Raising Mixed Race

Author : Sharon H Chang
ISBN : 9781317330509
Genre : Family & Relationships
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Research continues to uncover early childhood as a crucial time when we set the stage for who we will become. In the last decade, we have also seen a sudden massive shift in America’s racial makeup with the majority of the current under-5 age population being children of color. Asian and multiracial are the fastest growing self-identified groups in the United States. More than 2 million people indicated being mixed race Asian on the 2010 Census. Yet, young multiracial Asian children are vastly underrepresented in the literature on racial identity. Why? And what are these children learning about themselves in an era that tries to be ahistorical, believes the race problem has been “solved,” and that mixed race people are proof of it? This book is drawn from extensive research and interviews with sixty-eight parents of multiracial children. It is the first to examine the complex task of supporting our youngest around being “two or more races” and Asian while living amongst “post-racial” ideologies.
Category: Family & Relationships

The Beiging Of America Personal Narratives About Being Mixed Race In The 21st Century

Author : Cathy J. Schlund Vials
ISBN : 9781940939551
Genre : Social Science
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THE BEIGING OF AMERICA, BEING MIXED RACE IN THE 21ST CENTURY, takes on “race matters” and considers them through the firsthand accounts of mixed race people in the United States. Edited by mixed race scholars Cathy J. Schlund-Vials, Sean Frederick Forbes and Tara Betts, this collection consists of 39 poets, writers, teachers, professors, artists and activists, whose personal narratives articulate the complexities of interracial life. THE BEIGING OF AMERICA is an absorbing and thought-provoking collection of stories that explore racial identity, alienation, with people often forced to choose between races and cultures in their search for self-identity. While underscoring the complexity of the mixed race experience, these unadorned voices offer a genuine, poignant, enlightening and empowering message to all readers.
Category: Social Science

Racial Theories In Social Science

Author : Sean Elias
ISBN : 9781317240570
Genre : Social Science
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Racial Theories in Social Science: A Systemic Racism Critique provides a critique of the white racial framing and lack of systemic-racism analysis prevalent in past and present mainstream race theory. As this book demonstrates, mainstream racial analysis, and social analysis more generally, remain stunted and uncritical because of this unhealthy white framing of knowledge and evasion or downplaying of institutional, structural, and systemic racism. In response to ineffective social science analyses of racial matters, this book presents a counter-approach---systemic racism theory. The foundation of this theoretical perspective lies in the critical insights and perspectives of African Americans and other people of color who have long challenged biased white-framed perspectives and practices and the racially oppressive and exclusionary institutions and social systems created by whites over several centuries.
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Author : James V Fenelon
ISBN : 9781315520681
Genre : Social Science
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This book assesses the controversies over the Washington NFL team name as a window into other recent debates about the use of Native American mascots for professional and college sports teams. Fenelon explores the origin of team names in institutional racism and mainstream society’s denial of the impact of four centuries of colonial conquest. Fenelon’s analysis is supported by his surveys and interviews about the "Redskins" name and Cleveland "Indians" mascot "Chief Wahoo." A majority of Native peoples see these mascots as racist, including the National Congress of American Indians—even though mainstream media and public opinion claim otherwise. Historical analysis divulges these terms as outgrowths of "savage" and "enemy icon" racist depictions of Native nations. The book ties the history of conquest to idealized claims of democracy, freedom, and "honoring" sports teams.
Category: Social Science

