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Public Health Informatics And Information Systems

Author : J.A. Magnuson
ISBN : 9781447142379
Genre : Medical
File Size : 28.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This revised edition covers all aspects of public health informatics and discusses the creation and management of an information technology infrastructure that is essential in linking state and local organizations in their efforts to gather data for the surveillance and prevention. Public health officials will have to understand basic principles of information resource management in order to make the appropriate technology choices that will guide the future of their organizations. Public health continues to be at the forefront of modern medicine, given the importance of implementing a population-based health approach and to addressing chronic health conditions. This book provides informatics principles and examples of practice in a public health context. In doing so, it clarifies the ways in which newer information technologies will improve individual and community health status. This book's primary purpose is to consolidate key information and promote a strategic approach to information systems and development, making it a resource for use by faculty and students of public health, as well as the practicing public health professional. Chapter highlights include: The Governmental and Legislative Context of Informatics; Assessing the Value of Information Systems; Ethics, Information Technology, and Public Health; and Privacy, Confidentiality, and Security. Review questions are featured at the end of every chapter. Aside from its use for public health professionals, the book will be used by schools of public health, clinical and public health nurses and students, schools of social work, allied health, and environmental sciences.
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Public Health Informatics And Information Systems

Author : Patrick W. O'Carroll
ISBN : 9780387227450
Genre : Medical
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Let us not go over the old ground, let us rather prepare for what is to come. —Marcus Tullius Cicero Improvements in the health status of communities depend on effective public health and healthcare infrastructures. These infrastructures are increasingly electronic and tied to the Internet. Incorporating emerging technologies into the service of the community has become a required task for every public health leader. The revolution in information technology challenges every sector of the health enterprise. Individuals, care providers, and public health agencies can all benefit as we reshape public health through the adoption of new infor- tion systems, use of electronic methods for disease surveillance, and refor- tion of outmoded processes. However, realizing the benefits will be neither easy nor inexpensive. Technological innovation brings the promise of new ways of improving health. Individuals have become more involved in knowing about, and managing and improving, their own health through Internet access. Similarly, healthcare p- viders are transforming the ways in which they assess, treat, and document - tient care through their use of new technologies. For example, point-of-care and palm-type devices will soon be capable of uniquely identifying patients, s- porting patient care, and documenting treatment simply and efficiently.
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Global Health Informatics

Author : Heimar Marin
ISBN : 9780128046173
Genre : Computers
File Size : 88.13 MB
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Global Health Informatics: How Information Technology Can Change Our Lives in a Globalized World discusses the critical role of information and communication technologies in health practice, health systems management and research in increasingly interconnected societies. In a global interconnected world the old standalone institutional information systems have proved to be inadequate for patient-centered care provided by multiple providers, for the early detection and response to emerging and re-emerging diseases, and to guide population-oriented public health interventions. The book reviews pertinent aspects and successful current experiences related to standards for health information systems; digital systems as a support for decision making, diagnosis and therapy; professional and client education and training; health systems operation; and intergovernmental collaboration. Discusses how standalone systems can compromise health care in globalized world Provides information on how information and communication technologies (ICT) can support diagnose, treatment, and prevention of emerging and re-emerging diseases Presents case studies about integrated information and how and why to share data can facilitate governance and strategies to improve life conditions
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Essentials Of Health Information Systems And Technology

Author : Jean A. Balgrosky
ISBN : 9781449648008
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 82.38 MB
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As health care and public health continue to evolve, the field of health information systems (HIS) has revealed an overwhelming universe of new, emerging, competing, and conflicting technologies and services. This book unravels the mysteries of HIS by breaking technologies down to their component parts, while articulating intricate concepts clearly and carefully in simple, reader-friendly language. It will provide undergraduate and early graduate students with a solid understanding not only of what is needed for a successful healthcare career in HIS, but also of the future as we develop new tools to support improved methods of care, analytics, policy, research, and public health. Contents include: HIS overview; systems and management; biomedical informatics; data and analytics; research, policy, and public health; future directions of HIS. --
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Public Health Informatics

Author : Sundeep Sahay
ISBN : 9780191076541
Genre : Medical
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Over the last three decades enormous effort has gone into strengthening public health information systems (HIS). They are now a key element of health sector reform initiatives, but are growing in complexity. This is driven by the increasing diversity of technology platforms, increasing demands for information, the multitude of actors involved, and the need for data security and privacy. Initiatives like Universal Health Coverage and Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases are expected to place further burdens on all health systems. However, they will pose particular challenges in resource-constrained settings, such as low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), where health systems have struggled to provide quality care. Public Health Informatics discusses the challenges that exist in the design, development, and implementation of HIS. Key problem areas, such as sub-adequate data and problems of inter-operability, are analysed in detail and the book looks at possible approaches to addressing these challenges in LMICs. Case studies critically appraise the experiences of countries and health programmes in the building of HISs, to determine the successes and failures of varying approaches. Finally, the book explores how future systems in developing countries can be shaped. The expert author team has two decades experience in over 30 LMICs, and includes researchers and practitioners from the fields of informatics, public health, and medicine. This uniquely comprehensive account of information systems in the public health setting will be of use to the wide range of people working in this broad cross-disciplinary field, from software developers to public health practitioners and researchers.
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Integrating Information Technology And Management For Quality Of Care

