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Reinterpreting Criminal Complicity And Inchoate Participation Offences

Author : Dennis J. Baker
ISBN : 9781317198888
Genre : Law
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In Reinterpreting Criminal Complicity and Inchoate Participation Offences, Dennis J. Baker argues that the mental element in complicity is one of intention, that recklessness alone is not sufficient. This is demonstrated by showing that the ancient and modern authorities on complicity required intention. The book argues the ‘causal participation’ element in complicity means that the conduct element can only be established when there is intentional encouragement on the part of the accessory. As the Accessories and Abettors Act 1861, like most of the statutory provisions found in the United States, deems that both perpetrator and accessory are perpetrators for the purpose of punishment and crime labelling, limiting the mental element in complicity to intentional participation is, the author argues, the only way to reconcile these provisions with the requirements of proportionate punishment and fair labelling. As some forms of reckless encouragement and assistance will not be criminalised if the mental element in complicity is intention only, the author suggests that the solution is to amend section 45 of the Serious Crime Act 2007 to criminalise reckless participation. In addition, the author argues that standard complicity and joint enterprise complicity have the same mental and conduct elements and thus joint enterprise complicity is not a distinct form of complicity.
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Criminal Law

Author : Jonathan Herring
ISBN : 9780198811817
Genre : Criminal law
File Size : 76.30 MB
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Criminal Law: Text, Cases, and Materials offers deft legal coverage and analysis alongside expertly selected extracts from key cases and academic sources. The effective two-part structure of each chapter in the book - the first part explaining the law as it is, the second examining the theoretical aspects of the law - ensures that readers not only gain a secure understanding of the law itself but also acquire a fundamental appreciation of the surrounding philosophical and ethical debates. Important theoretical material is made accessible to students through a particularly engaging writing style. The author's clarity of expression brings the subject to life and places the law in context. This text is an essential and complete resource for all those wanting to get to grips with the fascinating and sometimes challenging area of criminal law. Online Resources: This text is accompanied by the following online resources: For students - DT Updates to the law following publication DT Useful web links DT Guidance on answering selected questions in the book DT An introductory video from the author For lecturers - DT A test bank of multiple choice questions
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Smith Hogan And Ormerod S Criminal Law

Author : David Ormerod
ISBN : 9780198807094
Genre : Law
File Size : 40.28 MB
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Smith, Hogan, & Ormerod's Criminal Law is rightly regarded as the leading doctrinal textbook on criminal law in England and Wales. The book owes its consistent popularity to its accessible style, depth of analysis, and breadth of coverage. Over fifty years since the publication of the first edition, Professor David Ormerod and Karl Laird continue the tradition set down by Professors Sir John Smith and Brian Hogan by producing a textbook of unrivaled quality. The text continues to be an invaluable resource for undergraduate students and an essential reference source for criminal law practitioners. Online resources: A selection of online resources accompany this text, including: DT Comprehensive annual legal updates, organized by chapter DT A full bibliography arranged alphabetically and by chapter DT A selection of additional online chapters
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Principles Of Criminal Law

Author : Andrew Ashworth
ISBN : 0198765576
Genre : Criminal law
File Size : 22.14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This new edition of the popular and highly respected Criminal Law textbook, has been revised and completely updated to incorporate all developments in the field of criminal law since 1995. The criminal law is an increasingly complex and fascinating subject. The basic structure of this book on the subject has been retained, as has its emphasis on introducing the criminal law to students through the principles which lie behind, or should lie behind, it. Issues of principle and policy involved in the shaping of law as created by the legislature, courts, law reform bodies, and academic commentators are again dealt with. In this new edition greater emphasis is placed on the growing number of principles stemming from the European Convention on Human Rights. Specific attention is also paid to new developments in the law relating to complicity, provocation and other manslaughters, and to the defence of duress.
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Davids Story

Author : Zoë Wicomb
ISBN : 3889776140
Genre :
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T Terschaft Und Tatherrschaft

Author : Claus Roxin
ISBN : 9783110366594
Genre : Law
File Size : 85.98 MB
Format : PDF
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Roxins Buch ist die umfangreichste Monographie über die Abgrenzung von Täterschaft und Teilnahme im deutschen Strafrecht. Die Neuauflage bringt neben dem, wie immer unveränderten, Hauptteil des Buches einen durchgreifend bearbeiteten und erweiterten „Schlußteil 2015“. Darin wird die gesamte Rechtsprechung der letzten Jahrzehnte zu den Fragen der Täterlehre umfassend dokumentiert und kritisch analysiert.
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Author : Edward W. Said
ISBN : 3100710088
Genre : Europa - Orientbild - Kultur - Geschichte 1800-2000
File Size : 33.82 MB
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Einheitst Terschaft Statt Tatherrschaft

Author : Thomas Rotsch
ISBN : 3161498119
Genre : Law
File Size : 88.34 MB
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English summary: German criminal law distinguishes between various forms of participation in the perpetration of an offence. Whereas the individual forms of the perpetration of an offence have been standardized in section 25 of the German Penal Code, the participation has been regulated in section 26 (instigation) and section 27 (aiding and abetting a crime). Thomas Rotsch begins with the insight that up to now there has not been a convincing definition of these forms of participation. In order to transcend the classic system of single offenders, he makes the first attempt to create a basis for a normative-functional theory of criminal offences which does not require any terminological or subject-related differentiation. German description: Das deutsche Strafrecht unterscheidet - wie viele auslandische Rechtsordnungen auch - verschiedene Beteiligungsformen. Wahrend einerseits in 25 StGB die einzelnen Formen von Taterschaft normiert sind, ist andererseits die Teilnahme in 26 StGB (Anstiftung) und 27 StGB (Beihilfe) geregelt. Thomas Rotschs Untersuchung nimmt ihren Ausgangspunkt bei der Erkenntnis, dass eine uberzeugende Abgrenzung dieser Beteiligungsformen bis heute nicht gelungen ist. Der Autor zeigt, dass das vermeintlich differenzierende System des deutschen Strafrechts in vielen Bereichen langst vom Einheitstatergedanken durchdrungen ist. In einem historischen und rechtsvergleichenden Abriss legt er dar, dass auch dieses monistische Modell individueller Verantwortlichkeitsbeschreibung nicht zu halten ist. Der Autor unternimmt daher erstmals den Versuch, die Grundlage fur eine normativ-funktionale Straftatlehre zu schaffen, die auf jegliche - terminologische wie sachliche - Differenzierung verzichtet. In diesem zweistufigen normativen System strafunrechtsrelevanter Zustandigkeit folgt der normativen Verknupfung von Erfolg und Handlung auf einer zweiten Wertungsstufe die Prufung der Frage, ob der dem Tater zurechenbare Eintritt des tatbestandsmassigen Erfolges auch zu einer Beeintrachtigung des durch die Norm geschutzten Rechtsgutes gefuhrt hat. Damit findet eine Zuschreibung strafrechtlicher Verantwortlichkeit allein uber die Unterscheidung in unmittelbare und mittelbare Rechtsgutsbeeintrachtigungen statt.
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