Reality And Rhetoric

Author : P. T. Bauer
ISBN : 0674749472
Genre : Business & Economics
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"This book is the culmination of P.T. Bauer's observations and reflections on Third World economies over a period of thirty years. He critically examines the central issues of market cersus centrally planned economies, industrial development, official direct and multi-national resource transfers to the Third World, immigation policy in the Third World, and economic methodology."--Back cover.
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Reality And Rhetoric

Author : Jean Ely
ISBN : STANFORD:36105032706538
Genre : Education
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Children S Rights In Ghana

Author : Robert Kwame Ame
ISBN : 9780739169100
Genre : Social Science
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This is the first book that examines Ghana's compliance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). Ghana being the first country to ratify the Convention, it thus fills an important gap in the literature on Ghana. The book throws a searchlight on a wide range of rights issues including children's identity, violence against children and women, child exploitation and children in conflict with the law plus a host of other CRC related issues and further identifies and explains the main obstacles in the way of realizing children's rights in Ghana. A major strength of this book is that the contributors, Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians alike have vast experience in empirical research in Ghana and most importantly, come from diverse academic disciplines. Researchers, instructors, and students of Social Work, Sociology, Criminology Human Rights, Education and Law, are examples of a few academic disciplines that would find this book a welcome relief in their search for relevant and current data on children's issues in Ghana. It should also be of great interest to policy makers, human rights activists, Children's NGOs and international development partners interested in children's issues.
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The International Monetary Fund

Author : Graham Bird
ISBN : 9780857939708
Genre : Business & Economics
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There is no shortage of opinion about the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Some see it as the agent of austerity, being manipulated by wealthy nations and forcing poorer countries to pursue economic policies that suppress growth and development. A sharply contrasting view regards it as bailing out such countries with large amounts of soft finance, allowing them to avoid necessary adjustment. The challenge is to evaluate the alternative arguments and to distinguish reality from rhetoric. In this book, the authors undertake a careful and detailed empirical analysis of the underlying issues, covering participation in IMF programs, their implementation and effects on economic growth, and on the willingness of international capital markets to lend. Blending research methodologies and crossing conventional disciplinary boundaries, what emerges is a balanced and nuanced assessment of the IMF’s operations that confronts many commonly held views. Unique in its broad scope, this careful examination of the IMF will be of great interest to students and academics in the fields of international economics and international relations. Those involved in international financial institutions and national monetary institutions will also find it to be an impartial and illuminating study.
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Rhetoric And Reality In Plato S Phaedrus

Author : David A. White
ISBN : 0791412334
Genre : Philosophy
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The Phaedrus is well-known for the splendid mythical panorama Socrates develops in his second speech, and for its graphic descriptions of erotic behavior. This book shows how the details of the myth and the accounts of interaction between lovers are based on a carefully articulated metaphysical structure. It follows the dialogue as narrated, showing how passages that may not appear relevant to metaphysics have been deployed to heighten the vision of reality that Socrates develops in his second speech and concludes with an Epilogue in which the metaphysical principles adumbrated in the dialogue are ordered and briefly developed. This Epilogue helps illustrate the continuity between the Phaedrus and subsequent dialogues, such as the Parmenides, Sophist, Statesman, and Philebus, in which methodological and metaphysical concerns are dominant for Plato. As a result, new connections emerge between the metaphysical domain in Plato's thought and the more visible and vibrant areas of the psychology of eros and practical rhetoric. -- Back cover.
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Performance Based Budgeting

Author : Dong-Young Rhee
ISBN : OCLC:670185190
Genre : Budget
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A recurring theme in the field of public budgeting is the conflict between descriptive and normative theory. The literature related to descriptive theory suggests that factors, such as politics, the bureaucracy and economic conditions may dominate the public budget process. However, the current performance-based budgeting strategies are based on normative theory, which assumes performance information will have a direct impact on public sector resource allocations. This study examines this theme in the context of the latest performance-based budgeting effort implemented at the federal level of government: the Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART). To inspect whether performance information has any impact on budget decisions in Congress, an analytical model that combines various factors based on the both normative and descriptive theories was developed. The model includes political, fiscal, and bureaucratic factors cited in the descriptive literatures, and performance data provided by PART. Specifically, the research question is: Does the performance information contained in PART ratings have an impact on congressional budget appropriations? Through a series of regression analyses utilizing PART data across 688 programs in 24 federal agencies for a 4 year period, this study reveals that performance information influences congressional appropriations in significant but limited ways. The impact of performance information depends on the magnitude of the descriptive theory factors. Data analysis shows that PART not only provides evidence that performance-based budgeting can work in certain situations, but also implies it being rhetoric where the influence of performance information differs depending on the specific circumstances whether political, fiscal, or bureaucratic. The findings from this research include: 1) Performance information is vulnerable to political preferences, such as partisan goals, stakeholder pressure, and constituent needs. 2) The influence of PART is constrained by federal fiscal conditions. 3) Bureaucratic manager type dictates the patterns of performance and budget integration. Identifying and understanding the specific conditions under which performance information is the basis for resource allocations, in particular budget decisions in Congress, has implications for improving performance-based budgeting systems. When such conditions become clear, the normative theory of basing resource allocation on measurable indicators will be more realistic and powerful.
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Society As Text

Author : Richard Harvey Brown
ISBN : 0226076172
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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Brown makes elegant use of sociological theory and of insights from language philosophy, literary criticism, and rhetoric to articulate a new theory of the human sciences, using the powerful metaphor of society as text.
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Rhetoric And Reality

Author : James A. Berlin
ISBN : 0809386852
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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Berlin here continues his unique history of American college composition begun in his Writing Instruction in Nineteenth-Century Colleges (1984), turning now to the twentieth century. In discussing the variety of rhetorics that have been used in writing classrooms Berlin introduces a taxonomy made up of three categories: objective rhetorics, subjective rhetorics, and transactional rhetorics, which are distinguished by the epistemology on which each is based. He makes clear that these categories are not tied to a chronology but instead are to be found in the English department in one form or another during each decade of the century. His historical treatment includes an examination of the formation of the English department, the founding of the NCTE and its role in writing instruction, the training of teachers of writing, the effects of progressive education on writing instruction, the General Education Movement, the appearance of the CCCC, the impact of Sputnik, and today’s “literacy crisis.”
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Representing Reality

Author : Jonathan Potter
ISBN : 0803984111
Genre : Psychology
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`This is an admirable book which can be recommended to students with confidence, and is likely also to become an indispensable source of reference for those researching fact construction' - Discourse & Society How is reality manufactured? The idea of social construction has become a commonplace of much social research, yet precisely what is constructed, and how, and even what constructionism means, is often unclear or taken for granted. In this major work, Jonathan Potter offers a fascinating tour of the central themes raised by these questions. Representing Reality overviews the different traditions in constructionist thought. Points are illustrated throughout with
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