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The Rastafarians

Author : Leonard E. Barrett
ISBN : 0807010391
Genre : Religion
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Rastafarians is a Beacon Press publication.
Category: Religion


Author : Girma Yohannes Iyassu Menelik
ISBN : 9783640440115
Genre : Black nationalism
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Document from the year 2009 in the subject History - America, University of Bremen, language: English, abstract: The emergence and expansion of Rastafarianism has been a subject for some scholarly study in the Caribbean. The movement has flourished in due process as an outlet to a huge social and psychological confusions and decades-long conflicts inside the movement and society of the islands. To many sociologists, it is the inevitable consequence of Africans in Diaspora, people seeking to define their own identity and psychological needs. It is a movement created not by a revolution but out of confusions and in search of their roots with a Black God on the top. Rastafarianism presents a mixture of politics and theology that has emerged out of its formative years, as they call it "in the Babylon." In creating their own religion the Rastafarians depend not only on the historical, social or empirical experience of African descendants in the Diaspora but also for their own analysis to determine an active plan for liberation. Regardless of other social norms, they draw on the transcendental sources of human sensibility, theocracy and imagination. For as persons who see themselves to be persecuted, wronged and deprived, to be all but trapped in a situation of persistent material poverty including cultural degradation, the only way they see to get out of this situation "Babylon" is through an apocalypse. From the early Christian history we know that small groups who have worshipped false gods or established their own Temples never succeeded and their religions have corroded including their followers. However, it seems different with the Rastafarians; because their movement is growing stronger -speeding in almost all the continents. This book is in part a revised version of both books "Babylon Muss Fallen, Germany 1989 and "The Rastafarians: In search of Their Identity, Puerto Rico 1985" and in part a contribution of Rastafarian elders, women, activists and musicians.
Category: Black nationalism

The Rastafarians

Author : Leonard Barrett
ISBN : 9780807097052
Genre : Religion
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The classic work on the history and beliefs of the Rastafarians, whose roots of protest go back to the seventeenth-century maroon societies of escaped slaves in Jamaica. Based on an extensive study of the Rastafarians, their history, their ideology, and their influence in Jamaica, The Rastafarians is an important contribution to the sociology of religion and to our knowledge of the variety of religious expressions that have grown up during the West African Diaspora in the Western Hemisphere. From the Trade Paperback edition.
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Jah Kingdom

Author : Monique A. Bedasse
ISBN : 9781469633602
Genre : Social Science
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From its beginnings in 1930s Jamaica, the Rastafarian movement has become a global presence. While the existing studies of the Rastafarian movement have primarily focused on its cultural expression through reggae music, art, and iconography, Monique A. Bedasse argues that repatriation to Africa represents the most important vehicle of Rastafari's international growth. Shifting the scholarship on repatriation from Ethiopia to Tanzania, Bedasse foregrounds Rastafari's enduring connection to black radical politics and establishes Tanzania as a critical site to explore gender, religion, race, citizenship, socialism, and nation. Beyond her engagement with how the Rastafarian idea of Africa translated into a lived reality, she demonstrates how Tanzanian state and nonstate actors not only validated the Rastafarian idea of diaspora but were also crucial to defining the parameters of Pan-Africanism. Based on previously undiscovered oral and written sources from Tanzania, Jamaica, England, the United States, and Trinidad, Bedasse uncovers a vast and varied transnational network--including Julius Nyerere, Michael Manley, and C. L. R James--revealing Rastafari's entrenchment in the making of Pan-Africanism in the postindependence period.
Category: Social Science

