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Racism Sexism And The Media

Author : Clint C Wilson II
ISBN : 9781452290003
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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The Fourth Edition of Racism, Sexism, and the Media examines how different race, ethnic, and gender groups fit into the fabric of America; how the media influence and shape everyone's perception of how they fit; and how the media and advertisers are continuously adapting their communications to effectively reach these groups. The authors explore how the rise of class/group-focused communication, resulting from the convergence of new media technologies and continued demographic segmentation of audiences, has led media outlets and advertisers to see women and people of color as influential key audiences and target markets, as well as a source of stereotypes, which may lead to media insensitivity and may help perpetuate social inequity. The Fourth Edition includes updated content on topics covered in the previous editions, and new material on: women of color, including an integrated assessment of their media experiences; new material on Muslim, Arab, and Asian groups; new technologies; and social media use and their impact
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Racism Sexism And The Media

Author : Clint C. Wilson
ISBN : UCSC:32106017159077
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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Racial and ethnic inclusiveness has grown to be more important in the Untied States as its society has become increasingly diverse. Racism, Sexism, and the Media: The Rise of Class Communication in Multicultural America, Third Edition examines how people of color fit into the fabric of America and how the media tell them and others how they fit. Authors Clint C. Wilson, Félix Gutiérrez, and Lena M. Chao perceive the rise of class communication as a result of the convergence of new media technologies and continued demographic segmentation of audiences as people of color grow as targets of and markets for the media. Racism, Sexism, and the Media, Third Edition is recommended for undergraduate and graduate students of mass communication and social sciences, including journalism, broadcasting, film, and advertising.
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Spanish Language Television In The United States

Author : Kenton T. Wilkinson
ISBN : 9781317688600
Genre : Social Science
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Since its introduction in the early 1960s, Spanish-language television in the United States has grown in step with the Hispanic population. Industry and demographic projections forecast rising influence through the 21st century. This book traces U.S. Spanish-language television’s development from the 1960s to 2013, illustrating how business, regulation, politics, demographics and technological change have interwoven during a half century of remarkable change for electronic media. Spanish-language media play key social, political and economic roles in U.S. society, connecting many Hispanics to their cultures of origin, each other, and broader U.S. society. Yet despite the population’s increasing impact on U.S. culture, in elections and through an estimated $1.3 trillion in spending power in 2014, this is the first comprehensive academic source dedicated to the medium and its history. The book combines information drawn from the business press and trade journals with industry reports and academic research to provide a balanced perspective on the origins, maturation and accelerated growth of a significant ethnic-oriented medium.
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Media Disparity

Author : Cory L. Armstrong
ISBN : 9780739181881
Genre : Social Science
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This book highlights the progress—or lack thereof—in media regarding portrayals of women, across genres and cultures within the twenty-first century.
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Whither The Black Press