Author : J. Mantas
ISBN : 9781614994237
Genre : Medical
File Size : 42.53 MB
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The impact of information technology on the management of healthcare has been enormous in recent years, and it continues to grow in scope and complexity. This book presents papers from the 2014 International Conference on Informatics, Management, and Technology in Healthcare (ICIMTH), held in Athens, Greece, in July 2014. The book includes 79 full papers and 12 poster presentations as well as keynotes, two workshops and three tutorials. Papers are divided into sections including: clinical informatics; decision support and intelligent systems; e-learning and education; health informatics, information management and technology assessment; healthcare IT; mobile technology in healthcare; public health informatics and issues; social and legal issues; and telemedicine. The book will be of interest to all those whose work involves the use of biomedical and health informatics.
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International Perspectives In Health Informatics

Author : Elizabeth Borycki
ISBN : 9781607507086
Genre : Medical
File Size : 72.50 MB
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Health information systems are now widely used around the world to raise the quality of healthcare, reduce medical error rates and improve access to health information and services, and health informatics is now recognized as a separate and unique area of disciplinary study and professional practice. This book presents the proceedings of the 2011 Information Technology and Communications in Health (ITCH) conference, in Victoria, BC, Canada in February 2011. Health informatics issues are not unique to one country or one organization and with its theme of International Perspectives, this conference provides a unique opportunity to share the lessons learned by both developed and developing countries. Effective use of scarce healthcare resources, ensuring the long-term sustainability of healthcare systems and moving the science of health informatics forward are discussed, and the conference also addresses key issues at the intersection of technology and healthcare such as; privacy, ethics, patient safety, efficiency and effectiveness, which are common to healthcare providers worldwide. The improvement of healthcare systems which employ health informatics technology is dependent upon such international exchanges and solution-sharing, and this book will be of interest to all those involved in providing better healthcare worldwide.
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Introduction To Health Informatics

Author : Christo El Morr
ISBN : 9781773380001
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 68.41 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Introduction to Health Informatics is the first book to examine health informatics within the Canadian healthcare environment. Presenting concepts and applications of health informatics in a clear and structured way, the author considers key foundational topics including computers and networks, databases and information systems, system analysis and design, and usability. After introducing students to the building blocks of the field, Christo El Morr explores information systems in hospitals, telemedicine, consumer health informatics, public health informatics, and electronic health records. The text wraps up with a discussion of privacy, confidentiality, security challenges, and emerging trends such as big data analytics, gamification, and wearable devices. The chapters present a wealth of learning tools, including key terms, questions that test the reader’s understanding, reflective activities, and practical assignments that make use of free software. Shedding light on current issues and the intricacies involved in health informatics in Canada, each chapter provides examples of provincial and territorial projects and features an interview with a health informatics professional about real-life applications. Identifying how information technologies influence and affect a range of Canadian healthcare stakeholders, this comprehensive overview is an invaluable read for students in the health informatics, health management, health policy, and global health fields.
Category: Social Science

Disease Surveillance

Author : Joseph S. Lombardo
ISBN : 9781118569054
Genre : Medical
File Size : 38.9 MB
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An up-to-date and comprehensive treatment of biosurveillancetechniques With the worldwide awareness of bioterrorism and drug-resistantinfectious diseases, the need for surveillance systems toaccurately detect emerging epidemicsis essential for maintainingglobal safety. Responding to these issues, Disease Surveillancebrings together fifteen eminent researchers in the fields ofmedicine, epidemiology, biostatistics, and medical informatics todefine the necessary elements of an effective disease surveillanceprogram, including research, development, implementation, andoperations. The surveillance systems and techniques presented inthe text are designed to best utilize modern technology, manageemerging public health threats, and adapt to environmentalchanges. Following a historical overview detailing the need for diseasesurveillance systems, the text is divided into the following threeparts: Part One sets forth the informatics knowledge needed toimplement a disease surveillance system, including a discussion ofdata sources currently used in syndromic surveillance systems. Part Two provides case studies of modern disease surveillancesystems, including cases that highlight implementation andoperational difficulties as well as the successes experienced byhealth departments in the United States, Canada, Europe, andAsia. Part Three addresses practical issues concerning the evaluationof disease surveillance systems and the education of futureinformatics and disease surveillance practitioners. It alsoassesses how future technology will shape the field of diseasesurveillance. This book's multidisciplinary approach is ideal for publichealth professionals who need to understand all the facets within adisease surveillance program and implement the technology needed tosupport surveillance activities. An outline of the componentsneeded for a successful disease surveillance system combined withextensive use of case studies makes this book well-suited as atextbook for public health informatics courses
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