by liquid hydrogen are also highlighted as an interesting alternative due to the shrinking He reserves on earth. Other pertinent subjects comprise permanent magnets, ultrafine wires for space applications and wind generator projects. Contents: Vortex Matter in the Two-band Superconductor MgB2 (Leonardo Civale and Adriana Serquis)Synthesis, Substitutions and Properties of MgB2 Single Crystals (J Karpinski)Thin Film Deposition and Critical Fields (M A Wolak and X X Xi)Nanoscale Disorder in MgB2 Thin Films (Ye Zhu and Paul M Voyles)Structure-Property Correlation of MgB2 Wires and Tapes (Balaji Birajdar and Oliver Eibl)Structure and Properties of Bulk MgB2 (Tatiana Prikhna)The Reactive Liquid Infiltration (RLI) Technique for the Bulk Reaction to MgB2 (G Giunchi)Processing of Amorphous Nanosize Boron Powder (M S Somer, S Acar and I Kokal)MgB2 Wires Fabricated Using the Ex Situ Technique (Andrea Malagoli and Valeria Braccini)MgB2 Wires by In Situ Technique, Mechanical Alloying (Wolfgang H„ssler)Pressure Effects on Jc of In Situ and Ex Situ Processed MgB2 Wires (Shahriar M A Hossain and Ren‚ Flkiger)Fabrication of MgB2 Wires by Internal Mg Diffusion (IMD) (Hiroaki Kumakura)Development and Properties of Advanced Internal Magnesium Infiltration (AIMI) Processed MgB2 Wires (E W Collings, G Z Li, M D Sumption and M A Susner)Material and Conductor Properties Relevant for Applications: A Fundamental Study (Carmine Senatore and Marco Bonura)AC Losses in MgB2 Wires (J n Kov ?)Effect of Mechanical Load on Jc of MgB2 Wires (Pavol Kov ?)Properties of Irradiated MgB2, Bulk and Wires (Ilaria Pallecchi and Marina Putti)MRI Magnets based on MgB2 (Leonardo Bertora)Bulk MgB2 Permanent Magnets (Akiyasu Yamamoto and Kohji Kishio)Applications for very Fine MgB2 Wires (Sonja I Schlachter and Wilfried Goldacker)MgB2 Transmission Lines for the Large Hadron Collider (Amalia Ballarino, Bernardo Bordini and Sebastiano Giannelli)Hydrogen Cooled MgB2 Cables (Vitaly Vysotsky)Wind Generator Projects based on MgB2 Superconductors (Asger Bech Abrahamsen) Readership: Researchers, academics, professionals and graduate students in materials engineering, materials science, and solid state physics. MgB2;Thin Films;Pure Boron Nanopowders;High Pressure Synthesis;Reactive Liquid Infiltration

Concise Encyclopedia Of Self Propagating High Temperature Synthesis

Author : Inna P. Borovinskaya
ISBN : 9780128041888
Genre : Science
File Size : 43.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Concise Encyclopedia of Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis: History, Theory, Technology, and Products helps students and scientists understand the fundamental concepts behind self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS). SHS-based technologies provide valuable alterations to traditional methods of material fabrication, such as powder metallurgy, conventional and force sintering, casting, extrusion, high isostatic pressure sintering, and others. The book captures the whole spectrum of the chemistry, physics, reactions, materials, and processes of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis. This book is an indispensable resource not only to scientists working in the field of SHS, but also to researchers in multidisciplinary fields such as chemical engineering, metallurgy, material science, combustion, explosion, and the chemistry of solids. Written by high-level experts in the field from 20 different countries, along with editors who are founders of the field Covers 169 topics in the field of SHS Features new phenomena, such as acoustics and high-energy reactions in combustion synthesis Provides an overview of many aspects of the constructive application of the combustion phenomenon, for example, in the fabrication of advanced materials
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Fundamental Elements Of Applied Superconductivity In Electrical Engineering

Author : Yinshun Wang
ISBN : 9781118451175
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 72.26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Superconducting technology is potentially important as one of the future smart grid technologies. It is a combination of superconductor materials, electrical engineering, cryogenic insulation, cryogenics and cryostats. There has been no specific book fully describing this branch of science and technology in electrical engineering. However, this book includes these areas, and is essential for those majoring in applied superconductivity in electrical engineering. Recently, superconducting technology has made great progress. Many universities and companies are involved in applied superconductivity with the support of government. Over the next five years, departments of electrical engineering in universities and companies will become more involved in this area. This book: • will enable people to directly carry out research on applied superconductivity in electrical engineering • is more comprehensive and practical when compared to other advances • presents a clear introduction to the application of superconductor in electrical engineering and related fundamental technologies • arms readers with the technological aspects of superconductivity required to produce a machine • covers power supplying technologies in superconducting electric apparatus • is well organized and adaptable for students, lecturers, researchers and engineers • lecture slides suitable for lecturers available on the Wiley Companion Website Fundamental Elements of Applied Superconductivity in Electrical Engineering is ideal for academic researchers, graduates and undergraduate students in electrical engineering. It is also an excellent reference work for superconducting device researchers and engineers.
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Opportunities In High Magnetic Field Science

