Reclaiming The Dead Sea Scrolls

Author : Lawrence H. Schiffman
ISBN : 0300140223
Genre : Religion
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Dead Sea Scrolls expert Lawrence H. Schiffman here shifts attention away from the sensationalism surrounding who has control of the scrolls by focusing on how these texts shed light on the history of Judaism and early Christianity.
Category: Religion

Die Qumran Essener Die Texte Vom Toten Meer Band Iii

Author : Johann Maier
ISBN : 9783838519166
Genre : Religion
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Als Begleitband zu den beiden Textbänden (UTB 1862/1863) bietet diese Ausgabe eine Einführung und Orientierung. Von großem Wert sind die umfangreichen Register der Namen und Begriffe sowie der biblischen Texte und Belegstellen. Der Bibelleser kann sich rasch einen Eindruck davon verschaffen, wie man zur Zeit Jesu in der essenischen Tradition des Judentums mit Texten und Überlieferungen umging, die sich (unter anderem) in der Bibel finden. Damit wird auch dem wissenschaftlich nicht fachkundigen Leser die Möglichkeit zu einer weitgehend eigenständigen Auswertung der Inhalte geboten.
Category: Religion

Deciphering The Dead Sea Scrolls

Author : Jonathan G. Campbell
ISBN : 9780470775257
Genre : Religion
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The second edition of this fascinating book is the ideal introduction to the importance of the Dead Sea Scrolls from Qumran and their impact on our understanding of the rise of Christianity. Introduces the Qumran Scrolls to the uninitiated general reader. Explains how revolutionary the discovery of the Scrolls was and their enduring significance. Sets the Scrolls within the wider context of Jewish history and religion of the second temple period. Now expanded to include additional material about the scrolls themselves and recent theories about the community behind them. This book is not available from Blackwell in the United States and the Philippines.
Category: Religion

The Dead Sea Scrolls As Background To Postbiblical Judaism And Early Christianity

Author : James R. Davila
ISBN : 9004126783
Genre : Architecture
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A collection of authoritative and programmatic papers from an international conference on how the Dead Sea Scrolls advance our knowledge of the background of both rabbinic and noncanonical forms of Judaism, and of the origins and early development of Christianity.
Category: Architecture

Qumran And Jerusalem

Author : Lawrence H. Schiffman
ISBN : 9780802849762
Genre : Religion
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With the full publication of the Dead Sea Scrolls come major changes in our understanding of these fascinating texts and their significance for the study of the history of Judaism and Christianity. One of the most significant changes that one cannot study Qumran without Jerusalem nor Jerusalem without Qumran is explored in this important volume. / Although the Scrolls preserve the peculiar ideology of the Qumran sect, much of the material also represents the common beliefs and practices of the Judaism of the time. Here Lawrence Schiffman mines these incredible documents to reveal their significance for the reconstruction of the history of Judaism. His investigation brings to life a period of immense significance for the history of the Western world.
Category: Religion

Wealth In The Dead Sea Scrolls And In The Qumran Community

Author : Catherine M. Murphy
ISBN : 9004119345
Genre : Religion
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This volume is concerned with exploring sectarian attitudes toward wealth and the economic practices that gave rise to and issued from those attitudes. It argues for several biblical rationales for the practice of shared wealth.
Category: Religion

The Relationship Between John The Baptist And Jesus Of Nazareth

Author : Daniel S. Dapaah
ISBN : 0761831096
Genre : Religion
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The Relationship between John the Baptist and Jesus of Nazareth combines socio-historical and exegetical criticism to examine and evaluate the influence of John the Baptist on Jesus. It offers a fresh look at the evidence and introduces relationship between John and Jesus before it became enshrined in doctrine and ritual.
Category: Religion

Creating Judaism

Author : Michael L. Satlow
ISBN : 9780231509114
Genre : Religion
File Size : 46.53 MB
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How can we define "Judaism," and what are the common threads uniting ancient rabbis, Maimonides, the authors of the Zohar, and modern secular Jews in Israel? Michael L. Satlow offers a fresh perspective on Judaism that recognizes both its similarities and its immense diversity. Presenting snapshots of Judaism from around the globe and throughout history, Satlow explores the links between vastly different communities and their Jewish traditions. He studies the geonim, rabbinical scholars who lived in Iraq from the ninth to twelfth centuries; the intellectual flourishing of Jews in medieval Spain; how the Hasidim of nineteenth-century Eastern Europe confronted modernity; and the post-World War II development of distinct American and Israeli Jewish identities. Satlow pays close attention to how communities define themselves, their relationship to biblical and rabbinic texts, and their ritual practices. His fascinating portraits reveal the amazingly creative ways Jews have adapted over time to social and political challenges and continue to remain a "Jewish family."
Category: Religion

Qumranica Minora Ii

Author : Florentino Garc-A Mart-Nez
ISBN : 9789004156838
Genre : Religion
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This collection of essays by Florentino Garcia Martinez, includes studies on the interpretation of biblical texts in the Scrolls, priestly functions in a community without temple, Messianism, magic, wisdom, sonship, and the "other" in the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Category: Religion

New Perspectives On Old Texts

Author : Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature. International Symposium
ISBN : 9789004183070
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 78.82 MB
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This volume presents new perspectives on the ancient texts discovered at Qumran. The essays offer fresh insights into particular texts and genres, by applying methods and constructs drawn from other disciplines to the study of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and by exploring new as well as long-standing issues raised by these works. The topics and approaches engaged include group identity, memory, ritual theory, sectarian sociology, philosophy of education, liturgical anthropology, Jewish law, history of religion, and mysticism. The articles in this volume were originally presented at the Tenth Annual International Orion Symposium sponsored in 2005 by the Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Category: Literary Criticism