Reality And Rhetoric

Author : P. T. Bauer
ISBN : 0674749472
Genre : Business & Economics
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"This book is the culmination of P.T. Bauer's observations and reflections on Third World economies over a period of thirty years. He critically examines the central issues of market cersus centrally planned economies, industrial development, official direct and multi-national resource transfers to the Third World, immigation policy in the Third World, and economic methodology."--Back cover.
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Reality And Rhetoric

Author : Jean Ely
ISBN : STANFORD:36105032706538
Genre : Education
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Rhetoric And Reality

Author : James A. Berlin
ISBN : 0809386852
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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Berlin here continues his unique history of American college composition begun in his Writing Instruction in Nineteenth-Century Colleges (1984), turning now to the twentieth century. In discussing the variety of rhetorics that have been used in writing classrooms Berlin introduces a taxonomy made up of three categories: objective rhetorics, subjective rhetorics, and transactional rhetorics, which are distinguished by the epistemology on which each is based. He makes clear that these categories are not tied to a chronology but instead are to be found in the English department in one form or another during each decade of the century. His historical treatment includes an examination of the formation of the English department, the founding of the NCTE and its role in writing instruction, the training of teachers of writing, the effects of progressive education on writing instruction, the General Education Movement, the appearance of the CCCC, the impact of Sputnik, and today’s “literacy crisis.”
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Rhetoric And Reality In Air Warfare

Author : Tami Davis Biddle
ISBN : 1400824974
Genre : History
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A major revision of our understanding of long-range bombing, this book examines how Anglo-American ideas about "strategic" bombing were formed and implemented. It argues that ideas about bombing civilian targets rested on--and gained validity from--widespread but substantially erroneous assumptions about the nature of modern industrial societies and their vulnerability to aerial bombardment. These assumptions were derived from the social and political context of the day and were maintained largely through cognitive error and bias. Tami Davis Biddle explains how air theorists, and those influenced by them, came to believe that strategic bombing would be an especially effective coercive tool and how they responded when their assumptions were challenged. Biddle analyzes how a particular interpretation of the World War I experience, together with airmen's organizational interests, shaped interwar debates about strategic bombing and preserved conceptions of its potentially revolutionary character. This flawed interpretation as well as a failure to anticipate implementation problems were revealed as World War II commenced. By then, the British and Americans had invested heavily in strategic bombing. They saw little choice but to try to solve the problems in real time and make long-range bombing as effective as possible. Combining narrative with analysis, this book presents the first-ever comparative history of British and American strategic bombing from its origins through 1945. In examining the ideas and rhetoric on which strategic bombing depended, it offers critical insights into the validity and robustness of those ideas--not only as they applied to World War II but as they apply to contemporary warfare.
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Us Tax Reform And Investment

Author : Julie Ann Elston
ISBN : 1856289486
Genre : Business & Economics
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US Tax Reforms and Corporate Investment in the 1980s: Reality and Rhetoric clearly outlines one of the most confusing and controversial policy issues in the world today - fiscal reform. From the Reagan administration to present times, one of the most vexing policy goals continues to be how to stimulate capital growth without increasing the budget deficit. Policies in the eighties were not successful in accomplishing this difficult task, but there are important lessons to be learned for the future policy makers of the 1990s. Here, evidence is presented not only on the weak connection between the tax cuts and investment growth during this period, but why the predicted investment growth failed to materialize. This book offers a healthy balance between qualitative policy analysis and econometric investigation to provide an in-depth and complete treatment of this crucial policy issue for both social scientists and the demanding public of today.
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Society As Text

Author : Richard Harvey Brown
ISBN : 0226076172
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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Brown makes elegant use of sociological theory and of insights from language philosophy, literary criticism, and rhetoric to articulate a new theory of the human sciences, using the powerful metaphor of society as text.
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The Service State

Author : Patrice A. Dutil
ISBN : 9780776607436
Genre : Business & Economics
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A systematic evaluation of Canadian efforts to modernize government service delivery.
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A Middle School Curriculum

Author : James A. Beane
ISBN : 1560900733
Genre : Education
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Thoughtfully and thoroughly reviews the past, analyzes the separate subject approach, and outlines a proposal for a new general education program that would transform the middle level school.
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Libanius The Sophist

Author : Raffaella Cribiore
ISBN : 9780801469084
Genre : History
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Libanius of Antioch was a rhetorician of rare skill and eloquence. So renowned was he in the fourth century that his school of rhetoric in Roman Syria became among the most prestigious in the Eastern Empire. In this book, Raffaella Cribiore draws on her unique knowledge of the entire body of Libanius’s vast literary output—including 64 orations, 1,544 letters, and exercises for his students—to offer the fullest intellectual portrait yet of this remarkable figure whom John Chrystostom called “the sophist of the city." Libanius (314–ca. 393) lived at a time when Christianity was celebrating its triumph but paganism tried to resist. Although himself a pagan, Libanius cultivated friendships within Antioch’s Christian community and taught leaders of the Church including Chrysostom and Basil of Caesarea. Cribiore calls him a “gray pagan” who did not share the fanaticism of the Emperor Julian. Cribiore considers the role that a major intellectual of Libanius’s caliber played in this religiously diverse society and culture. When he wrote a letter or delivered an oration, who was he addressing and what did he hope to accomplish? One thing that stands out in Libanius’s speeches is the startling amount of invective against his enemies. How common was character assassination of this sort? What was the subtext to these speeches and how would they have been received? Adapted from the Townsend Lectures that Cribiore delivered at Cornell University in 2010, this book brilliantly restores Libanius to his rightful place in the rich and culturally complex world of Late Antiquity.
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Low Carbon Technology Transfer

Author : David G. Ockwell
ISBN : 9781849712699
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Low carbon technology transfer to developing countries has been both a lynchpin and a stumbling block to a global deal on climate change. This book brings together the work of the world's leading contemporary researchers in this field.
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