Author : National Research Council
ISBN : 0309165318
Genre : Science
File Size : 62.77 MB
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High-field magnetsâ€"those that operate at the limits of the mechanical and/or electromagnetic properties of their structural materialsâ€"are used as research tools in a variety of scientific disciplines. The study of high magnetic fields themselves is also important in many areas such as astrophysics. Because of their importance in scientific research and the possibility of new breakthroughs, the National Science Foundation asked the National Research Council to assess the current state of and future prospects for high-field science and technology in the United States. This report presents the results of that assessment. It focuses on scientific and technological challenges and opportunities, and not on specific program activities. The report provides findings and recommendations about important research directions, the relative strength of U.S. efforts compared to other countries, and ways in which the program can operate more effectively.
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Fundamentals Of Superconductivity

Author : Vladimir Z. Kresin
ISBN : 9781489925077
Genre : Science
File Size : 44.52 MB
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The recent discovery of high-temperature superconductivity has resulted in a remarkable growth in the amount of research and the number of researchers working in this exciting field. Superconductivity is not a new phenomenon: in 1991 it will be 80 years old. Even though it was the newer discoveries which motivated us to write this book, the book itself is mainly a description of the fundamentals of the phenomenon. The book is written for a very broad audience, including students, engin eers, teachers, scientists, and others who are interested in learning about this exciting frontier of science. We have focused on the qualitative aspects, so that the reader can develop a basic understanding of the fundamental physics without getting bogged down in the details. Because of this approach, our list of refer ences is not comprehensive, and it is supplemented with a summary of additional reading consisting of monographs and selected review articles. (The articles we have referenced were either not reflected in the review articles on monographs or were milestones in the development of the field. ) In addition, some of the sections which can be skipped during the first reading have been marked with asterisks (*). Until recently, superconductivity was considered to belong to the field of low-temperature physics. This field was born, simultaneously with quantum physics, at the beginning of this century. Initially these two contemporaneous fields developed independently, but they soon became strongly coupled.
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Applications Of High Temperature Superconductors To Electric Power Equipment

Author : Swarn S. Kalsi
ISBN : 9781118110096
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 74.52 MB
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The only one-stop reference to design, analysis, and manufacturing concepts for power devices utilizing HTS. High temperature superconductors (HTS) have been used for building many devices for electric grids worldwide and for large ship propulsion motors for the U.S. Navy. And yet, there has been no single source discussing theory and design issues relating to power applications of HTS—until now. This book provides design and analysis for various devices and includes examples of devices built over the last decade. Starting with a complete overview of HTS, the subsequent chapters are dedicated to specific devices: cooling and thermal insulation systems; rotating AC and DC machines; transformers; fault current limiters; power cables; and Maglev transport. As applicable, each chapter provides a history of the device, principles, configuration, design and design challenges, prototypes, and manufacturing issues, with each ending with a summary of the material covered. The design analysis and design examples provide critical insight for readers to successfully design their own devices. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) designers, industry and utilities users, universities and defense services research groups, and senior/postgraduate engineering students and instructors will rely on this resource. "HTS technology reduces electric losses and increases the efficiency of power equipment. This book by Swarn Kalsi, a leading expert on the HTS subject, provides a survey of the HTS technology and the design rules, performance analyses, and manufacturing concepts for power application-related devices. It compares conventional and HTS technology approaches for device design and provides significant examples of devices utilizing the HTS technology today. The book is useful for a broad spectrum of professionals worldwide: students, teaching staff, and OEM designers as well as users in industry and electric utilities." —Professor Dr. Rolf Hellinger, Research and Technologies Corporate Technology, Siemens AG
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Radiation Detectors For Medical Applications

Author : Stefaan Tavernier
ISBN : 9781402050930
Genre : Medical
File Size : 31.20 MB
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The topic of this book is the use of scintillating materials in the detection of ionising radiation for medical imaging. The text surveys the state of the art in radiation detectors for medical imaging, followed by an in-depth review of all aspects of the use of scintillating materials. Also included are detailed discussion of ways to improve the performance of existing scintillating materials and completely novel uses of scintillating materials.
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Macroscopic Electrodynamics Instructor S Solutions Guide

Author : Walter Wilcox
ISBN : 9789814616676
Genre : Science
File Size : 24.21 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This instructor's solutions guide accompanies our introductory graduate electrodynamics textbook, "Macroscopic Electrodynamics". We emphasize that this is a guide and not a step-by-step exposition for the 391 problems furnished in the text. Helpful indications of starting points and methods are given, as well as enough intermediate steps (and occasional final results) that a knowledgeable instructor can readily fill in the gaps. This approach is designed to provide the instructor with a powerful and time-saving teaching aid for introducing students to this beautiful and wide-ranging subject. This access is given only to instructors who are adopting the textbook for their classes. To gain access to this title, please fill in the adoption form and we will get back to you soon. Request Inspection Copy
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