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ISBN : 1943876290
Genre : Photography
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Provocateur brings together in a single lavish volume several of the bad boy Tyler Shield's collections, including a series of retro-style glamour portraits, ethereally decadent Marie Antoinette-inspired visions, and rustic woodland scenes that serve as a backdrop for modern-day nymphs.
Category: Photography

Agent Provocateur

Author : Joseph Corré
ISBN : IND:30000079587196
Genre : Psychology
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An Agent Provocateur is a spy who tries to provoke people to act illegally -- a small spark that has a large effect. Based on the popular Agent Provocateur lingerie shop in London, this book studies female sexuality without embarrassment, but with empowerment. Exploring the catalysts -- history, fashion and social culture -- Agent Provocateur is a lavish tribute to the celebration of the absolute and fascinating uniqueness of the feminine spirit.
Category: Psychology

The Provocateur

Author : Lawrence Weber
ISBN : 9780676806533
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 26.49 MB
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What’s the difference between CEOs like Lou Gerstner of IBM and Larry Ellison of Oracle? Between basketball coaches Phil Jackson and Bobby Knight? Or media entrepreneurs Oprah Winfrey and Rupert Murdoch? Gerstner, Jackson, and Winfrey are provocateurs, leaders who are successful not just because they have built a company or an organization, but because they have created a community. Provocateurs are changing both the form and the content of leadership and are in sync with a world being turned upside down by technology, the global economy, and the social landscape. Success has traditionally been based on command and control, and the model for many leaders was the general who marshaled people and resources to get the product out the door and onto the shelf. Early in his career, Larry Weber had the opportunity to meet or work with people like Mitch Kapor, the founder of Lotus, and Steve Jobs, the cofounder of Apple. He saw that they were more like the leaders of rock bands (or the directors of theater groups or circus ringmasters), who encourage innovation and individuality. A rock band does have a leader—think of Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones—but one who promotes the group and encourages individuality. And when a rival band comes to town, it’s not cause for head-to-head competition but an opportunity to increase the size of the pie by creating more fans, or customers, for their genre of music. Provocateurs think and act differently because they put the customer at the center of everything. They are: * Educators like Patrick McGovern, who built IDG into a publishing and research powerhouse by empowering his employees to think globally and act locally; * Entertainers like Jeff Taylor, who managed to build a bond with employees and customers through talent and charisma; * Sherpas like Rick Wagoner, who is guiding General Motors into new territories; * Concierges like Lou Gerstner of IBM, who believe the product is important but so are customer service, delivery, financing, and every other element. They keep everything running smoothly from check-in to check-out. So, if someone says, “Your company is like a circus,” Larry Weber wants you to take it as a compliment. After all, who wouldn’t want to be compared with Cirque du Soleil, an organization that combines creativity, artistry, and caring for its people with success and profit. The people running organizations like this circus are provocateurs at the cutting edge of business. For a free subscription to the Crown Business E-Newsletter, e-mail [email protected] Visit the Crown Business website at From the Hardcover edition.
Category: Business & Economics

The President And The Provocateur

Author : Alex Cox
ISBN : 9781842439425
Genre : History
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The President and the Provocateur explores the parallel lives of John F. Kennedy, born into wealth and celebrity, destined for glory and a violent death, and of Lee Harvey Oswald, born into poverty and obscurity, murdered in police custody and convicted - without a lawyer or a trial - of the killing of JFK. 50 years after both men were murdered, Alex Cox provides a chronological account of their lives' strange intersections, their shared interests, and the increasing body of evidence which suggests that Lee Harvey Oswald was working for some branch of the government - most likely the FBI or IRS - as an infiltrator of subversive groups, and agent provocateur.
Category: History


Author : Anthony J. Cortese
ISBN : 0742568768
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 55.36 MB
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In the third edition of Provocateur, sociologist Anthony Cortese offers an in-depth critical analysis of modern advertising_perhaps the most powerful cultural and economic institution. Focusing on images of women and minorities, he unravels the ideologies of domination and control in contemporary commerce. The depiction of ethnic and gender relations in advertising subtly colors our understanding of status arrangements and social boundaries. Connecting these images to periods of social change also highlights, in a more nuanced way, the social norms and cultural ideologies of a particular age. The third edition includes updated advertisements and analyses, and Cortese concludes with policy implications for advertising. The previous edition of Provocateur was honored by CHOICE magazine as an Outstanding Academic Title, with its highest rating: 'Essential.'
Category: Social Science

Pierre Bourdieu

Author : Michael Grenfell
ISBN : 0826467091
Genre : Philosophy
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The French social theorist Pierre Bourdieu is now recognized as leading intellectual of the late twentieth century, and one whose ideas are very much relevant for the twenty-first.
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Author : Roman Gulʹ
ISBN : UOM:39015028010232
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Agent Provocateur

Author : Agent Provocateur
ISBN : 1862058385
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 69.91 MB
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It’s Showtime. Toss aside your latest read and get to grips with the real thing – Agent Provocateur are back with a beautifully bound collection of their most erotic tales yet. Ever ready to please and amuse, these tales of lust and adventure will take you out of your daily life and into the sensuous world of Agent Provocateur. 69 is a flip-sided volume. Open the first ''pink'' half and titillating tales of the boudoir will delight and amuse. Turn the book over and delve into the ''black'' side and tales of a darker nature ensue. Illustrated throughout with erotic line drawings, this book is truly an object of desire. Written for the modern woman, these stories allow the reader to live vicariously through the scantily clad and ever changing erotic world of Agent Provocateur. Positively bursting with erotic short stories to tantalise and enthrall, we will broaden your sexual fantasies, and may even inspire your next adventure.
Category: Fiction


Author : Agent Provocateur
ISBN : 1862057478
Genre : Erotic fiction
File Size : 56.44 MB
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'The story of V' is anonymous for many reasons. The most important reason is to protect the identity of the subject of the story: a beautiful woman who has all she wants in life; a husband; wealth; adoring friends; a fashionable career; a loyal best friend - and oft-time lover; and yet she seeks insatiably to fulfil her sexual desires with other men (and sometimes women) putting at risk the life she holds so dear. The story is related by her best friend, an anonymous male narrator, who has been her friend since they met 15 years ago at university, their friendship and loyalty is so strong that they often can be described as lovers. V constantly regales him with her sexual adventures, sometimes to amuse, sometimes to horrify, sometimes (he suspects) to turn him on; which they do. He hangs off her every word, often worrying about how far she will push herself and what she is risking and yet never judging her. Their relationship thrives on this unspoken complicity. And, after all... sometimes she allows him reenact her sexploits.
Category: Erotic fiction

Agent Provocateur

Author : Jeffery Lee Satterfield
ISBN : 1449097766
Genre : Fiction
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London. June, 1897. When Herron Strangways sees a man killed by a locomotive, he dismisses it as part of the rotten day hes been having. Then he learns the victim was a secret agent whose death was murder, and Herron is the chief suspect. To save his own skin, he must elude the police and the real killers while untangling the clues to a plot to assassinate the Queen. First, he must locate a woman he glimpsed briefly at the train station, who may unwittingly hold the key to unlocking the conspiracy. But who and where is she? He must also discover a connection between terrorists planning a coup against the British government and an unidentified object flying over the United States, if one exists. Herron has three days. He should live so long.
Category: Fiction