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Properties Of Solid Polymeric Materials

Author : J. M. Schultz
ISBN : 9781483218199
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 90.37 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Treatise on Materials Science and Technology, Volume 10: Properties of Solid Polymeric Materials, Part A covers knowledge in the critical areas of polymeric materials. The book provides a background in polymer structure and morphogenesis, and discusses rubberlike elasticity, a phenomenon thermodynamically unique to long-chain polymers. The text also describes the mechanics of anisotropie, oriented polymeric systems and of glassy polymers. The fatigue behavior in solid polymers and the electrical properties of solid polymers are also reviewed. The book further tackles the electron processes and electrical breakdown in polymers. The text concludes with a discussion of the role of the environment on the integrity of polymeric solids. Materials scientists, materials engineers, and graduate students taking related courses will find the book useful.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Treatise On Materials Science And Technology

Author : Herbert Herman
ISBN : 9780323149457
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 65.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Treatise on Materials Science and Technology, Volume 20: Ultrarapid Quenching of Liquid Alloys investigates the relationship between the science and utility of materials, with emphasis on the ultrarapid quenching of liquid alloys. Topics covered range from rapid solidification of non-metals and crystalline iron-base alloys to corrosion behavior of amorphous alloys. Experimental methods in rapid quenching from the melt are also discussed. This volume is comprised of nine chapters and begins with a historical overview of various methods that have evolved for producing rapidly solidified materials. The criteria for the formation of highly metastable states and how these relate to experiment are described. Subsequent chapters explore rapid solidification of non-metals; the industrial implications of rapid solidification of iron-based alloys by means of plasma spraying; annealing effects in metallic glasses; and the corrosion behavior of amorphous alloys. The mechanical properties of metallic glasses are also considered, along with the electrical properties of rapidly solidified materials. This book should be of interest to materials scientists and engineers as well as metallurgists, researchers, and students.
Category: Technology & Engineering

The Physics Of Polymers

Author : Gert R. Strobl
ISBN : 9783662032435
Genre : Science
File Size : 72.30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Polymer physics is one of the key courses not only in polymer science but also in material science. In his textbook Strobl presents the elements of polymer physics to the necessary extent in a very didactical way. His main focus is on the concepts and major phenomena of polymer physics, not just on mere physical methods. He has written the book in a personal style evaluating the concepts he is dealing with. Every student in polymer and materials science will be happy to have it on his shelf.
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Materials Science And Technology Structure And Properties Of Composites

Author : Robert W. Cahn
ISBN : 352726826X
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 74.58 MB
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This handbook provides an in-depth overview of the structure and properties of composite materials. Contents: Parvizi-Majidi: Fibers and Whiskers. Newaz, Chawla, Olagnon/Fantozzi: Polymer-, Ceramic- and Metal-Matrix Materials. Mai/Kim: Interfaces. Bussi/Ishida: Morphology Control. Eduljee/ McCullough: Elastic Properties. Sun: Inelastic Properties. Bader/ Hill: Short Fiber Composites. Carlsson: Fracture in Composites. Talreja: Fatigue in Composites.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Handbook Of Sol Gel Science And Technology 3 Applications Of Sol Gel Technology

Author : Sumio Sakka
ISBN : 1402079680
Genre : Ceramic materials
File Size : 76.30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Since Dr. Disiich of Germany prepared a glass lens by the sol-gel method around 1970, sol-gel science and technology has continued to develop. Since then this field has seen remarkable technical developments as well as a broadening of the applications of sol-gel science and technology. There is a growing need for a comprehensive reference that treats both the fundamentals and the applications, and this is the aim of "Handbook of Sol-Gel Science and Technology."The primary purpose of sol-gel science and technology is to produce materials, active and non-active including optical, electronic, chemical, sensor, bio- and structural materials. This means that sol-gel science and technology is related to all kinds of manufacturing industries. Thus Volume 1, "Sol-Gel Processing," is devoted to general aspects of processing. Newly developed materials such as organic-inorganic hybrids, photonic crystals, ferroelectric coatings, photocatalysts will be covered. Topics in this volume include: Volume 2, "Characterization of Sol-Gel Materials and Products, "highlights the important fact that useful materials are only produced when characterization is tied to processing. Furthermore, characterization is essential to the understanding of nanostructured materials, and sol-gel technology is a most important technology in this new field. Since nanomaterials display their functional property based on their nano- and micro-structure, "characterization" is very important. Topics found in Volume 2 include: Sol-gel technology is a versatile technology, making it possible to produce a wide variety of materials and to provide existing substances with novel properties. This technology was applied to producingnovel materials, for example organic-inorganic hybrids, which are quite difficult to make by other fabricating techniques, and it was also applied to producing materials based on high temperature superconducting oxides. "Applications of Sol-Gel Technology," (Volume 3), will cover applications such as:
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Handbook Of Polymer Coatings For Electronics

Author : James J. Licari
ISBN : 9780815517689
Genre : Science
File Size : 76.16 MB
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This completely revised edition remains the only comprehensive treatise on polymer coatings for electronics. Since the original edition, the applications of coatings for the environmental protection of electronic systems have greatly increased, largely driven by the competitive need to reduce costs, weight and volume. The demands for high-speed circuits for the rapid processing of signals and data, high-density circuits for the storage and retrieval of megabits of memory, and the improved reliability required of electronics for guiding and controlling weapons and space vehicles have triggered the development of many new and improved coating polymers and formulations. Both the theoretical aspects of coatings (molecular structure of polymer types and their correlation with electrical and physical properties) and applied aspects (functions, deposition processes, applications, testing) are covered in the book. Over 100 proprietary coating formulations were reviewed, their properties collated, and tables of comparative properties prepared. This book is useful as both a primer and as a handbook for collecting properties data.
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Biomedical And Dental Applications Of Polymers

Author : Charles Gebelein
ISBN : 9781475795103
Genre : Science
File Size : 21.41 MB
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The development and use of medical and dental materials are highly interdisciplinary endeavors which require expertise in chemistry, materials science, medicine and/or dentistry, mechanics and design engineering. The Symposium upon which this treatise is based was organized to bring members from these communities together to explore problems of mutual interest. The biomaterials which are used in medical or dental prostheses must not only exhibit structural stability and provide the desired function, but they must also perform over extended periods of time in the environment of the body. The latter is a very stringent requirement. The oral and other physiological environments are designed by nature to break down many organic substances. Also of importance is the requirement that materials used in the prosthesis not have a deleterious effect on body tissues. Most foreign (to the body) substances are somewhat toxic to human tissues; in fact, few factors are more limiting in the medical prosthesis field than the biocompatibility problem. Some of these problems and the attempts to solve them are discussed in this volume.
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