Multicultural Education Of Children And Adolescents

Author : M. Lee Manning
ISBN : 9781351737418
Genre : Education
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Multicultural Education of Children and Adolescents explores the foundations of diversity through cultural portraits of young people from a variety of backgrounds, and provides practical strategies for shaping and implementing a multicultural curriculum. In Part I, the authors introduce multicultural education as a concept and document the increasing cultural diversity of the United States. The text describes, in Part II, various cultural groups—including African, American Indian, and Hispanic cultures—to help pre-service teachers better understand the backgrounds of diverse learners. Part III focuses on topics that educators should consider when planning and implementing programs that teach acceptance and respect for cultural diversity. Through this series of applied chapters, teacher candidates will learn to use the most effective instructional practices with diverse learners, and to work successfully with families, school personnel, and administrators to implement a multicultural program. Content and features new to the sixth edition include the following: Every chapter opens with a real-life story that introduces the subject matter by showing the ideas in action. Points to Ponder boxes urge readers to reflect more deeply on information they have just read. Additional Case Studies with accompanying Questions for Discussion in all chapters enable nuanced consideration of the crucial differences between culturally specific learning styles. Increased emphasis on Social Justice and White Privilege, including its effects on all people. Chapter 13 has been significantly revised to include increased and updated information on sexual orientation, including transgender students. Chapters in Part II now feature further expanded sections on socioeconomic status and conditions of each ethnic group.
Category: Education

Racism In The Neoliberal Era

Author : Randolph Hohle
ISBN : 9781315527475
Genre : Social Science
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Racism in the Neoliberal Era explains how simple racial binaries like black/white are no longer sufficient to explain the persistence of racism, capitalism, and elite white power. The neoliberal era features the largest black middle class in US history and extreme racial marginalization. Hohle focuses on how the origins and expansion of neoliberalism depended on language or semiotic assemblage of white-private and black public. The language of neoliberalism explains how the white racial frame operates like a web of racial meanings that connect social groups with economic policy, geography, and police brutality. When America was racially segregated, elites consented to political pressure to develop and fund white-public institutions. The black civil rights movement eliminated legal barriers that prevented racial integration. In response to black civic inclusion, elite whites used a language of white-private/black-public to deregulate the Voting Rights Act and banking. They privatized neighborhoods, schools, and social welfare, creating markets around poverty. They oversaw the mass incarceration and systemic police brutality against people of color. Citizenship was recast as a privilege instead of a right. Neoliberalism is the result of the latest elite white strategy to maintain political and economic power.
Category: Social Science

Red And Yellow Black And Brown

Author : Joanne L. Rondilla
ISBN : 9780813587325
Genre : Social Science
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Red and Yellow, Black and Brown gathers together life stories and analysis by twelve contributors who express and seek to understand the often very different dynamics that exist for mixed race people who are not part white. The chapters focus on the social, psychological, and political situations of mixed race people who have links to two or more peoples of color— Chinese and Mexican, Asian and Black, Native American and African American, South Asian and Filipino, Black and Latino/a and so on. Red and Yellow, Black and Brown addresses questions surrounding the meanings and communication of racial identities in dual or multiple minority situations and the editors highlight the theoretical implications of this fresh approach to racial studies.
Category: Social Science

Ein Amerikanischer Traum

Author : Barack Obama
ISBN : 3446230211
Genre : African Americans
File Size : 71.18 MB
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Bertha Von Suttner

Author : Brigitte Hamann
ISBN : 9783850337731
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Sie war nicht nur die prominenteste politische Journalistin ihrer Zeit und Begründerin der Friedensgesellschaft, sie kämpfte Zeit ihres Lebens leidenschaftlich gegen überholte Konventionen, gegen die Unterdrückung der Frauen und gegen den Antisemitismus. Ihr Bestseller "Die Waffen nieder" (1889) verschaffte ihr Weltruhm, und ihrer Initiative verdanken wir die Stiftung des Friedensnobelpreises, den sie 1905 als erste weibliche Preisträgerin verliehen bekam. Brigitte Hamann fügt in dieser bebilderten Biografie ein facettenreiches Bild Bertha von Suttners zusammen: ihre Jugend in Prag und Wien, die Spielleidenschaft der Mutter, ihre romantische Liebe zu ihrem deutlich jüngeren Mann Arthur, die abenteuerliche gemeinsame Flucht in den Kaukasus, die Jahre der Entbehrung und ihre Emanzipation zu einer anerkannten Journalistin und Schriftstellerin, schließlich ihr Engagement für die internationale Friedensbewegung. Vor dem Hintergrund der politischen und sozialgeschichtlichen Ereignisse entsteht so ein lebendiges, differenziertes Panorama der untergehenden Donaumonarchie am Vorabend des Ersten Weltkriegs.
Category: Biography & Autobiography