Author : Clint C. Wilson II
ISBN : 9781493161454
Genre : History
File Size : 87.31 MB
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Those who have wondered whatever “happened” to the Black press will find answers in this informative and entertaining book that addresses the various issues that contributed to the decline of African American newspapers and examines whether new media platforms of the 21st century can fill the void. Written by a recognized Black press scholar and professional journalist, the book explores the historic development of African American newspapers from their African roots to the founding of their first weekly journal and into the glory years as the communication foundation for the Civil Rights Movement. In the process the author reveals little known facts about the ways in which the Black press wove itself into the fabric of American culture among the White and Black populations. Along the way this easy-to-read volume brings to life interesting historical facts including: -- The early development of literary and publishing endeavors among Black people in colonial America and what Thomas Jefferson wrote about them. -- The ironic consequences that visited White publications following the U.S. Supreme Court’s racial segregation decision in Plessy vs. Ferguson. -- The roles played by aviation pioneers Wilbur and Orville Wright in the launch of a Black newspaper published by Paul Laurence Dunbar. -- How the Black press reacted to the controversial success of the Amos ‘N’ Andy radio show in the 1930s. -- Why the Black press found itself at a disadvantage in reporting the Civil Rights Movement for which it had been largely responsible. -- What factors led to the strained relationship between the Black press and African American journalists who work for White-owned news organizations. Whither the Black Press? is a well written, interpretive historical account of African American newspapers and their struggle for survival against the backdrop of hegemonic White political, social and economic forces. It brings perspective and understanding of how a venerable African American institution journeyed through a glorious past into an uncertain future.
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Author : Edward Wadie Said
ISBN : 9776174213
Genre : East and West
File Size : 74.48 MB
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Author : نوال السعداوي
ISBN : 9789776644304
Genre :
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«اضطهادُ المرأةِ لا يَرجعُ إلى الشرقِ أو الغربِ أو الإسلامِ أو الأديان، ولكنَّه يَرجعُ أساسًا إلى النُّظمِ الأبويةِ في المجتمعِ البَشريِّ كلِّه.» جسَّدتْ مُعاناةُ المرأةِ العربيةِ ضدَّ القِيَمِ والعاداتِ والتقاليدِ الموروثة، بالإضافةِ إلى الفَهمِ الخاطئِ للدِّين، مَلْحمةً كبيرةً امتدَّتْ لعُصورٍ طويلة، ولم تكُنْ تلكَ المُعاناةُ حصادَ رافدٍ واحدٍ من تلكَ الرَّوافد، بل انحدرَتْ منها جميعًا. ولم تكُنْ للشرقِ أو الغربِ يدٌ فيما وصلَتْ له حالُ المرأة، وبالتبعيةِ لم تكُنْ للدينِ المسيحيِّ أو الإسلاميِّ مُشارَكةٌ في اضطهادِها، غيرَ أنَّ هذا كلَّه استُتْبِعَ بتأويلاتٍ تُراثيةٍ عالجَتْ مشكلاتِ المرأةِ بأشكالٍ عدةٍ خاطئة، أدَّتْ إلى ظُهورِ المَوروثاتِ الشعبيةِ التي تحُضُّ على العُنفِ ضدَّ المرأةِ وسَلْبِها حُقوقَها، ومَنْعِها من مُمارسةِ حياةٍ طبيعيةٍ كانَتْ في القديمِ حقًّا أصيلًا لها لا يُنازعُها فيه مُنازِع.

Author : Robert B. Cialdini
ISBN : 9789960547466
Genre : Business & Economics
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التأثير, الكتاب الكلاسيكي حول عملية الإقناع, يشرح مبادئ علم النفس التي تقف وراء قول الناس «نعم» لأي طلب كان, كما يشرح كيفية تطبيق فهم هذه المبادئ. الدكتور روبرت سيالديني مدرّس خبير في حقلي التأثير والإقناع المتناميين بسرعة. إن هذا الكتاب الذي ينظر إليه في الأوساط العلمية نظرة مرموقة جداً؛ فهو حصيلة خمس وثلاثين سنة من الأبحاث الدقيقة المعتمدة على الأدلة القوية، إضافة إلى برنامج استمر ثلاث سنوات من الدراسة الميدانية لما يدفع الناس إلى تغيير سلوكهم. سوف نتعلم المبادئ الستة الأساسية, وكيف نستعملها كي نصبح مهرة في فن الإقناع- وكيف ندافع عن أنفسنا ضد من يحاول أن يستغلنا بإقناعنا بما يريد. هذا الكتاب مثالي لجميع الناس العاملين في جميع نواحي الحياة. سوف تغيّر مبادئ التأثيرشخصيتك تغييراً إيجابياً قوياً وتقودك نحو النجاح. العبيكان للنشر
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Author :
ISBN : 9789775171139
Genre :
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The classic story of Huck Finn and his companion, the slave Jim, as they journey down the Mississippi River after running away from Huck's drunken father and Jim's owners.

Author : ألدوس هكسلي/مروة سامى/-
ISBN : 9789776539105
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 24.72 MB
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بناية رمادية منخفضة ، لا تزيد عن أربعة و ثلاثين طابقاً فقط كُتبت على مدخلها الرئيسى عبارة : ( مركز وسط لندن للتفريخ و التكييف ) ، و كُتب على درع شعار الدولة العالمية : (المجتمع ، و الهوية، و الاستقرار) تُواجه قاعة الطابق الأرضي الفسيحة جهة الشمال ، ممًا يجعلها باردة طوال الصيف ، وراء ألواح النوافذ الزجاجية ، على النقيض من جو الغرفة الاستوائي ، واخترق شعاع رفيع ثاقب النافذة يبحث بنهم عن جسد متدثر ملقى
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