1963 Rastafarians Rebellion Coral Gardens Montego Bay Jamaica

ISBN : 1468575775
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Selbourne Reid, the author of this book is a retired Detective Inspector of Police. He was a member of the Rifle Squad which travelled in front with Inspector Fisher who led the charge in the operation against the Rastafarians. He saw a man chopped and killed within three to five (3ft-5ft) feet of where he was standing. When he turned around to run from the scene he observed that one of his co-workers who was standing behind him was already seriously wounded and was bleeding from a machete wound he received across the back of his neck and shoulder. That indicated that a Killer Rasta-man had passed behind him and chopped his co-worker. Selbourne ran from the scene of terror as there was no ammunition in his rifle and escaped unscratched. He credits his escape to God’s Divine Intervention on his behalf. Fisher had refused to issue the ammunition to his men. He apparently was hoping to hand over command to Superintendent Jimmy Ricketts who ordered the reinforcement to meet him at the scene but could not be found when he Fisher and his men arrived. He was seriously wounded but was saved by a brave corporal who got a round of ammunition from him, quickly loaded a rifle and shot the Rasta-man who was in the act of killing Fisher while he was on the ground. There is a lot of humor in this book. For example; Inspector Fisher rhetorically asked “Where is Jimmy” on most of the occasions when he was requested to issue the ammunition to his men so many people after learning of what transpired, wondered if Fisher was saying ‘where is Jimmy’ where is Jimmy’ even when he was being chopped in his head by a Rasta- man. Ethical principles and a lesson to public officials in the social services and other public offices are included in this book. For example ‘The Foster Mother’ applicant who prepared herself to grant sexual favors because she felt that such action would guarantee success in her application to become a Foster Mother for her nephew. Selbourne graduated from the University of the West Indies with a BSc.degree in Public Administration. He migrated to the USA where he did further studies and was employed in New York and later Florida as Child Welfare Officer, Probation Officer and school teacher. He is also the Author of ‘Rastafarian Uprising’ (2010) and’ God’s Miraculous Healing Power’ (2011) which are available at the following: amazon.com, target, Barns & Noble, wwiic.com. [email protected] xulopress.com, authorhouse.com.
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Dominica The Dark Island

Author : Michael Tritico
ISBN : 9781475924237
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 70.16 MB
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Shortly after gaining independence from Britain, the island nation of Dominica implemented a farsighted policy protecting most of its biologically diverse rainforest as a national preserve. Former US Park Service Naturalist Michael Tritico traveled to Dominica intent on resting from his highly stressful confrontations in Louisiana’s ecological wars in hope of working as a volunteer in the new Dominican Park Service. Unfortunately, and unknown to him, people allegedly working for the Ku Klux Klan had also planned to travel from Louisiana to Dominica, though their intentions were much less benign. They had a plan for capturing the island, a scheme called Operation Red Dog. Although the invaders were stopped in New Orleans, US officials had alerted Dominican authorities to be on the lookout for any possible terrorists who might have slipped through the American dragnet. Michael was faced with these bizarre circumstances immediately after landing on the island. Despite interrogations and cryptic warnings from both Dominican and American officials, he attempted to pursue his original plans, experiencing grand moments during his nine days there, such as a beautiful tour of the Indian River and the island’s first nocturnal zombie hunt. In this memoir, he recalls his time on the island and reflects on what it has to offer, considering his misadventures to be a divinely orchestrated episode meant to draw attention to a potential model the island of Dominica provides.
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Author :
ISBN : UTEXAS:059173023138577
Genre : Rastafari movement
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Descriptions Translations And The Caribbean

Author : Rosanna Masiola
ISBN : 9783319409375
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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This book offers a new perspective on the role played by colonial descriptions and translation of Caribbean plants in representations of Caribbean culture. Through thorough examination of Caribbean phytonyms in lexicography, colonization, history, songs and translation studies, the authors argue that the Westernisation of vernacular phytonyms, while systematizing the nomenclature, blurred and erased the cultural tradition of Caribbean plants and medicinal herbs. Means of transmission and preservation of this oral culture was in the plantation songs and herb vendor songs. Musical creativity is a powerful form of resistance, as in the case of Reggae music and the rise of Rastafarians, and Bob Marley’s ‘untranslatable’ lyrics. This book will be of interest to scholars of Caribbean studies and to linguists interested in pushing the current Eurocentric boundaries of translation studies.
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The Rastafarians

Author : Leonard Emmanuel Barrett
ISBN : OCLC:81255510
Genre : Jamaica
File Size : 66.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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